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NVIDIA boss unhappy with MS calling Windows tablets "PC"

The ARM processor platform of windows 8 will not actually be like the original OS that we run on laptops and desktops, as it will not be able to run a lot of old operations based on x86 chips

Microsoft will be releasing Windows 8 with a full blown version of the desktop operating system which will also be capable of running on the ARM based processor as well as x86 chips. But the experience with both these processors will be different. Also as most of the older Windows applications are not designed for an ARM processor so they might not run in these processors.

But the Microsoft Office, Mozilla Firefox, and Skype will be supported in both the chips as these applications are under active development, which can really ensure that they will run on all the versions of Windows.

According to Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO NVIDIA, Microsoft shouldn’t position Arm-powered windows devices as PC’s, since they might not act the way people expects PC’s to act. Nvidia has become one of the major makers of the ARM based chip, specially the Tegra line of processors, which are currently stationed in most of the Tablets.

The future NVIDIA Tegra processors are also going to support Windows 8, so we could see tablets, laptops as well as Desktops running Windows on NVIDIA processors.

What Huang has commented is really true and so the customers need to understand the difference with both the platforms. Windows 8 will be able to run on devices with a variety of form factors including desktop, laptop and tablets with a wide range of chips. The ARM based chip will provide a better battery life but won’t be available to run many applications.

The new Windows 8 Metro style user interface for full screen is a finger friendly application. But the users will also be able to minimize that UI and run full-blown Windows applications on any Windows 8 devices, as long as the application ARM architecture.

If Microsoft and its partners start marketing Windows 8 tablets with ARM based chips as a separate class of machines then it will be really complicated to explain about the differences between these platforms and why all the applications won't be functioning in all the Platforms.


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Pallab Jyotee Hazarika, 2011-10-26 (Update: 2012-05-26)