USB: 1 USB on the left side, 2 on the back; 3 USB are standard for Sony laptops; nevertheless some notebooks are provided with more generous 4 USB;
Firewire: 1x on the backside;
Monitor connection:  1x on the back side;
TV-exit: 1x on the backside;
Network interface: 1x on the backside
Sound: 2x Audio connections on the backside;
DVD: right side
Cardreader: left side
Most connections are on the back side or the left side. Thus the equipment is well suitable for right-handers with mouse. The equipment can also be
recommended for left-handed people, except using long audio cables.
Interface distances: all distances between connections are far enough, plug handicap is impossible;
Accu position: in front of the right side; without accu the work surface is not very stable in this area;
Accu dimensions: 15 x 7 x 1.5
Equipment stability: the 4. support foot is on the accu; without accu the Vaio VGN A115B is instable;
Loudspeaker: 2 Loudspeakers are behind the keyboard;
sound quality: sounds ok, the users are content too;
Volume control: is available and practical; furthermore there is a volume insertion on the screen;


View from above
View from above

A lack of performance is the only negative aspect, which the owners criticized.
The Pentium M is at present the most frequently integrated processor in mobile computers. Compared with other processors it is very fast per megahertz and does not need much energy (see comparison of notebook processors). This processor is tacted with 1.5 MHz.
The video card ATI Mobility Radeon 9200 is classified in the performance class 5 in our comparison of grafic cards. These cards can represent only older games fluently. Current games only function with substantially reduced details.


As reasons for the purchase decision the users indicated the design and the image quality. More than a half year later the owners are still very content
with the mobile computer Vaio A115B. Only the performance is criticized by them (rightfully). The image quality is as good as with the most mobile computers of Sony, if reflecting displays do not disturb. The quality of the workmanship is very good, the equipment never had a damage and the case is still stable after more than a half year. The positions of the ventilator and the connections result in a well elaborated ergonomics.


small power supply
small power supply

Power pack dimensions: 14 x 6 x 3.5 (small and good portable)
Characteristic: the automatic brightness sensor adapts the background lighting of the display to the environment circumstances; according the statement of the users it functions well, but is not really necessary;


Bottom with air entrances
Bottom with air entrances

Ventilator size: small
Ventilator exit position: on the back side - at this position it disturbs few people (using MSI M635 or M645 combined with a mouse the right hand is heated up);
Ventilator air entry: at the bottom of the equipment
Ventilator activation: switches itself on when processor gets full load;
Temperature of the lower surface: moderately warm, usable on the lap;
Temperature of the hand rest surface: even during full load pleasantly cool;
Temperature of the keyboard: even during full load pleasantly cool;
Noise emission: average, noises logically occur only, when the ventilator turns itself on;


Display A115B
Display A115B

Gap between case and cover: even
Display bolting device: functions normally
Cover closing resistance: normal, not lose despite of the age;
Cover closing crunching: quiet crunching noises can be heard - acceptable for that age;
Hinges: stable, not lose and not wobbling
Display buckling: normal
Reflections: yes, typical for Sony Displays; the owners of the test equipment think, that this is no disadvantage;
Brightness, contrast, colors: normal, owners are fully content;
As with the 3 Sony laptops, which we have tested up to now, the point of view stability is vertically and horizontally extaordinary. There hardly exist
color distortions.
Pixel errors: 1 passive pixel error occured after a few months. Passive pixel errors are not visible permanently.

Input Devices

Keyboard and Touchpad
Keyboard and Touchpad

Keyboard pressure buckling: normal
Keyboard dimensions: 30 x 11 (normal size)
Key distances: normal and even
Key size: normal, arrow-keys and page keys are smaller;
Keyboard response: normal
wobbling keys: do not exist
separated numblock: not available
arrow key separation: regrettably not separated; that is not good for players and can cause wrong clicks;
Return key: encircled by other keys, but at least normal size;
Strg-Key: at the left outer border of the keyboard;
No Email- and Internet-keys are available.
Keyboard imprintion at the Display: does not occur
Stability of buttons and sliding controls: normal
Touchpad position: on the left side in front of the keyboard;
Dimensions of the finger interface: 6 x 4 cm (a little bit smaller than normal)
Number of touchpad keys: 2
scroll function: not available
wobbling touchpad keys: not available
Touchpad accuracy: normal


left side of the A115B
left side of the A115B

Apart from the black keyboard and smaller black areas at the sides the Vaio VGN A115B is colored in silver metallic. The appearance resembles the Vaio VGN A417M.
Classification: recommended for private users, average size, neither desktop replacement nor slimline;
The VGN A115B only has a few minor scratches on the cover after more than a half year. The material is very resistant, just like with the other tested
laptops of Sony (Vaio VGN A417M, Vaio VGN FS215M and Vaio PCG K315Z). With pressure by different sides quiet crunching noises can be heard. This would be negative for a new equipment. But for this older, frequently used laptop this indicates a stability during longer periods.
Gap dimensions: even and minor than 1mm;
Sharp edges: do not exist

Short Review Sony Vaio VGN A115B

Sony Vaio VGN A115B
Sony Vaio VGN A115B

Our test equipment was bought online at the beginning of the year and costed around 1450 euro and has been used  by the two buyers extensively more than a half year. Their long-term experiences supplement the test. The A115B contains a Pentium M with 1.5 GHz, a ATI Mobility Radeon 9200 video card, 15 inch display and weighs 3 kg.

Sony Vaio VGN A115B
Sony Vaio VGN A115B

Similar Laptop Models

Sony Vaio VGN A417M : same case, more performance (English review)



  • image quality
  • workmanship
  • position of the ventilator
  • positions of the connections



  • reflecting display
  • video card

Equipment (Data Sheet)

  • Processor: Intel Pentium M with 1.5 GHz, Enhanced SpeedStep technology
  • Chipset: Intel 855PM
  • RAM: 512 MB (max. 1024 MB) DDR SDRAM - 333 MHz
  • Video card: ATI Mobility Radeon 9200, video memory DDR SDRAM - 64 MB
  • Display: 15" TFT-active matrix, resolution 1024 x 768 with UltraBrite-technology
  • Hard disc: 60 GB
  • Optical drive: DVD±RW - integrated; reading speed 24x (CD) / 8x (DVD);
  • writing speed 16x (CD) / 4x (DVD-R) / 2x (DVD+R); speed with re-recordable media 8x (CD) / 2x (DVD±RW);
  • Connexions: 1 x IEEE 1394 (FireWire) - FireWire, 4-poles
  • 1 x docking-/interface-replicator
  • 1 x headset - exit
  • 1 x mikrophone - connection
  • 1 x modem - RJ-11
  • 1 x network - Ethernet 10 Base-T/100 Base-TX - RJ-45
  • 3 x high-speed USB - USB Typ A, 4-poles
  • 1 x display / video - VGA - HD D-Sub (HD-15), 15-poles
  • 1 x audio / video - exit
  • 1 x audio - exit
  • Network connections: network card (Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g)
  • Integrated accessories: stereo-loudspeaker, wireless LAN-antenna, cardreader, fax / modem (56 Kbps)
  • Dimensions: 34.2 cm x 27.7 x 4.4 cm
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Accumulator: Li-Ionen, duration time 3.88 hours
  • Input devices: Touchpad
  • Software: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
  • Price: 1450 Euro (1. Quarter 2005)
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