Gigabyte P25W


Gigabyte P25WNotebook: Gigabyte P25W (P25 Series)
Processor: Intel Core i7 4700MQ
Graphics Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770M 3072 MB
Display: 15.6 inch, 16:9, 1920x1080 pixels, glossy: no
Weight: 2.87kg
Price: 1800 euro
Average Score: 80.6% - good
Average of 5 scores (from 5 reviews)
price: 76%, performance: 86%, features: 77%, display: 78% mobility: 70%, workmanship: 73%, ergonomy: 79%, emissions: 70%

Reviews for the Gigabyte P25W

80% Review Gigabyte P25W Notebook | Notebookcheck
Showing true colors. Gaming laptops not only stand out through enormous power; they also want to win over the hearts of gamers with a daring design. Gigabyte also follows this path with its P25W, and creates a gaming machine with a bright yellow surface along with a metallic wrist rest. Does courage plus power add up to perfection?
70% Gigabyte P25
Source: Gadgetspeak English
The Gigabyte P25 measures 39x26x4.5cm, the last figure at the back which narrows to only 1cm at the front, it weights a mighty 2.74kilos. Certainly a unit to be considered as a Desktop replacement, it is large and heavy and for me anyway does not sit comfortably on the lap. It is however very fast and powerful. One feature I have not come across previously a yellow lid.
Single Review, online available, Short, Date: 02/12/2014
Rating: Total score: 70% price: 60% performance: 60%
80% Gigabyte P25W review
Source: Techradar English
If you're after a gaming PC but your budget won't stretch to the likes of the MSI GX60, then you could do worse than take a look at the Gigabyte P25. It's certainly had more thought put into the design than the similarly-priced Schenker XMG P503, otherwise there's not really much else out there that can compete.
Single Review, online available, Very Long, Date: 12/05/2013
Rating: Total score: 80% price: 60% performance: 100% features: 80% workmanship: 60%
90% GIGABYTE P25W Gaming Laptop Review
Source: Tweaktown English
We've gone over the hard numbers of the P25W and seen some interesting results. But as with everything, it's not all about the hard figures. Over the review, I've found that there's a lot to love about the P25W. But also, there's some stuff that's not so great. The GIGABYTE P25W is an excellent choice for a gaming machine, though it's a bit on the costly side. The system is available through Amazon for $1849 at the time of writing.
Single Review, online available, Very Long, Date: 10/15/2013
Rating: Total score: 90% price: 84% performance: 94% features: 90% workmanship: 91%
83% Review: Gigabyte P25W
Source: PC Authority English
While it lacks the luxurious extras of the competition, the Gigabyte P25W has impressed us nonetheless. It combines great under the hood performance with decent design, and is a great compromise for those who want a laptop capable of holding its own in modern games without the pricetag that often accompanies it. You’ll need to be comfortable with the striking yellow lid, but apart from that this laptop is proof of how far Gigabyte’s notebook division has come in recent years and well worth a look.
Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: 10/08/2013
Rating: Total score: 83% price: 100% performance: 83% features: 67% workmanship: 67%
Gigabyte P25W
Source: Hexus English
The Gigabyte P25W is strong in so many areas that you'd almost forgotten the stark-yellow lid, hadn't you? There's enough performance here to power today's latest games, and Gigabyte has paired the high-end CPU and GPU components with three storage bays, an enjoyable 1080p display, Blu-ray optics, and a comfortable, backlit keyboard.
Single Review, online available, Long, Date: 09/13/2013



A a reliable and powerful laptop is a dream for enthusiast gamers. The specification should be top tier in order to satisfy the desire of PC gamers. The Gigabyte P25W perfectly falls into this category. The Core i7 laptop with its advanced specs and features is expected to compete with gaming laptops which have been available in the market for a long time. With a bright-yellow top, it simply looks great and eye-catching. This 15.6 inch gaming laptop supports Full HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. The display is gorgeous for any use such as gaming, browsing and even watching movies. For audio quality, Gigabyte P25W equipped it with 4 pieces of 1.5 Watt speakers and 1 subwoofer, which produce good sound quality. Air holes located on the sides and bottom of the notebook enable it to dissipate heat optimally. An Nvidia GeForce GTX 770M with 3 GB GDDR5 ensures solid graphics capabilities. Combined with Intel 4th generation Core i7, this gaming laptop performs really well and is able to meet expectations of fans.

With up to six hours of battery life, portability should not be an issue, although most users will prefer to use it as a desktop replacement. Besides, P25W comes with a Blu-ray optical drive, three storage bays, and a backlit keyboard. In many ways, it looks like a perfect gaming laptop and it is easily one of the most promising gaming laptop in the market today.


The Gigabyte P25W is one of the latest portable gaming rigs to hit the market. This laptop is 15 inches, which does mean less power than the 17 inch gaming counterparts, but it also means a huge boost in portability. However, as can be expected in most gaming rigs, this machine weighs in at 2.8 kg. Available in sleek black or sports car yellow, little details like a fancy exhaust pipe inspired design have been added for heat ventilation. The rest of the body is quite minimalist. Under the hood, good speed can be had from the Haswell Intel Core i7 4700MQ processor which is clocked at 2.4GHz that can boost up to 3.4GHz. This is paired with 8 GB of RAM. For graphics, the Nvidia Geforce GTX 770M with 3GB of memory should run the show very ably. Most games should run at high settings with the most demanding games requiring lowered settings.

For storage, Gigabyte have cleverly allowed users to choose between several variations of SSD and HDD combinations, or to go all in with SSD. The Haswell architecture of the processor means improved battery life, but improved is still a short amount of time in an energy hungry machine like this. The Gigabyte P25W battery will last approximate 2 hours and 30 minutes of use before it begs users to plug it in. A Blu-ray drive is included in the hardware with writing capabilities, and the keyboard has a simple adjustable backlight. The 15 inch LED screen may be a letdown for those looking for an IPS screen. Overall, this is a good gaming rig that will fit within a tighter budget.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770M: Upcoming high-end graphics card for laptops and part of the 700M series.

These graphics cards are able to play the latest and most demanding games in high resolutions and full detail settings with enabled Anti-Aliasing.

» Further information can be found in our Comparison of Mobile Graphics Cards and the corresponding Benchmark List.

Intel Core i7: The Intel Core i7 for laptops is based on the LG1156 Core i5/i7 CPU for desktops. The base clock speed of the CPUs is relatively low, but because of a huge Turbo mode, the cores can dynamically overclock to up to 3.2 GHz (920XM). Therefore, the CPU can be as fast as high clocked dual-core CPUs (using single threaded applications) but still offer the advantage of 4 cores. Because of the large TDP of 45 W / 55 W, the CPU is only intended for large laptops.  

4700MQ: Haswell-based quad-core processor clocked at 2.4 GHz with Turbo Boost support up to 3.4 GHz. Offers an integrated HD Graphics 4600 GPU and a dual channel DDR3 memory controller.» Further information can be found in our Comparison of Mobile Processsors.

15.6": 15 inch display-variants are the standard and are used for more than the half of all notebooks. 15.4 inch display with 16:10 are the standard for notebook displays. However nowadays, more and more 16:9 displays with 15.6 inch appear. The reason why so many people like displays with medium size is, that this size is not exhausting for the eyes, does not need too much energy and the laptops can be kept quite compact.» To find out how fine a display is, see our DPI List.

2.87 kg: This weight is average for notebooks. Therefore the numerous mass of laptops with 15 inch display fits in this class of weight.

Gigabyte: GIGABYTE Technology is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of computer hardware products best known for its motherboards. Established in 1986, its major customers include custom boutique PC manufacturers such as Alienware. Secondary lines in the company's product portfolio include complete PCs, laptops, optical drives, LCD monitors, keyboards, mice, cooling components, mobile phones and high end mobile phone products (PDA phone, TV phone etc.), networking equipment, power supplies, and a line of barebone mid and full sized ATX computer cases. Gigabyte laptop reviews are rare and the global laptop market share low.

80.6%: This rating should be considered to be average. This is because the proportion of notebooks which have a higher rating is approximately equal to the proportion which have a lower rating.

» Further information can be found in our Notebook Purchase Guide.

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