Column: I bought this notebook here by you

by Stefan Hinum

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Let me check today's emails and see what's new… ?


A few months ago, I published the editorial Battery Shops in Lesotho. Due to several requests, here is now a continuation and, once again, I can fall back on a vast amount of mails that had better never been sent via our contact form.


This text is found directly above the contact form's input fields in bold and big fonts, naturally in the language of the specific language division - No technical consultation, no purchase consultation, no retail.

Quotes of original mails are italic, bold fonts, whereby I have removed personal information. Otherwise, omissions are marked with "…".

This isn't really a technical inquiry, or?


what are the recormended vedio card sound cards for the following motherboard; ecs a780gm-a v1.0 socket am2+ atx motherboard,amd780g chipset,supports am2+ cpu, dual ddr2 1066,sata 3.0gb/s raid, pci-e 2.0,w/ati radeon hd3200,gb lan, 8_ch audio.
Well, there are certainly no technical terms contained, so this isn't really a technical inquiry, or?

mY AMILO CHARGER IS FROM DELTA ELECTRONICS. IT IS NOT WORKING AT 127 V 60 HZ ( BRAZIL) in latvia 220 v 50 hz it is work ( charge) At the charger tag is universal charging data from 100 to 240 v 50|60 hz. to how complain?
To how complain?“ - At least not by us, please.

i have laptop sony VGN-FE31M i want use the camra vor vadio and i can'nt what i can do?
…hmm, ask our competitors instead of us - but he's probably sending it as a group mail, anyway.

Hi guys. Love your site the info for a pea brain like me is invaluable.
I know you wont give techical advice but I dont consider my question as technical so I hope you can help me.
I want to upgrade my laptop with a better graphics card but the advice I have been given has been very conflicting.
My laptop is the Aspire 6930G 16-inch Laptop, Intel Core 2 Duo T5800, Vista Home Premium, 3GB RAM, 250GB HDD, Nvidia GeForce 9300 GS 256MB, Blu-ray Drive and I want to install a Video Editing Suite and run the occasional high end games. I hope you can advise me! Please?

"I know you wont give technical advice" Yup, up to the second line he's on the right path. "but I don’t consider my question as technical"… good gracious, the wrong conclusion in the end. What would then be "technical"? – Instructions for building a fast incubator based on weapons-grade plutonium?

My Travelmate 5720 is will not power off! The power button won't!
Dear goodness, this reminds me of my Zepto laptop, which broke a few weeks ago. But I didn't ask for help randomly, instead I contacted the manufacturer support. I thought that the appropriate approach for trouble shooting. But it's just easily possible that the Zepto support drives me so mad that I erratically call out for help…

My ACER have some a problem with keyboard some key doesn t work.And i buy a bomb spray for keyboard how can i proceed.Please re me asap
As long as he doesn't buy a real bomb…

Dear sir/ma
I bought an acer extensa 5220 and i want to reload it to window Xp but its not loading and i dont know why its only windo vista that is loading please i will be grateful if you can get back to me so i can resolve this problem. hope to hear from u soon. Thanks.

"loading" sounds as if he wants to boot XP without resetting the computer in order to get rid of Vista -> mission impossible.

Dear colleagues
I would be grateful to you for sending the pdf file of user's manual of the portable computer Medion MIM2280 Notebook PC bought by my daughter in France on 2007-2008 and offered to me without the manual. In fact, I have somme difficulties to use the special functions (activated with the blue key Fn) and I could not find it in the Help Desk. So, I need your help because I have to use all the key-functions during my teaching taskes at the University of Tizi-Ouzou, especially when I utilize other monitors and projectors (data showers). I have found your references in your website as follows:
[complete address]
Indeed, I could not phone neither send safely a fax to you from Algeria.
I thank you so much by advance.
Danke Sehr und Auf Wiedersehen!
Ich sprechen nicht viel Deutsch ... Ich habe fergessen

What's that supposed to mean? He has found "our references" on "our" website via the Medion address? In-between he writes that he is a doctor and reveals private details. I hope for this stricken country that not all Algerian doctors are so confused…  (Translation of the last part: "Thanks very much and good bye. I don't speak much German … I've forgotten").

I have a refurbished acer aspire 7520G laptop. I did not get a users manul with it, I do not understand all of the keyboard. I tried to type in an email address, and the @ would not work. I am not sure I was doing it properly. Can you email instructions for the keyboard please. Thank you.
How should we know, which keyboard layout she has bought? And why should we be familiar with foreign keyboard configurations? And why doesn't she simply look at the keyboard she has bought? And why doesn't she recognize the "at" sign as such if she types it and it is shown?

have a Inspiron 9100 with an ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 AGP (128MB) video card and I woudl like to upgrade it. I believe I can upgrade to a ATI Mobility 9800 ( 256MB ) card, is that correct? Also, is there a better/newer card that I could go with for gaming? Maybe a different manufacture, that would also work with this laptop? Sincerely,
Well, as to the better graphic card, he only has to take a look at our graphic card comparison. And, of course, I have to ask myself as always, why this isn't a technical question?

nb200 porque se agota la bateria estando apagado. Gracias
Translation: "nb200, why does the battery discharge in a deactivated state. Thanks". Obviously, he hasn't had much experience with batteries and rechargeable batteries in his life…

Buenas noches acabo de adquirir una lapto lenovo sl 400, y me gustaria estar actualizado ya que en algun momento debo formatear.
Translation: "Good evening, I have bought a Lenovo sl 400 laptop and want to update it and format it simultaneously." – Well, then do it … or was that supposed to be a question?

Hallo, ik probeer met mijn laptop MD 96850, te skypen maar dat lukt niet, deze geeft telkens een foutmelding met het geluid. Wil U me laten weten hoe ik dit kan verhelpen. Hartelijk dank.
Free, analogous translation: "Hello, I am trying to skype with my laptop, but it's not working because of error messages. Let me know how to fix this. Many thanks." Even if I wanted to help, it would be a classic case of an entirely insufficient error report that doesn't allow for an intelligent long distance diagnosis.

Well, many people don't believe it, but we are really serious about not providing technical support via mail. That's why I always send a polite reply to the kind of inquiries as above that we, unfortunately, aren't able to provide any technical support via mail and receive far too many inquiries of this type. In response to this, I received a message in font size 30 (that is as big as 3 normal sentences and every letter has a 3 mm thick bar) and bold from a Brazilian, in a (for me) very difficult to decipher Brazilian slang:

Então fecha essa bosta de site que não serve pra nada então !!!
Translation: "Then this cowpat website isn't useful for anything!!!"
I will answer courteously: thank you…

Repair my hardware for free

Lenovo Thinkpad R61i

Shortend translation: "He needs a technician for a not closer stated computer problem and is sick and tired of having to pay money for a telephone diagnosis." Okay. I understand that, but, for me, it doesn't exactly sound exciting to send technicians to far-away countries for free in order to help frustrated users solve vague problems.

Furthermore, a Brazilian sent me three mails successively. It would, however, be too much to quote all of them here. His problem was that he couldn't configure his internet and hence, wanted a technician from us who would set up his whole computer ready for use. He was only hard to get rid of and insulted me spitefully because I wasn't prepared to send him an unpaid, working technician from Austria to Brazil.

I want a free special purchase consultation


hi, I want more advise on buying a laptop , right now the 2 options I'm looking at are 1. Alienware Area 51 m15x. or 2. Sager NP8662 (Built on Clevo M860TU) from I'm a university student studying electromecanics engineering, Love Anime, Movies , and Games (Crysis, Dawn of war2..etc.). my buget is $2100. Please help, pros and cons plus recomendations. thank you
Actually, we hadn't literally ruled out a purchase consultation, but no, we didn't want to scrutinize the differences between a certain Alienware and Sager laptop, as we have never tested a Sager. This can be easily found out, in hunting for Sager in our reviews with the browser search function.

Hii Team, I have planned to buy inspiron 13 inch - P8600 2.4GHZ with 512 MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330. When i check for the ATI radeon 4330 it was listed at the lower end. does a 512 MB graphic card would suffer to load games like crysis? could you please update me or provide a phone number to reach you to get the details.. Many thanks in advance. Brgds
Hence, we should give information via telephone, rather than that he reads our graphic card comparison and benchmark list. That doesn't sound very attractive to us.

I want to buy from you, even though I haven't the slightest idea who you are


I am in Kenya and I have a compal notebook khlb2 with a damaged screen. i wish to replace the screen with a new one purchased from you. kindly advise ASAP. Regards.
This applies to all quotes in following: If I want to buy something from an internet shop, then I first look (i.e. imprint) at what kind of shop that is, in which country, how big, what shipping and payment terms there are and so forth… But it's inconceivable how many people simply send messages – à la: I want to buy from you, supply information – without looking at potential retailers in the one way or other. It must be really awful for notebook shops, when unserious inquiries that haven't been elaborated in any way constantly pour in. In opposition to us, real hardware shops can't shoot down these inquiries from the beginning but have to first try and find out if these are real customers.

i need to buy laptop HP DV PAVALLON 9000
That leaves me cold.

nesecito un inversor de imagen para una EVEREX NM 3500
Translation: "I need an image converter for an EVEREX NM 3500". Sure, it a matter of course that we have special hardware from a Californian regional manufacturer on supply and deliver to Latin-America.

i would like to know the price of this motherboard Satellite A200-1AX PSAE6E-01000NAR Model Number: Toshiba Satellite A200-1AX Part Number: PSAE6E-01000NAR
Wait a minute. I have to look in our motherboard storeroom.

I am looking for a Dell Inspiron 1521 without a harddrive. Also need to know availability and price.
Oh, transfer a few thousand Euros in advance and I'll organize that thing from Dell, just for you…

I have EL 80 Zepto Znote 2425W 1.83 with 2GB Ram. Battery is not working properly. Please tell me new battery price also send information if you have used battery. I am living in Denmark. Thanks
Just a bright idea: Ask Zepto directly...?

Address, article in front of the noun, signature, who needs that, anyway?

welll sir i've started my business of books and other computers accesseries so i want this book dell laptop INTEL PM965 as a sample of free of cost and after the approval of this sample i'll order you the bulk quantity of books {laptops}with ur following desiring amounts but first you send me this book free,,so if you are intersted to have a bussiness with me then do let me know!!ma email id is [mail] reply me sooon!!!i m damn serious to have a bussiness with you!!!
I am damn serious that I don't want any business with you, either...

please can you ring as want to buy a toshiba g50 10h important you ring as have no internet
He intelligently didn't include a telephone number – but that wouldn't have changed anything, anyway.

Dear Sir, Please send me the price list of Sony and Dell
I am a laptop wholesaler
I am in Dubai
Best Regards

Obviously, wholesalers don't look at from whom they are trying to buy their merchandise, either.

please could you send me the addresses for your agents in middle east because i want to buy express pci video card type geforce 8600m or 8400 for my laptop dell vostro 1500 with my best regardes
Naturally, I'll call our agents in the Middle East right away.

I would like to ask if you are selling laptops Notebook: Asus N80VN (N80 Series)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo P7350
Graphics Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce 9650M GT in the Herbortgasse 38/3/28, 1110 Vienna, Austria. What is the payment-in euro or dolar? Thank you for the fast reply.

He had even visited our imprint, but only selectively copied an address without reading how we earn our money. Then he opened the contact side, ignored the bold words over the input fields in order to send his senseless inquiry. If only that were a single case, but there are so many. Help!

Dear Sir,
I am [name],the head of operations of a UK base family business [name] specialized in selling,buying and supply of computer and digital equipment and accessories within the UK,Europe and Africa,present i am in Cotonou Republic of Benin on a business meet that require an urgent need to supply some XPS series studio mobile multimedia laptops (12 units or more) ...

12 laptops are a small fortune in Africa. But it wasn't important enough to read the basically important information, anyway.

DEAR Sir/Madam,

I am honored that the royal football team of Saudi Arabia wants to buy a laptop from us.

Greetings to you, Having come across your contact address, i would like to introduce my self to you, Am a businessman well established in Africa( Uganda ) and mainly dealing in electronics such as full set computers, Lcd monitors Gsm mobile phones,televisions like plasma tvs etc and many other electric appliances , and among others. So i would like to start purchasing from your company and so by return email, may you please send me the price list of the following models such that i can place my order,
And any other model you might be having in your stock.

He didn't only ignore the mention that we don't sell notebooks; he also hasn't any idea, which hardware fields Notebookcheck occupies itself with.

comprar um caregador dell inspirion 1525
Translation: "Buy dell inspirion 1525"

Boa tarde,
Meu notebook "Siemens AMILO Li2727" caiu e danificou o Display LCD. Vocês tem esse display pra venda, ou poderia me informar onde encontrar? Grato

No, we won't send a spare laptop display to Brazil and it's easy to answer where such a display can be found: at the manufacturer.

Hola amigo, estoy en peru - lima, y me gustaria saber cuanto me dejas la LAP TOP lenovo thinkpad sl400...Estoy interesada en ella, respondeme a la brevedad!!!.. Con Factura... slds.
We are supposed to sell a Thinkpad to Peru, with an invoice. Too bad, we simply love to sell off laptops without invoices to the Andes. Ups, hopefully the income tax office isn't reading along now.

Olá,me … gostaria de comprar, um notebook Inspiration 1525 … Vejo que vocês financiam em até 12x no cartão. ...
-1.Como eu entro em contato com vocês para que possa estar financiando no cartão ???...

In this very long mail, the Brazilian or Portuguese (rarely do the people find it important to write in which country they actually reside) writes that he has read that we accept credit cards. Good gracious, he only has to read the bold words over the input field! Then he even wants to pay with his friend's credit card, but his name should be written on the invoice…

Preciso de uma placa de vídeo NVidia GO 7600 para meu notebook Alienware m5500i. Vocês tem para enviar? Qual o valor, prazo de entrega e garantia? Aguardo. Atenciosamente
He left his telephone number because he wants me to sell him a graphic card. Of course, I'll call Brazil or Portugal right away, sounds like a great transaction.

I bought from you

Toshiba Qosimo F20

Hi there !!!! I wuod like to have the question is My Laptop it the Dell Inspiron 1520 the my Video Card it to low the MB so can I send back in to you for the upgrade highter and better of Video Crad to 512 MB of Ram and my Video it right now NVIDIA Geforce 8400 GS - 128 MB ...thanks for your time and Merry -XMAS ..
"send back"? you could think that one of the notebook manufacturers has redirected the contact side directly to our contact side. I rather take to following response: "Send the device to us, we'll repair it. Unfortunately, our retour shipping is out of order."

Geachte heer/mevrouw,
Ik heb in januari 2007 een van jullie laptops gekocht. De MD96625. ...

Translation: "I bought a laptop from you in January 2007. The MD96625…" As already said, either Medion redirects its domain to us or Medion customers are especially confused people.

You surely know every hardware shop on this planet

i want to buy A33i battery and i don't know where to buy in saudi arabia im here in saudi arabia please help me. Best Regards:
Well, old man Yussuf sells Toshiba laptops in the Central Bazaar of the 12th City District in Mecca. Where I have my information from? We know every battery shop in the world as we've already clarified in "Battery Shops in Lesotho".

my toshiba portege m400 need to change (after verify) the below part: -Keypad
where i can buy this part in malaysia...

I believe, old man Yussuf from Mecca also has a subsidiary in Malaysia…

where can I notebook graphic card in Turkey?
There wasn't any note about which graphic card he needs. I can usually only answer such inquiries with: we can't do anything but google, either.


Command and Conquer Red Alert 3

I am too lazy to read or to think all by myself


Actually, most of the quoted mails would fit in this category.

welcher ist denn der beste
Translation: "Which is really the best". No, nothing further. To be fair, we have to state that this message was sent in over a special input field at the end of comparison of graphic cards.

I want a good Notebook for gaming
the max price : 1100 euro

That's almost the same as if I were to send following message to a car magazine: "I want a good car around 20,000 in order to drive fast."

ik zou graag willen weten of de ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3450 geschikt is om spellen te spelen met 3D zoals football manager 2009?...

He wants to know, if he can play Football Manager 2009 with this graphic card. It might be helpful to look around on Notebookcheck, but it's probably more work than sending a mail.

I want to work


como tratbalhar? qual o procedimento? seria uma assistência para notbooks se for tenho muito enterese. agardo retorno.
Translation: "How work? How matter of course? I could be of help for notebooks because I have much interest. Await answer." Usually, even name is omitted in such applications. By the way, I am always especially amused, when short employment inquiries for editorial jobs are spiced with numerous typos. In this case, this person wasn't even able to spell "work" correctly!

i want job from you!
It was merely a nick name with a mail address included. He has probably learnt his well-considered application strategy in a 2-semester seminar on "how do I apply for a job right". What should I say, I was really impressed.

Please inform me price per world for translation in Turkish from English . Best Regards
Sometimes English translators apply, whose English is even more dreadful than this, garnished with a lot of typos. After all, you won't want to make an overqualified impression.

Inquiries to our company soothsayers

Oh Nostradamus, arise from Hades and help me solve these enigmas

ich habe den dell bei Ihnen oder Sie sind nicht bei dell. hier mein auftrag:
- Bestellnummer:647282206
- Geplantes Lieferdatum:24/04/2009
ich möchte die antwort von Ihnen,oder Sie finden sich nicht verantworlich für mich.
ich habe die dellseite aufgesucht.

Translation: "I have the Dell by you or you are not the Dell. Here my order:
- Order number: 647282206
- Planed delivery date: 2009/04/24
I would like the answer from you or you think yourself not responsible for me.
I've looked at the dell site.
Best regards"
Whatever he really wants "I think myself not responsible"

increased ecosystems found running model include
Nope. That's all folks.

hi do this graphics card matched with dell vostro 1500..???
Even if we're indifferent to this, it would have been helpful to know which graphic card is meant.

there is Dell Latitude 2100 netbook in Istanbul shoppıng buy.! good-by
Okay, and further?

asus m60j
Please, not so much information at once.

vcs poderiam avaliar o toshiba qosmio. Obrigado
There aren't only hundreds of different Toshiba Qosimio models in the world; we will of course test all of them. Therefore, it's not at all necessary to get more specific.

HP HDX 16-1160US
Typing on a keyboard must be very taxing.

Translation: "Driver Dell Inspirion 1525" ... and?

i just wanna know the configuration of it
"it"? That thing from outer space? The ultimate answer to life, universe and the whole lot? A homogeneous theory of astrophysics and quantum mechanics?

need help please asus z81sp
Yeah, I am very sure that he needs help.

asistencia tehnica en esp direcsion adres por favor
A riddle for the Spanish fans among us: This message replaces missing grammar with contractions and typos. Translation: "Technical help in Spanish, address please". His mail address wasn't included, otherwise I would have really, really helped him, for sure.

A highly interesting, philosophical message of a confessing nihilist, who has allowed me a fundamental view into his world of ideas.

This mail is herald of the sea of those senseless messages that reach us every day and represents an adequate final word.

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