Review Logitech Anywhere MX Mouse

Klaus Hinum, 06/26/2010

Mobile Darkfield. Logitech has a small wireless mouse in its array called Anywhere MX mouse, which works on all surfaces due to the Darkfield sensor. You can read about the little vermin's weaknesses and strengths in the following review.

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In review Logitech Anywhere MX Mouse
In review Logitech Anywhere MX Mouse

The Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX is a wireless notebook mouse for on the go and the little brother of the Logitech Performance Mouse MX.

The Anywhere MX is delivered in a nicely designed cardboard packaging. It contains the mouse, a wireless receiver, batteries, a high-end, padded protection case, a quick start guide, 2 further info leaflets and a CD with Windows and Mac OS X software / drivers.

Design and Workmanship

The Anywhere Mouse MX fits in perfectly to the current Logitech mice's product image with the rounded forms and the matt surface. Lefties can also work with the mouse due to its symmetrical shape, whereas the two lateral buttons aren't useable. The chrome stripe in the middle, with integrated scroll wheel and hot key, gives the appearance a bit of spice.

The feel of the utilized materials is excellent and makes a high-quality impression. That also applies to the laterally placed, perforated rubber surfaces, which allows handling the mouse perfectly at all times. The mouse keys fit tight in the case as well and have a pleasant pressure point.


The Darkfield Laser Sensor is to be especially mentioned as a highlight. It orientates itself on dust and dirt particles that are found on every surface. Thus, the sensor works even on problematic surfaces like glass surfaces.

A further big advantage, listed on the carton, is the Unifying-Receiver. It can't only control the mouse, but also other Logitech keyboards and input devices. Therefore, you only need one receiver for several wireless input devices and can use keyboard and mouse in the office and the travel mouse for on the go easily, without re-plugging.

The third feature is the switchable mouse wheel, which can also be used to scroll vertically. You can switch the mouse to an infinitely continuous scrolling when pressure is applied to the wheel, instead of a 3rd mouse key. Very practical for long text passages.

The compact design with stowable receiver (in the battery compartment) justifies the Anywhere MX's mobile quality.

The included drivers allow a mouse key configuration under Windows and Mac OS X. The drivers have an Exposé feature for Windows, which is mapped on the center mouse button in the standard settings. Logically, the operating system function is used under Mac OS X. There are a few gaming features missing in the driver, which i.e. the Roccat Pyra has, but most users shouldn't notice the lack of any functions.

Mac OS X driver (1)
Mac OS X driver (1)
Mac OS X driver (2)
Mac OS X driver (2)
Mac OS X driver (3)
Mac OS X driver (3)
Windows driver (1)
Windows driver (1)
Windows driver (2)
Windows driver (2)
Windows driver (3)
Windows driver (3)
Windows driver (4)
Windows driver (4)
Windows driver (5)
Windows driver (5)


Logitech Anywhere MX Mouse

The Anywhere MX Mouse was convincing in the practical test. The sensor works faultlessly on all surfaces tested and the precision was even perfect in gaming. The wireless data transmission didn't cause any noticeable delays and always worked reliably.

The mouse was comfortable to handle despite its small size (however, the tester doesn't have very big hands) and didn't evoke the desire for bigger dimensions.

The only drawback is the MX's improved gliding traits. They are on par with our, already in use for some years, Logitech G5.

The increased weight when used with both batteries isn't advantageous for the gliding characteristics, either. But because the Anywhere MX can also be used with only one battery, this disadvantage is weakened a bit (and the weight is, so to say, adaptable, also).

The physical keys on the little vermin are very well made. They have a high-end feel and every one of them have a clearly defined pressure point.

The switchable mouse wheel is definitely a highlight of the wireless mouse. It can be used in two levels and without ratchets. No ratchets allow, similar to the Inertial Scrolling of Apple MacBooks, you to scroll with momentum through longer documents. This works so well that you won't want to miss out on it after a short time. You can't typically use the mouse wheel as a 3rd mouse key. You can scroll horizontally by applying pressure laterally to the mouse wheel. That is freely configurable though, and could also be utilized e.g. for the center mouse key.

Logitech only delivers the Anywhere MX with normal batteries and doesn't bid a possibility to use the mouse with a cable. So, a good battery life is very crucial to not have to perpetually buy new batteries. The included Duracell Plus were still had a capacity of 70% after two week of intensive use, according to the driver. Consequently, they should last for about 1.5 months.

Comparison with Roccat Pyra

Especially mobile gaming mice are suitable for a comparison to Logitech's Anywhere MX, as they also try to attract customers with a very good recognition value and similar prices. But since we've had the Roccat Pyra in review, this comparison is logical. It has better gliding qualities, a lower weight (due to triple-A batteries) and can optionally used with a cable. The sensor provides an equally good precision, but doesn't work on glass. The Pyra's short battery life and the poor feel were a drawback. The drivers have interesting additional features for gamers. Nevertheless, we found the Anywhere MX a bit more appealing on the whole.



Logitech MX Mouse
Logitech MX Mouse

The Logitech MX mouse is a mobile high-end mouse that can especially score with the excellent Darkfield Sensor. Workmanship, feel and design were impressive, too. The switchable mouse wheel allows fast scrolling through long documents, but in return doesn't have a mouse key.

The largest drawbacks are the lack of wired operating and the imperfect gliding traits of our test unit.

The very good overall impression remains almost undimmed and thus we can recommend the Anywhere MX as a mobile notebook mouse.



+ Works practically on all surfaces
+ Long runtime with one set of batteries
+ Switchable mouse wheel
+ Feel and workmanship
+ High-quality mouse bag
+ Can also be used with only one battery
- High weight (with 2 batteries)
- Cabled use not possible
- No middle mouse key via mouse wheel


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