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Saturday 21. August 2010 Coby: Coby to launch cheap netbooks in the US

The series will contain screen sizes ranging from 8-inches to 11-inch[more]

Category: new notebook models

Saturday 21. August 2010 Kubuntu: Kubuntu Netbook Edition 10.04.1 up for download

Kubuntu developers release a minor update of their Netbook 10.04 edition[more]

Category: notebook components

Saturday 21. August 2010 Intel: Intel sponsors game development program for netbooks

The program is aimed to encourage game developers to develop games for netbooks[more]

Category: other notebook news

Friday 20. August 2010 Samsung: Samsung’s upgraded S2 external hard drive is now available for your ultraportable

Upgraded S2 gets USB 3.0 and 7200RPM spindle speed[more]

Category: accessories

Friday 20. August 2010 HP: HP’s webOS tablet will now appear in 2011

HP’s launch of the “PalmPad” has been pushed back to 2011 from this year end. A Windows 7 powered tablet is coming soon.[more]

Category: rumors

Friday 20. August 2010 iSupply: Flash memory prices may drop to $1 per GB


But may not be enough to boost SSD sale[more]

Category: notebook components

Friday 20. August 2010 CVS: CVS set to unveil a $100 Sylvania netbook

As expected, the budget netbook will not cater to your power-hungry demands[more]

Category: rumors

Friday 20. August 2010 HP: ProBook 6550b has been launched

HP ProBook 6550b

HP unveiled the latest addition to their business-oriented laptops – the new ProBook 6550b, which is now available to customers for purchase[more]

Category: new notebook models

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