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Tuesday 31. August 2010 Stream TV: eLocity A7 tablet will be released in September

Stream TV eLocity A7 tablet

The eLocity A7 is a 7-inch tablet that will ship with NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processor[more]

Category: new notebook models

Tuesday 31. August 2010 ViewSonic: ViewBook VNB105 is a low-power consumption 10.1-inch netbook

ViewBook VNB105

The ViewBook VNB105 can now be purchased for $399.[more]

Category: new notebook models

Monday 30. August 2010 AMD: AMD will drop the ATI brand name

The cards will instead be known as their family name, like Radeon, Firepro etc.[more]

Category: other notebook news

Monday 30. August 2010 Samsung: Last minute leaks show Samsung’s Galaxy Tab’s Verizon connection, accessories and even more details

The G Tab might be on CDMA after all, with iPad-like accessories and 3G+Wi-Fi in all the models[more]

Category: rumors

Monday 30. August 2010 Le.Net: Tablet Dune has been launched

Le.Net Tablet Dune

The new portable computer by the company Le.Net, Tablet Dune, has been introduced in Belgium and costs about 500 Euros.[more]

Category: new notebook models

Monday 30. August 2010 Gigabyte: Introducing the new G-Style T1005M convertible tablet PC

Gigabyte G-Style T1005M

The 10.1-inch mini-laptop by Gigabyte features the new Intel Atom Dual Core Processor N550[more]

Category: new notebook models

Sunday 29. August 2010 Fujitsu: Fujitsu launches Lifebook AH530 GFX

Fujitsu’s new notebook is an updated version of the Lifebook AH530 with better graphic capabilities[more]

Category: new notebook models

Sunday 29. August 2010 Samsung: Samsung Galaxy Tab accessories information leaked

Many of the accessories that will come with the Galaxy tab will provide buyers with amazing functionality[more]

Category: accessories

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