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Lenovo LePad tablet appears to have changed its name to Skylight

Documents on FCC website show same LePad tablet but with a different name

Choosing a name for a tablet or any device is no walk in the park. On one hand you can’t go wrong with the misspelled word technique (Motorola Xoom) or the compound word approach (PlayBook, TouchPad. On the other hand, the Apple i (iPad) doesn't seem to have failed Cupertino yet. Unfortunately, Lenovo doesn’t seem to be happy with their tablet's previous naming and has decided to change things up. According to documents found on the FCC website, the dual-function tablet will be known from now on as the Lenovo Skylight.

The LePad/Skylight was first announced at CES this year and has a few interesting features that set it apart from the rest of the crowd. While the 10.1” display with a 1280x800 pixel resolution, a Snapdragon 8650A processor, 1GB of RAM, and a Lenovo skinned version of Android probably wouldn’t turn any heads by themselves; Lenovo also plans on releasing a dock that will turn the Skylight into a fully functional netbook. The U1 dock contains a Core i5 or Core i7 processor and should run Windows 7 OS.  On its one the Skylight will only be running Android OS; however, when connected to the dock it should be able to benefit from all of Windows features.

While the name change is an interesting bit of info about Lenovo’s latest tablet, we’d prefer word about actual shipping and release date. Although some reports indicate a late March release date, they probably only refer to the Chinese market. Unfortunately, it seems users in the US will have to await a Honeycomb port for the Skylight before it is eventually released. 


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Omar Qudsi, 2011-03-10 (Update: 2012-05-26)