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Intel CEO Paul Otellini hints at imminent Oak Trail Platform

Expresses belief in Intel taking over the tablet arena very soon, Company committed to this cause

iPad is good!

Responding to the positive financial performance showcased by the Company, Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini did not fall short of publicly lauding Apple’s iPad for doing a fantabulous job at reinventing the tablet category. He also expressed belief in the fact that in the near future devices like netbooks and tablets will expand the term for computing overall with a new form factor and new uses that would eventually bring computing to even more aspects of the lives of people the world over.

CEO Paul Otellini also expressed concern like most others, over how Intel will respond to new computing categories where it currently has little presence, specifically tablets. But he added on a reassuring note that Intel thinks tablets are exciting as a genre to explore and fully welcomes their arrival. 

Intel arriving in the Tablet market too?

The top boss at one of the world’s most admired Companies also promised that Intel will fight hard to take over the tablet’s segment and would commit all its resources to win over this segment, by resources he was referring to the company’s strengths with respect to the world’s best silicon process technology, the best compute architecture, and widespread Global reach and acceptability that Intel enjoys.

Otellini added that Intel as a unit is deeply engaged with a number of partners to bring to market, new improved and innovative tablet solutions. He assured the fact that Intel’s design win momentum is very strong, and in the coming months and quarters, the world will be able to see Intel solutions that run on Windows, Android and MeeGo operating systems across a variety of form factors and price points (MeeGo is a mobile operating system based on Linux and is being developed by Intel and Nokia together). In further statements Otellini said that Intel fully expects to participate broadly and profitably in the category of tablets, and they will eventually succeed in making it additive to their bottom line and not take away from it. This success will be achieved riding on the back of a new technology called the Oak Trail Platform.

Oak Trail

This breakthrough innovation pertaining to the Oak Trail Platform aims at revamping the original CPU to incorporate 3G and 4G wireless chips as part of the SoC. This integration of processor and baseband technologies would in due course make the Oak Trail Atom a rather pivotal platform for fast selling devices like smartphones and tablets. This platform is a great move ahead in terms of support for Windows as we know that Moorestown (planned earlier) doesnot support it. Oak Trail sports the same processor as the Moorestown, and thus will support full 1080p video and HDMI support along with impressive battery life, along with 50% power reduction over the previous generation. Only if Microsoft was interested in a touch-optimized OS!

Realizing the fact that tablet sales will in all probability outdo the PC segment, Paul Otellini attributed this trend to the fact that consumers will have a limited amount of discretionary income and some will choose to purchase a tablet instead of upgrading at existing PC or purchasing a netbook, given the discretion to choose under such circumstances, thereby realizing all the more need to accelerate work in the tablet sphere.


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Pallab Jyotee Hazarika, 2010-10-20 (Update: 2012-05-26)