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4 futuristic EV designs from 2022 that outshine Tesla

Retro styling is making a comeback, and Hyundai is leading the charge. (Image source: Hyundai)
Retro styling is making a comeback, and Hyundai is leading the charge. (Image source: Hyundai)
From CES 2023 and beyond, auto makers have been hard at work putting out new EV models and concepts to wow their audiences. While Tesla has been a dominant force in the EV space for a long time, some of the recent EV releases and concepts make Tesla's designs look downright old-fashioned.

1. BMW i Vision Dee

BMW is no stranger to out-there designs, but the i Vision Dee, announced at CES 2023, takes things to another level. While the I Vision Dee's main attraction seems to be its coloured e-ink body panels, its other features — particularly the interior — take things to the next level. Instead of the large displays commonly seen in EVs nowadays, the i Vision Dee features a minimalistic cabin with illuminated, touch-enabled user interface elements that are hidden just underneath the upholstery. For information delivery, there's a projected HUD in the windscreen that uses mixed reality to immerse the driver.

The i Vision Dee is far from a production vehicle — which is a good thing, since the UI doesn't seem particularly user-friendly — but it's intended to be BMW's "vision for the future of digital mobility." This means you can expect to see BMW build on some of the technology and features introduced in the concept to be used in future vehicles.

2. Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX

The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX was technically announced as far back as December 2021, and it serves as a vehicle platform for the company to explore the possibilities of EV design and efficiency as well as a design statement. Much like other modern EV concept cars, the Vision EQXX looks like it stepped right out of a sci-fi film. The front of the vehicle's exterior has an elegant, sporty look about it that's not quite the Mercedes-Benz design language we're used to, but stepping around to the back reveals a roof that slopes down to meet the long, linear brake light. The whole vehicle is a very sleek, aerodynamic affair that Mercedes-Benz claims delivered over 1,000 miles of range. Unfortunately, it's another prototype that won't make it into production, but it will be used to inspire future production models.

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3. RAM Revolution Concept

When Tesla launched the Cybertruck all those years ago, it had virtually no competition. Now, there's plenty of competition from the likes of Ford, Hummer, and Rivian. RAM is also coming out swinging with the RAM Revolution Concept — a far more approachable design than the Cybertruck that still looks futuristic.

RAM manages to maintain its brand identity and muscular, rugged aesthetic while capturing the same forward-thinking design philosophy common to electric vehicles. It features expansive LED light bars, nifty features like an expanding bed and functional harness points, and an interior that strikes a decent balance between a comfortable, functional tool and Tesla's downright dangerous minimalist hellscape devoid of any tactile feedback.

4. Hyundai N Vision 74

When we think about EVs we tend to think about either battery-electric vehicles or hybrid-electric vehicles. One new technology that's recently been making a name for itself is the hydrogen fuel cell hybrid. While the technology and its automotive applications are still new and controversial, Hyundai's design for the N Vision 74 experimental race vehicle is something you'll want to see.

The N Vision 74 is essentially a modernisation of Hyundai's Pony Coupe concept from 1974, and it aims to blend modern clean vehicle performance with classic retro design. Visually, the N Vision 74 is striking, with an aggressive front façade and sporty looks that don't go too far into Fast and the Furious territory. The retro theming is taken further with the pixelated square lights and hard edge, while the interior has a strong focus on the driver experience. There is, of course, a massive LCD in front of the driver, but the lack of true infotainment system makes space for a practical, tactile button cluster in the centre console. The N Vision 74 is a cyberpunk dream without the nightmarish UI design of most modern vehicles.

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