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Alexander Wätzel

Alex Wätzel (Tech Writer)
Usually my first coffee is accompanied by photoshop on my pc for the majority of my workday. After an average of 5 cups and about 8-10h later I switch from the adobe suite to steam or the xbox game pass. I startet my career as a professional retoucher more than 10 years ago still on a mac. After a few years I transitioned back to windows machines for a number of reasons. The new found freedom when it comes to hardware got me into building my own workstations and also allowed me to get familier with professional grade laptops and well, it also got me gaming again. Since my job only requires a speedy laptop and reliable internet connection, I took full advantage of it and travelled all over the world while working remotely. I always like a challenge and try to push myself whenever possible. Lately that meant getting more familiar and proficient with video production and of course starting to write for Notebookcheck.

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Redaktion, 2017-04-13 (Update: 2021-04-11)