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Friday 07. October 2005

AJP WUXGA 7800 GTX Notebook

The D900T-X, coming from AJP, is jammed with nVidia’s latest and greatest mobile GPU, the Go 7800 GTX, a 3.8GHz Intel P4, support for 2.8GB of RAM and a 100GB 7,200 RPM hard drive. The screen has a size of 17in...[more]

Friday 07. October 2005

Dell Inspiron M170 XPS with Go 7800 GTX

The new Dell Inspiron M170 contains the video card Go 7800 GTX alongside a Pentium M 770 (2.13GHz or 780 processor (2.26GHz), 2GB of DDR2 RAM (free upgrade), a 100GB HDD and 17in 1920 x 1200 widescreen...[more]

Sunday 02. October 2005

$100 laptop for kids with hand crank

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology want to get a computer into the hands of every child in the world, even if there's nowhere to plug it in. The design has to be durable, self-reliant and, above all, cheap....[more]

Thursday 22. September 2005

Toshiba Announces Upgraded Satellite M55 Series under $1,000

Toshiba announced an upgraded Satellite M55 line, an affordable, lightweight 14-inch diagonal widescreen notebook PC.[more]

Wednesday 21. September 2005

Last Taiwan laptop maker shifts to China

Taiwan's laptop computer industry - once the world's largest - has closed its last assembly line and completed a massive relocation to rival China.[more]

Wednesday 21. September 2005

Sony Vaio TX - New Lightweight Notebook

Sony Vaio TX is expected to debut in October starting at $2,250.[more]

Wednesday 21. September 2005

Apple gets a patent for a laptop with integrated camera

Apple Computer has filed a patent for a laptop that has a camera built into the latch between the lid and the base, suggesting that it is working on such a feature in an upcoming laptop model.[more]

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