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Wednesday 30. April 2008 Supply difficulties with Intel Atom CPU

Supply difficulties with the Intel Atom CPU cause a later availability of many low cost notebooks.[more]

Category: other notebook news

Wednesday 30. April 2008 Microsoft Service Packs with errors

There is one error in the Windows XP Service Pack 3 and in the Windows Vista Service Pack 1. This problem refers to on the Dynamics Retails Management System.[more]

Category: other notebook news

Tuesday 29. April 2008 Asus EEE will become an own brand

Asus Eee PC 900

The manufacturer Asus plans to make an own brand of its Eee models.[more]

Category: rumors

Tuesday 29. April 2008 Gigabyte develops its Eee PC competitor M912

The manufacturer Gigabyte developed the M912, which is another competitor to the Asus Eee PC.[more]

Category: new notebook models, rumors

Tuesday 29. April 2008 Windows XP Service Pack 3 ready for download

Microsoft releases its probably last big update package for Windows XP. It can be downloaded during the course of the day.[more]

Category: other notebook news

Monday 28. April 2008 New notebook chipset by Nvidia

The manufacturer Nvidia comes out with a new notebook chipset. Most Laptops with Intel CPU were equipped with an Intel chipset so far, but Nvidia wants to change this fact by its new chipset.[more]

Category: notebook components

Monday 28. April 2008 Windows Vista Service Pack 1 integrated into automatic updates

Microsoft included its Vista Service Pack 1 into the operating system’s automatic update function. It is also available for manual download.[more]

Category: other notebook news

Monday 28. April 2008 Lenovo IdeaPad U110 is available in the USA

IdeaPad U110

The Lenovo IdeaPad U110 is equipped with an 11.1” Display and a solid state drive is offered optionally. The notebook will be available at April 29th.[more]

Category: new notebook models

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