Samsung exec believes Windows 8 hasn't boosted PC sales

Samsung exec believes Windows 8 hasn't boosted PC sales
Samsung exec believes Windows 8 hasn't boosted PC sales
President of Samsung's memory chip division thinks Windows 8 is no better than Vista

Although Samsung and Microsoft have generally employed a cordial relationship, one executive had some scathing words to share. In speaking with The Korea Times, Samsung's Dong-Soo Jun voiced his displeasure with Microsoft's Windows 8 and the overall PC market.

The head of Samsung's memory chip division had much to say about Windows 8, but mainly feels that the OS has failed to boost demand for PCs. Dong-Soo remarked that the global PC industry is steadily declining despite Windows 8 and that he thinks "the Windows 8 system is no better than the previous Windows Vista platform".

The Samsung executive was addressing market research which indicated a decline in global PC sales, and felt that the failure of Windows 8 coupled with a mediocre response to Ultrabooks played a heavy part. In addition, Samsung Electronics has been forced to heavily cut its production of memory chips and he thinks the increasing price of chips "is surely unhealthy".

Samsung had previously decided to forego Windows RT tablets in the US, and the latest comments shed some light on the decision. Thankfully, Dong-Soo did have some good news to share, as he confirmed the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch, which should take place on the 14th of March in New York.



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#1 Re: Samsung exec believes Windows 8 hasn\'t boosteMikeI, 18:15 10.03
No doubt about it. The problem could have been mitigated by offering Win7/Win8 option. I got a deal to upgrade to Win8 Pro for my laptop. At the last minute I switched the coupon to my big Sony PC (touchscreen L model) and regretted it ever since. I think I would have been totally pissed had I put Win8 on my laptop and without the going-back possibility. I feel sorry for ALL Win8 users who have only the hope of something getting done soon. Google's put some pressure on MS and it shows....
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