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Samsung releases teaser video for new Tab

Rumored 8.9” Tab teased some more in 30 second promo

Samsung doesn’t look to be letting up at all with their new Tab’s teaser images and videos. The latest bit comes courtesy of Samsung’s Youtube channel and a 30 second clip about the new Tab. The video was announced through Samsung Mobile’s Facebook page and adds to the suspense surrounding next week’s event.

The video shows different clips of 2 gentleman and a woman talking about what appears to be the new Galaxy Tab. The device is described as being “thin” and “gorgeous” and the guests talk about “not wanting to be slowed down” and being unable to “put it down”. The video ends with a few fleeting images of the tablet and the promise of an explanation at the CTIA event in Orlando on March 22nd.

Unfortunately, it is still not exactly known whether the new device is actually 8.9” or something entirely different. The most concrete evidence in support of the 8.9” theory is a leaked screenshot of a Staples roadmap outlining a Samsung 8.9” device coming soon. On the other hand, the images that flash in this video appear to be slightly different than previous teaser images; notably the absence of curvature around the headphone jack that was featured in earlier images (comparison below).

While the difference between the two teasers is probably inconsequential, it could also offer a different explanation to the 7 8 9 10 numbers- such as the release of an 8” model and a 9” model. In any case, March 22nd is just 5 days away and we should get all the explanations we need then.

Earlier image of new Tab showing curvature around headphone jack
Screenshot from latest video; absence of curvature around 3.5mm jack


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Omar Qudsi, 2011-03-17 (Update: 2021-05-18)