Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook P7120
Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook P7120

Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook P7120


Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook P7120Notebook: Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook P7120 (Lifebook P Series)
Processor: Intel Pentium M 753
Graphics Adapter: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 900 128 MB
Display: 10.6 inch, 16:10, 1280x768 pixels
Weight: 1.4kg
Price: euro
Average Score: 81.33% - good
Average of 9 scores (from 10 reviews)
price: 83%, performance: 79%, features: 87%, display: 55% mobility: - %, workmanship: - %, ergonomy: 97%, emissions: - %

Reviews for the Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook P7120

75% Stylish LifeBook offers impressive layout, two-battery option
Source: PC World English
If you liked the LifeBook P7000, Fujitsu's stylish 3-pound laptop, you'll likely be equally enamored of the new and improved LifeBook P7120. This highly desirable and cleverly designed little black and charcoal machine has a handy two-battery option and a good keyboard. It isn't any cheaper at $2149 (as of 2/16/06), but consider its improvements over its predecessor: The 60GB hard drive, sealed before, is now user-replaceable so you don't have to leave your notebook at the repair shop.
ausführlicher Test mit Geräteaufbau und Testwerten und Bildern; online abrufbar

75 von 100
Single Review, , Length Unknown, Date: 05/07/2006
Rating: Total score: 75%
79% Fujitsu LifeBook P7120
Source: CNet English
The ultraportable Fujitsu LifeBook P7120, an updated version of the Fujitsu LifeBook P7010D, is slimmer and lighter than its predecessor but remains packed with features, including a built-in DVD burner. Best of all, the LifeBook P7120 provides those features without compromising performance or battery life, and does it for the same price as the LifeBook P7010D. Its slightly more expensive competitor, the Sony VAIO TX670P, offers wireless WAN, longer battery life, and a larger screen in an even lighter case. If you want cellular connectivity or a battery that lasts more than six hours, the VAIO TX670P is worth the extra cost; otherwise, the Fujitsu LifeBook P7120 offers a slightly more affordable balance of performance, features, and portability for business travelers.
eher kurz gehaltener Test; online abrufbar

7.9 von 10
Single Review, online available, Short, Date: 02/24/2006
Rating: Total score: 79%
70% A secure long-distance runner that won’t weigh you down
Source: Laptop Mag English
For those who spend more time on the road than in their offices, there’s the Fujitsu LifeBook P7120. This 3.2-pound ultraportable, decked out in a satin black finish (with a metallic gray base), weighs a little over three pounds yet packs in all of the features a road warrior could want. With a TPM chip and fingerprint sensor built in, it’s a good business-minded alternative to Sony’s 2.8-pound VGN-TX650P that costs $50 less. In order to offer such a compact design, the P7120 features a small, 10.6-inch widescreen display. It’s fine for taking notes in Word and watching DVDs up close using the built-in optical drive, but its glossy coating has a tendency to reflect ambient light, which can be particularly annoying when working with an application like Word.
eher kurz gehaltener Test; online abrufbar

3.5 von 5
Single Review, online available, Short, Date: 02/21/2006
Rating: Total score: 70%
80% Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook P7120
Source: Trusted Reviews English
Performance wise the Lifebook P7120 is no scorcher, but it compares well to similar machines. However, the Sony Vaio TX1XP offered about the same performance and had longer battery life, but at a higher price. Still, with seven minutes short of five hours battery life in MobileMark 2005 it’s hard to complain and the DVD playback test was two minutes short of four hours. This doesn’t mean that the Lifebook P7120 is a bad notebook by any means as there are few that can touch it in terms of battery life in its class. The Lifebook P7120 is yet another excellent ultra portable machine from Fujitsu-Siemens which offers a wide range of features, good battery life and considering its size a very attractive price.
ausführlicher Test mit Geräteaufbau und Testwerten und Bildern; online abrufbar

(von 10): 8, Preis/Leistung 8, Leistung 8, Ausstattung 9
Single Review, , Length Unknown, Date: 02/07/2006
Rating: Total score: 80% price: 80% performance: 80% features: 90%
90% Fujitsu LifeBook P7120
Source: PC Mag English
To call the Fujitsu LifeBook P7120 just a plain old ultraportable notebook is a serious injustice. The P7120 takes into account everything a mobile user needs, whether they're flying business class or commuting by train into the office. Some of the rare finds in this ultraportable include a dual-layer DVD±R optical drive and a fingerprint reader—and that's just the beginning. The P7120 barely tips the scales; at 3.1 pounds, it's even lighter than its predecessor, the 3.3-pound P7010D. At 10.1" by 7.8" by 1.1", the notebook is small enough to slip into an oversized coat pocket. The unit is draped in magnesium alloy and comes in all black for now, but Fujitsu will introduce several other colors (red, green, and white, for example) this month.
eher kurz gehaltener Test; online abrufbar

4.5 von 5
Single Review, online available, Short, Date: 01/13/2006
Rating: Total score: 90% display: 10%
Fujitsu P7120 (P7120D) Review
Source: English
I was really concerned that the slower speed hard drive was going to kill the performance of this machine. I'm so happy to report that I don't find it to be an issue and the resulting benefits of smaller size and reduced heat are worth it. The unit is in fact fanless, which means you'll only hear everyone else's machines. The fan on the P7010 frequently ran, so to me, this is a huge deal. There are very few fanless notebooks on the market, but Fujitsu has done a fantastic job engineering this one.
umfangreicher Erfahrungsbericht eines Benutzers; online abrufbar

Display phantastisch
Single Review, , Length Unknown, Date: 01/03/2006
Rating: display: 100%

Foreign Reviews

88% Mikro-Notebooks
Source: PC Professionell German DE→EN
Comparison, online available, Very Short, Date: 10/01/2006
Rating: Total score: 88% performance: 86% features: 92% ergonomy: 97%
80% Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook P7120
Source: ZDNet German DE→EN
Single Review, online available, Short, Date: 04/03/2006
Rating: Total score: 80% performance: 70% features: 80%
95% Die 10,6-Zoll-Display-Variante
Source: Notebook / Organizer / Handy German DE→EN
Single Review, , Length Unknown, Date: 04/03/2006
Rating: Total score: 95% price: 85%
75% Rechenpower für das Handgepäck
Source: Facts German DE→EN
Single Review, , Length Unknown, Date: 01/01/2006
Rating: Total score: 75%


Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 900: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 is an integrated (onboard) graphic chip with shared memory on Mobile Intel 915GM chipset. It is the predecessor of Graphics Media Accelerator 950. The performance can be compared with the Mobile Radeon 9000 (with a 64 bit memory bus).

These graphics cards are not suited for Windows 3D games. Office and Internet surfing however is possible.

» Further information can be found in our Comparison of Mobile Graphics Cards and the corresponding Benchmark List.

Intel Pentium M: With Intel chip set (855 or 915) and Intel WLAN also available with the name Centrino (name for the package).
In the comparison very fast per megahertz and very modest with weaknesses in floating point operations.
It is also available as a low voltage version with very small current consumption.

753: » Further information can be found in our Comparison of Mobile Processsors.

10.6": The netbook/subnotebook has a quite small display format. Nonetheless, it is a common format for netbooks. The advantage is, that the subnotebook/netbook can be small dimensioned and can be carried easily. Further the small display has the advantage, that it needs few energy, which improves the battery runtime and in consequence the mobility. The disadvantage is that the reading of texts is a bit exhausting for the eyes. It is difficult to use high resolutions. » To find out how fine a display is, see our DPI List.

1.4 kg: This subnotebook is one of the most lightweight of all notebooks and can be carried very easily. There exist only few sub-notebooks, which weight less. 10 inch displays are normal for this class of weight.

Fujitsu-Siemens: Fujitsu, founded 1935, is a Japanese company specializing in semiconductors, air conditioners, computers (supercomputers, personal computers, servers), telecommunications, and services, and is headquartered in Tokyo. Fujitsu employs around 160,000 people and has 500 subsidiary companies. The partnership with Siemens AG was established in 1999 in the form of Fujitsu Siemens Computers (FSC), one of Europe's largest IT hardware suppliers, and owned 50/50 by Fujitsu and Siemens. 2009, this cooperation was terminated, FSC ended to exist. In future, no laptops will be sold with the brand "Fujitsu-Siemens" but only "Fujitsu".

Fujitsu-Siemens reviews

81.33%: This rating should be considered to be average. This is because the proportion of notebooks which have a higher rating is approximately equal to the proportion which have a lower rating.

» Further information can be found in our Notebook Purchase Guide.

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