Come to Blows against the Artful Deception


I  summon all thee, ye noble occidental knights of technique! The Time HaTh come to Draw eow swords, to blow once again in the horn to move in the fields against a superior enemy!

Surely, many crusades against these enemies have already faileth, as too tricky and seductive these shining warriors present themselves. Too many have lost faith and surrendereth, equanimously and listlessly, to those glossy displays. But the majority is simply without knowledge, letting themselves be deceiveth from the bliss of blazing colors, that only unfurl hir beautiful visage in dark masonry in full. What a shame, ye mouse potatoes, accustometh to viewing notebooks in dark masonry, only to acquire them by purchase or simply to order them over the ether. Thou see the glossy screen with those glowing rich colors and it hath already happeneth about thy soul.

Only too many of noble names sound in that universal draft of the enemy:

"CineCrystal" and "CrystalBrite" as an offspring from Acer,

"Color Shine" from Asus,

"AveraBrite" from that small company of Averatec,

"UltraVivid" from the clan Benq,

"Truelife" and "UltraSharp" from the family of Dell,

"BrilliantView" and "ClearView" both from the family of Fujitsu Siemens,

"Brightview" from HP,

"VibrantView" from Lenovo, 

"FineBright" from LG, 

"Amazing Crystal Vision" from MSI,

"Diamond View" from Packard Bell, 

"SuperBright" from Samsung,

"X-Black" from Sony,

"TrueBrite" from Toshiba,  

"Crystal Clear" from Zepto, 

yes, even those technical pieces with the time-honoreth crest of the apple should gleam of late. Knights with doubtful heritage are simply nameth "Glare Type". All these renowneth die-hards occupy the world and build  rows of wretches. So many forges of notebooks, almost all one hath to say, equipeth those never-ending rows of battle with shiny weapons and strive to dazzle us. Multimedia they write on their colors, their games and mostly only wanting to serve their amusement.

Their conscience seemeth to be pure. But then spoke once an obscurantist of the marketing guild to me, with a winking of his eye, that it would only be as clear as crystal, that whether he, the wicked one himself, nor I would buy this illusion, but the commoners demand it. In truth he wanteth to say that the naive followers of consume fall for this demonic seduction. Well aware of those dilemmas are the heads of those big forges. They know what they do but they throw those glistening, noble gems amongst that curiously still unsuspecting commoners.

An oxymoron it seemeth to be, an antagonism, a paradox. The shining displays with their brilliant colors, deceiving to be a body of light. Thereby they are forfeiteth to the dark.  They awe the light like Beelzebub awes holy water. The sun reveals their dazzling visage such as a mirror a vampire. Vampires burn in the sun and even so do those glistening screens avoid eow shining star. Contrarily that strength of the matt, dull screens is the light. Not the own light, with which they revitalize us, no, it is that light that radiates o'er eow backs, if it be a neon tube, a squandering light bulb or even a more humble energy saving lamp. But every doubt fadeth away when not that unnatural light, rather the natural light of the shining sun. There, by one, hath not even to dwell in one's pretty garden, the sweet light of eow star is quite enough, that falleth through that window, dunning on the visage of that portable technique.

Then the rosy faces of those mislead pales. Despairingly they turn that piece of evil. There is nothing else left to do, other than to hide the display from the mercilessly dunning incursion of light. Different angles are trieth. They move their heads to be able to peer on the screen without burning the retina in the dazzling light. Those brave ones, that defy the light, risk being dazzleth and losing their eyesight forever. Not right away, no, but quite a bit later, when no time is left for ruefulness.

Often scatheth on, were those myths of glossy displays, but only too often heedlessly pusheth aside from those sinners. Antireflection technique flatters eow ears. Special coatings, which keep that luster but prevent reflections. Mostly this is no more than a piece of deceit, oh thou unfortunate, just resist those false prophets!

Tis of an old vendetta, not at all of a newer warning. Once there was too little set, now we are enslaveth by these lustrous screens. The last of the honest, search in vain for those last representatives of matt displays. Scattereth in the wind, blown like withereth leaves in a never-ending autumn. Truly, they are lusterless, but just that is actually their virtue.

How can one defeat these demons? Swarm out and search for those Knights of the Holy Grail. Still they exist, those that humbly call themselves "matt" are in danger and constantly shrinking in their number. Hire them for the righteous matter, foster them, take care of them, always anew, always with a true heart, then those powers of the treacherous delusions will vanish, if it is not too late by then.

With new courage spread this news and link it whole-heartedly, and then thou are a true crusader!


by Stefan Hinum


Swords may shine, not notebook displays

Portraits of the Illusion

Great, when one can view one's own garden on the display.
Make-up mirror: o.k. it's an old joke.
The reflection in the hinge gap looks weird.
The wood of the roof doesn't even seem distorted in color.
In the garden it's definitely not better.
The classic: The fluorescent lamp on the display, the only thing that can help is turning the device, if possible..
A novel touchscreen, where the keyboard is shown life-sized on the screen.
Zebra display
The illuminated house wall probably is already stinging in the eyes.
A very good complete arrangement: the plants on the display fit themselves into the background.
Definitely a Yucca plant, one recognizes it right away.
The screen is on, but nevertheless one can almost believe one recognizes sunspots.

Portraits of the matt writing tablets

Somewhat dark, but there is radiant sunshine here.
At least a bit of direct sunlight hits the sides here, as well.
A bit very matt, but at least eye-friendly.
One notices, the light seems to come from behind or at least from above.
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Stefan Hinum, 2008-12-23 (Update: 2012-05-26)