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Eleglide M2 e-bike review - Affordable all-rounder with rear motor

Time travel. With the M2, Eleglide wants to deliver an affordable E-MTB. The manufacturer installs hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano gears and a 540 Wh battery for 900 euros. We took a ride with the affordable pedelec. Here, we will clarify the compromises that a buyer of the M2 must make.

Eleglide is a manufacturer of e-bikes and e-scooters from Hong Kong. The M2 is the brand's latest e-mountain bike. The new M2 looks very similar to its predecessor M1 - at first glance, it can be distinguished mainly by the paint job.

The Eleglide M2 is available exclusively in one color variant: the frame is kept in matte black and carries some accents in gray and red. In addition, the M2 comes in only one size. According to the manufacturer, it should fit people between 160 and 195 cm tall. The RRP is 899 Euros.

Delivery and assembly - Eleglide M2 comes partially assembled

The Eleglide M2 is delivered in a large cardboard box. Compared to other bikes that are shipped, however, the package is quite compact. This already suggests that a little more assembly effort is required for the M2. The transport security pleases, all parts are additionally wrapped with padding film and secured with cable ties against slipping and rattling.

To put the M2 into operation, the pedals, the saddle, the front light, the handlebars, and the front wheel must be mounted. All screws and the necessary tools are included with the bike. The steps are easy to complete. However, a mark in the middle of the handlebar would make the assembly much easier.

Unusually, the front wheel is not attached by a quick release but by a tension axle with two nuts. The tires must be filled with air. The battery is pre-charged, and a corresponding power supply unit is included with the M2. Anyone who has ever set up a bike will also be able to cope with the assembly of the M2. There are also illustrated instructions, also in German.

The M2 also comes with a twist grip. This can be mounted in place of the right grip rubber. This allows the Eleglide M2 to be operated with motor power without having to move the pedals. However, if the M2 is converted accordingly, it may no longer be moved on public roads in Germany.

Eleglide gives a three-year warranty on the frame of the M2. The warranty period for the fork and motor is twelve months and six months for the battery.

Equipment and optics - Eleglide with complete equipment for little money

The price of the Eleglide M2 makes you sit up and take notice: 899 euros. The bike's equipment must also be judged against this background. Eleglide definitely relies on brand-name parts, many components of the circuit come from Shimano, for example. However, they are not from the current series but were released a few years ago and were not among the top series even then.

The front derailleur is particularly unusual for an e-bike. The Eleglide M2 relies on a setup with three times eight gears while modern pedelecs are usually equipped with a single gear.

Eleglide even installs hydraulic disc brakes. These come from the Chinese manufacturer XOD, work with mineral oil, and have an electric sensor. The brake discs have a diameter of 160 millimeters. The grip width is not adjustable on the M2.

The motor on the Eleglide M2 is installed as a wheel hub motor in the rear wheel. It has a maximum torque of 55 Nm and draws on a removable battery with a capacity of 540 Wh. The battery is lockable, and can also be charged in the installed state via a charging socket. Another special feature is a toggle switch in the battery which can interrupt the power supply.

Gear system derailleur, Shimano/ SunRun 3 x 8
Brakes hydraulic disc brakes, XOD, 160/ 160 mm
Battery 540 Wh
Motor rear hub motor
Motor power max. 570 W
Max. Torque 55 Nm
Total weight (with pedals) 23.9 kg
Weight battery 3.75 kg
Max. load 120 kg

A monochrome 1.75-inch LC display on the handlebar next to the left grip provides information about the current speed, battery status, support mode, and trip kilometers. It can also draw attention to the activated light or push assist. There are also four buttons on the display. In addition to a power button, plus and minus control the level of support, and the lower button activates the push assist when pressed for a long time and the light when pressed for a short time.

Eleglide installs an LED headlight at the front, which is connected to the battery of the bike. At the rear, however, there is no lighting. A suspension fork with 100 millimeters of travel operates at the front. The fork is not supported by air pressure but works purely mechanically with springs. The preload can be adjusted with a dial on the top. A lever is located on the other fork leg to block the suspension.

Modern is the tire choice in the dimension 27.5 x 2.4 inches. Eleglide also relies on branded tires from Kenda. The Kenda Aptor are clincher tires and offer a moderate MTB profile. The same tires are installed in the front and rear. It is noticeable that many parts of the M2 are branded. The Eleglide lettering is emblazoned on the saddle, fork, rims, and display.

Smart functions - M2 with app connection

The Eleglide M2 can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. If the Eleglide app is installed on the deviceб the software opens up some setting options. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

It is somewhat confusing that a password is requested for both the app and the Bluetooth connection, but the passwords are not identical. While the app password can be chosen freely, the combination for the connection has to be guessed. The pairing succeeds with six 0s in a row.

The paired bike is displayed in the app overview. In addition, the current speed, trip meter, total mileage, and the current support level and light status are displayed.

In the settings, Eleglide offers some customization. For example, the maximum speed of the motor can be changed. Ex works, the switch is set to 25 km/h, but this speed can be reduced or increased up to 32 km/h. Then, however, the e-bike can no longer be legally used in Germany.

In addition, the units or the display brightness can be adjusted via the app. A display lock can also be set up as an additional safety feature. A code must then be entered to start the bike.

However, the Eleglide software does not offer a record of past rides or navigation. It is also not possible to adjust the riding modes via the app. At least it is possible to select whether the support has to be activated every time the bike is restarted or whether it is active from the start.

On the road - M2 with many gears but without torque sensor

A ride on the Eleglide M2 is a little trip back in time. The shifting and braking components are the main reason for this. First the gearshift: It does its job and is set ex-works so that all gear changes are possible. However, the shifting paths are really long, and shifting processes take some time. The components are therefore not bad, but simply a bit out of time. The riding experience is far removed from the crisp gear changes of modern single shifters on E-MTBs.

Likewise, the hydraulic disc brakes perform reliably. However, they remain toothless even after a few kilometers of braking in. The pressure point of the system is somewhat spongy but is okay. What the system completely lacks, however, is anything like sportiness. The suspension fork, which belongs to the soft category even with maximum preload, falls into the same category. With the weight of the test rider (80 kg), it is also at the load limit. In return, the lockout convinces with very good function. If the fork is locked when driving uphill, no bobbing motion can occur.

Another special feature of the Eleglide M2 is the lack of a torque sensor. Unlike many other drives, the selected assistance level does not influence the power of the motor, but only the maximum speed up to which the drive accelerates. This acceleration is independent of the force applied by the driver himself; the pedals simply have to be moved.

In extreme cases this means that the rider can easily pedal along in first gear while the e-bike travels at 25 km/h thanks to E-Power. However, it is also possible to travel with a harmonious interplay of leg and motor power. However, the rider alone is responsible for this interaction due to the lack of sensors and electronics, and the many gears also help with this.

The engine convinces with its quiet operation and harmonious power development. The power is also sufficient for big climbs. However, it is noticeably throttled on long uphill rides so that drive does not overheat. Thanks to the large battery - if you don't let the motor work alone - tours between 50 and 70 kilometers long are possible on a single battery charge.

Overall, the Eleglide M2 is a comfortable companion. The seating position also suits this. This is of course not upright, like on a city bike, but also far from a sporty MTB. The test rider with a height of 185 cm sits a bit more inclined than on a trekking bike but is still quite upright. The handlebar width is consistent, and the distance between the cranks (Q-factor) is pleasantly low.

The handling is impeccable even at higher speeds: there is no restlessness and no handlebar banging. Thanks to its leisurely character, the Eleglide M2 is suitable for occasional tours or commutes. However, wishes for more weather protection and a rear light quickly arise there. Gravel roads are no problem for the Eleglide M2, and the Kenda tires offer enough grip even in curves. However, the M2 is not a sporty e-mountain bike.

Verdict - Inexpensive e-bike for occasional riders

Eleglide delivers an amazingly complete e-bike for little money with the M2. It is important to clarify the usage scenario before buying, however. The M2 is neither a sporty E-MTB nor a modern SUV that combines extreme distances, luggage transport, and maximum riding comfort.

The brakes, gears, and suspension fork do their job reliably, but you can tell that bicycle parts have evolved enormously in recent years. This becomes clear when switching directly from a current and significantly more expensive e-bike of any brand.

The motor convinces with powerful performance and quiet operation. The battery is also surprisingly large for the price. The lack of a torque sensor takes some getting used to - at least if you know current e-bikes.

The Eleglide M2 is a small journey back in time. It rides well, but you can feel the age of the installed parts - at least when you have a direct comparison.

The Eleglide M2 is primarily suitable for occasional cyclists who get on their bikes from time to time and don't want to miss out on the comfort of an electric motor and don't want to invest too much money for this use. These buyers can enjoy good build quality and inexpensive high-volume replacement parts, and with some accessories, the Eleglide M2 also fits well for some commuting scenarios.

With the low price, keep in mind that Eleglide's warranty periods are quite short. In addition, the bike shares a fate of many mail-order bikes that it is usually reluctant to be seen in the local bike store. If you do not want to screw yourself, possible problems with maintenance must be considered.

In review: Eleglide M2. Test device provided by
In review: Eleglide M2. Test device provided by

Price and availability

The RRP of the Eleglide M2 is 899 euros. The bike is sold directly via the manufacturer's website but is also listed at other retailers, such as our loaner Geekbuying.


The present review sample was given to the author by the manufacturer free of charge for the purposes of review. There was no third-party influence on this review, nor did the manufacturer receive a copy of this review before publication. There was no obligation to publish this review.

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