Intel says Android will run faster on its chips

Intel Ultra Mobility’s GM believes that they have chips that will make Android run faster and are also working on it further to make it better

Intel seems to have made their first move in the ultra-mobility at last week’s CES 2012. They have shown their reference design Smartphone and announced partnership both with Motorola Mobility and Lenovo. They now seem to be determined to make a mark on smartphones on this year and are set start with the Chinese market and expanding to other places later.

Mike Bell will be leading the team of Intel and officially titled as the Vice President and GM of Ultra Mobility. Earlier he was a Palm executive and had spent time at Apple working on the first iteration of the iPhone

Bell will succeed Anand Chadrasekher who was previously head of Intel’s Ultra Mobility segment. He hopes to focus on Google’s Android operating system where his successor failed by honing Intel’s effort. He also believes to have a strategy that will catapult the chipmaker forward and even provide it with an edge to the ARM ecosystem, which was previously an untouchable competition. 

He also believes that Intel has a hardware that can really shine the Android Platform. The Medfield would change Intel’s previous focus on making chips geared towards speed and power efficiency, with the 32 nm SoC making huge strides in power efficiency. It is believed to be more power more efficient than any of its competitors. 

According to him Intel has chips that are power efficient like others and are even faster than others. Comparing them with the benchmarks made by others in some categories they are just at a shouting distance from the best while in some other cases they are two to three times faster. 

They have also announced an official partnership with Google earlier in September last year and are up to create a highly optimized port of Android to its x86 chips. He also added that Intel has also let loose its group of software engineers in order to help the developers engaged with the Android ecosystem, for making applications that will run seamlessly on Intel platform.

They already have applications which work fine on with them but are giving their effort on performing better and faster. He also added that Intel would ship out technology that would allow applications developed for other hardware to run on Intel’s x86 platform without any modification. With it the users need not worry about the application if it is written for another platform. It will just run the application.



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