Topics and Goals

  • From Netbooks to Desktop Replacements, from consumer, entry-level laptops over tablets to professional business laptops
  • Serious, journalistic, well-founded and above all independent reporting
  • Our technicians scrutinize up-to-date computer systems with the help of measurement equipment and their experience of many years. As a result our reviews are very detailed.
  • Our test division sticks to the principle that our laptop reviews should stick out from the masses through providing as competent and detailed technical information as possible, illustrated with professional pictures.
  • The experienced user, IT professionals, and enthusiasts will find specific technical descriptions, analyzes, guides, comparisons, and technical backgrounds of components used in laptops. Our standard information even includes comparisons of graphics cards and processors.
  • Services common to all articles: A laptop library provides information about other reviews from other magazines and how these rate laptops. In our laptop database we collect thousands of reviews a year world-wide, in several languages published in online as well as print media.
  • Purchase Consultation: A purchase consultations GUI guides the user through the plethora of offered laptops. It is in particular of great help for those technically unexperienced. An above average number of filter criteria allows you to search for matching laptops in our database, which covers thousands of launched laptops and many thousand reviews



Notebookcheck was founded in 2005 as a hobby project of three Austrians. Searching for appropriate laptops for ourselves, we discovered that too few relevant information was available.


In the second year the coverage of our web site soars. In the same year we also started our international expansion. While Notebookcheck was only available in German first, we provided articles in 7 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, and Dutch) by the end of 2006.


The hobby project finally turns into business. Owners of the partnership ("offene Gesellschaft") are the three founders. The limited Company (GmbH) founded later owns the license for the editorial tasks and reduces the risk of liability of the founders. Now freelancers expand our staff. We we manage the translators of most of our foreign language sites directly, some are assigned to independent licensees. In this year we also consulted the Bundesbeschaffungs-Gesellschaft of the Austrian Republic.


The design of our web site was refreshed. The Turkish site is founded. The total coverage exceeded 7 million page views and 2 million visits at that time. We improved the test criteria of our reviews and enhanced the equipment with measurement tools.


The first print article from Notebookcheck is published in Gamers and Gamersplus. At the beginning of this year the tenth language section, Russian, is founded by licensees. Our database now covers above 10000 external and more that 400 own reviews. About 30 freelancers wrote articles.


Due to additional editors the output of the German section rises to about 30 detailed laptop reviews per month. In a cooperation with the print magazine Gamestar-Hardware, a release about "Gaming-Laptops" is published. A independent editorial network is founded in the USA. An extensive design refresh should increase the usability for our readers and boost the brand Notebookcheck.

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Author: Stefan Hinum, 2011-07- 1 (Update: 2013-08- 2)