NVIDIA GeForce 7190M vs NVIDIA GeForce 7150M

NVIDIA GeForce 7190M

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The NVIDIA GeForce 7190M is an integrated (shared memory) graphic card found in the nForce 650M chipset. Most likely it is a higher clocked version of the GeForce 7150M.


NVIDIA GeForce 7150M

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The NVIDIA GeForce 7150M is an integrated (shared memory) graphic card for laptops with AMD processors (socket S1), found in the nForce 610M chipset. The difference to 7000M is that 7150M offers HD-video decoding for MPEG2, H.264 in 720p. The performance is good compared with other onboard graphic cards but not really suited for games.

Older games like Fear can be played with minimum details (Fear e.g. with 8-35fps).

NVIDIA GeForce 7190MNVIDIA GeForce 7150M
GeForce 7100M Series
GeForce 7190M 2/1 cores
GeForce 7150M 2/1 cores @ 0.43 GHz
GeForce 7190M 2/1 cores
GeForce 7150M 2/1 cores @ 0.43 GHz
Cores2 / 1 2 / 1
Memoryshared Memoryshared Memory
Shared Memoryyesyes
DirectXDirectX 9c, 3.0DirectX 9c, 3.0
Technology90 nm90 nm
Introduced01.02.2006 01.02.2006
integrierte onboard Grafikkarte auf dem NVIDIA nForce 630M Chipsatzintegrated graphic card upon nForce 610M
Core425 MHz
FeaturesPureVideo, video scaling, LCDs with 1920x1200 pixel, PCI-Express, connection for ext. graphic card

3DMark 2001SE - 3DMark 2001 - Standard
4501 Points (5%)
3DMark 03 - 3DMark 03 - Standard
min: 1575     avg: 1618     median: 1617.5 (1%)     max: 1660 Points
3DMark 05 - 3DMark 05 - Standard
700 Points (1%)
3DMark 06 3DMark 06 - Score Unknown Settings + NVIDIA GeForce 7150M
3DMark 06 - Standard 1280x800 + NVIDIA GeForce 7150M
3DMark 06 - Standard 1280x768 + NVIDIA GeForce 7150M

Average Benchmarks NVIDIA GeForce 7150M → NAN% n=

* Smaller numbers mean a higher performance
1 This benchmark is not used for the average calculation

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