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Review Acer H6510BD Full HD Projector

An inexpensive 3D projector. A compact 1080p DLP projector for office or home cinema starting at 750 Euros (~$960)! Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it. Our review reveals any drawbacks in this deal.
Acer H6510BD FullHD Projector

For the original German review, see here.

The Acer H6510BD is a DLP projector with an RGBCYW color wheel. Each of the 1920x1080 pixels is created by an electrical mirror which reflects the light of the projector lamp at the right time to show the correct color (see Wikipedia). One drawback of this complex technology is the so called rainbow effect. We could not determine any problems with our review unit but this also depends on the person and the perception (see Notebookjournal where 50 % of the users could see this effect and the Chip review also mentions flashes).

Besides its compact dimensions, the Acer H6510BD impresses with excellent brightness levels according to the specification sheet (3000 / 2400 ANSI lumens in standard or ECO mode respectively) and a low price of 750 Euros (~$960 street price as of June 21st 2013). We also want to mention the 3D capabilities of the projector and the integrated 2 W speaker, although it should only be used as a backup.

The significantly bigger H9500BD or H9501BD has a larger zoom area and an optical lens shift. However, both devices cannot keep up in regard to the maximum brightness.

Specifications (Manufacturer's information)

  • DLP chip 0.65-inch with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio)
  • 3000 / 2400 ANSI lumens (Standard / ECO) brightness
  • 1.15 - 7.62 m screen diagonal, 1.5 - 7.6 m projection distance
  • 4000 / 7000 (Standard / ECO) service life hours of the lamp
  • Ports: 2x 15-Pin D-Sub (1x In/1x Out), 2x HDMI, 1x Composite Video (RCA), 1x S-Video, 1x Component (3x RCA), 2x Audio jack (1x In/1x Out), 1x USB, 1x RS-232
  • 264 mm width, 78 mm height, 220 mm depth, 2.2 kg
  • 24 months warranty from the manufacturer, 12 months for the lamp

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the simple design and simple stylistic elements the Acer H6510BD looks good in the office as well as the part of a home cinema setup and does not draw too much attention.

The build quality gives no reason for criticism and is on the expected level for an inexpensive projector of this performance class. All the ports are located at the back and the control elements are at the top. Two of the three support feet at the bottom can be adjusted due to threading provided which is very similar to digital cameras. The supplied remote control is compact but does not have illuminated keys.

Picture Quality

The most important aspect of a projector is obviously the picture quality. Subjectively, the Acer H6510BD can clearly convince us in this regard. With a perfect installation, the picture impresses with fine details and good colors. You can see many details in the background, especially with BluRays like Game of Thrones Which is a real benefit of the Full HD resolution compared to cheaper 720p projectors. 

The response time was sufficient for Fifa 13 on the PC in our test but we determined a certain lag with Little Big Planet and Killzone 3 on the PS 3.

Typical for a projector: The black value is slightly higher compared to premium televisions. We also noticed that the lowest grayscales (3.5 % and less in the EIZO display test) cannot be distinguished from black, contrary to the brightest grayscales.

We measured and calibrated the projector attached to the Acer Aspire M3-581TG with our X-Rite i1Pro 2 and Calman respectively. We determined a contrast of 550:1 (on a white-painted concrete wall) and a gamma value of 2.5 for the grayscales with the standard settings. However, the values are slightly green but the white point is good at 6700 K. 

The individual color measurements showed an interesting shift of green and cyan which could be caused by the RGBCYW color wheel. The color deviations are still in an acceptable range with an average DeltaE 2000 value of 6 and only a few measurements surpass the critical value of 10. There was no improvement in the result after automatic calibration with the i1Profiler.

Colorchecker before calibration
Colorchecker before calibration
Colorchecker after calibration
Colorchecker after calibration
Saturation before calibration
Saturation before calibration
Saturation after calibration
Saturation after calibration

3D Operation

Available as an option: Shutter glasses
Available as an option: Shutter glasses

Due to high brightness levels, 3D operation with optional shutter glasses is no problem for the Acer projector. However it only supports a maximum refresh rate of 120 Hz. 3D mode was quite convincing in our test and we could not determine any ghost images. It took some time to set our PS 3 up for 3D operation. Sometimes you have to manually select the 3D mode (for example, a YouTube Side By Side 3D Video on the notebook).

As usual, 3D mode experience differs from person to person. For instance, one reviewer got sick after playing with the PS 3 for one hour.

System Noise

Unfortunately, the compact dimensions and the high maximum brightness also result in higher system noise. Two different aspects are important for the fan speed. One is whether the ECO mode is active which has influence on the brightness of the lamp. It is normal for most projectors to have the fan speed connected with this setting. However we were surprised that inverting the picture also resulted in higher fan noise (but not higher energy consumption). You have to use this option if you are installing the projector on the ceiling, for instance, and you will have to tolerate the noise.

The measurements were determined at 17 °C in the basement with an installation height of 80 cm and a distance of 2 meters. We used a combination of Behringer ECM-8000 microphone, Terratec DMX6Fire USB sound card and Arta 1.6.1 and we measured 27 dB when the device is turned off and a relatively quiet 31.8 dB (1.65 sone) in the ECO mode. As soon as we invert the picture, the fan speed noticeably increased to 34.3 dB (2.1 sone). If you want to use the maximum brightness setting, you have to choose the standard mode. In this case, the H6510BD is audible at 36.3 dB (2.45 sone). Once again the system noise is raised to a pretty loud 37.8 dB (2.8 sone) if we invert the picture. The noise itself (see Arta diagram or YouTube video) is not annoying for the reviewers.

The Acer H6510BD is clearly audible and also present in quieter movie passages. It was not annoying to the reviewers when the picture was inverted even without the ECO mode - but audible nevertheless.

Arta noise characteristics of the fan
Arta noise characteristics of the fan

Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is obviously not a strength of classic DLP projectors. Especially the bright lamp of the Acer H6510BD Full HD projector is not a good sign. Our Voltcraft VC 940 Multimeter supports that and we can see two different consumption stages: Around 190 W in the ECO mode and 246 W in the standard mode. As we mentioned earlier, the inverted image has no influence on the energy consumption. During standby, our measurement device (which is slightly inaccurate in this area) showed an excellent 0.1 W. This can be very important if you install the projector on the ceiling because you won't always turn it completely off.  


The surface temperatures were okay during our tests. Our infrared thermometer determined only 37 °C after three hours of use, although the ambient temperature was quite low at just 17 °C. This might have also lead to the clearly visible heat haze. The fan directs the warm air to the front which can result in this phenomenon in a large temperature gradient situation. This effect was reduced when we turned the device around. 


The Acer H6510BD is an inexpensive Full HD DLP projector. The picture quality is convincing with good source material like BluRays as you can see fine details and the color accuracy is good.

Due to the missing lens shift and minimal blur, ideal installation is very important. The raised fan speed with inverted presentation and the heat haze in cooler areas also have to be considered. The system noise itself is audible and could be annoying for movie enthusiasts.

The compact dimensions and the low weight make it the perfect projector for office use.

Overall, the Acer H6510BD is a nice device and is excellent value for money at a retail price of only 750 Euros (~$960).

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