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Friday 25. April 2008 AMDs Griffin slow and with high current consumption?

According to TGDaily, AMDs upcoming Griffin notebook CPU will be slower than a current Core 2 Duo and currently the prototype needs more current than a Turion 64.[more]

Thursday 24. April 2008 Toshiba expands its laptop range by six 15.4” notebooks

Toshiba Satellite A210

The six new Toshiba notebooks are 15.4” models of the series Satellite A210, Satellite L300 and Satellite L300D.[more]

Category: new notebook models

Thursday 24. April 2008 New 17” notebooks by Toshiba

Toshiba Satellite P300D

Toshiba expands three of its product lines by adding new 17” notebooks. The series Satellite P300D, Satellite L350 and Satellite L350D provide those new laptops.[more]

Category: new notebook models

Wednesday 23. April 2008 Price of flash memory rises

The requirement of NAND flash memory is very high because of the use in the SSD drives (e.g., in many new low cost notebooks). Therefore, the price of the modules is rising.[more]

Category: other notebook news

Wednesday 23. April 2008 Transcend JetFlash 168 with lotus design

Transcend JetFlash 168

The new USB 2.0 stick JetFlash 168 by Transcend offers a disk space of 16 GB and a useful software package is also available.[more]

Category: accessories

Tuesday 22. April 2008 MSI presented Wind notebook

MSI Wind

MSI officially introduced its Eee PC competitor Wind. It will be equipped with a 10” display and a 2.5” hard disk.[more]

Category: new notebook models, rumors

Tuesday 22. April 2008 Problems with the OLPC’s keyboard


The XO-laptop of the OLPC project has some problems with its keyboard. Sometimes it happens, that a key is stuck or when pressed one key there are activated its neighbours too.[more]

Category: other notebook news

Tuesday 22. April 2008 One more Eee PC with 10” display

Asus Eee PC 900

Asus adds a new Eee PC to its product line. The new one is going to be equipped with a 10” display and shall be available this year.[more]

Category: new notebook models

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