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A tablet specifically for women?

Milagrow the world’s only TabTop PC for women Professional officially now priced at $250

The tablets have nowadays become a popular as well as important product. However the consumers prefer to buy a tablet by looking at its configuration, features and lastly the design. In the same way the various manufacturers also boost their CPU’s, Operating Systems or the Application for marketing them.

But an Indian manufacturer is convinced more about the design of the tablet and making it gender specific. Milagrow, the first Tab Top PC was 8inches in size and runs on the Android Platform. It came with $500, price tag which was even touted as ugly and overpriced by a reviewer for India’s IBN magazine.

The New Delhi based company’s first did not receive a good response from the consumers. It was also said to have numerous flaws and even looked a bit over priced from its looks. The reviewer of IBN magazine also recommended going for iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab instead of this tab.

However, Milagrow today began touting to be the world’s only TabTop PC for women Professional.  They have now brought the same tablet but a bit lighter than the earlier model but the price has been halved, that makes it about $250.

As it’s called a female tablet but the feminine thing about the Milagrow tablet is its pink and baby blue color. The specifications of this tablet include a single core 1.2GHz ARM processor, and Android 2.3 HoneyComb, but a $250 doesn’t seem like a great value. RIM is selling their 64GB dual-core Playbook for $300. So, it will be interesting to see if this tab will be getting some of the customers. 


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Pallab Jyotee Hazarika, 2012-01- 5 (Update: 2012-05-26)