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Jul 19
The Galaxy Note 7 has been estimated to have cost Samsung between US$5 and 10 billion. The Note FE and recycling initiative will help ameliorate that. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung will recycle remining Galaxy Note 7 devices, recovering 157 tons of precious metals

In addition to releasing limited numbers of refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices as the "Galaxy Note FE", the Korea tech giant has reported it will be recycling remaining Note 7 stock to recover up to 157 tons of precious metals.
The device we're all waiting for just got a little further away. (Source: The Ledger Gazette)

Microsoft crushes hopes of current Windows Phone users — no full Windows 10 coming to existing handsets

A Microsoft exec has clarified that Windows 10 on ARM will not be coming to any existing Windows phones, as the OS is designed for a "desktop experience" rather than a phone one.
Lenovo confirms the lightsaber is not a prop. It has working mechanical buttons and it's tracked by the headset. (Source: Disney)

Lenovo's augmented reality headset comes bundled with a lightsaber

Disney teased the Star Wars: Jedi Challenges game bundled with a Lenovo augmented reality headset and a lightsaber peripheral at the D23 convention. Lenovo's headset is similar to Microsoift's HoloLens.
Fujitsu Celsius H970 (E3-1535M v6, P4000) Workstation Review

86% Fujitsu Celsius H970 (E3-1535M v6, P4000) Workstation Review

Strong CPU, weak cooling. The Celsius H970 might be Fujitsu's last 17.3-inch workstation. This should be reason enough for the manufacturer to do its best. But unfortunately, Fujitsu failed in two places. You can read in our detailed test review, where these places are.
Intel Xeon E3-1535M v6 | NVIDIA Quadro P4000 | 17.3" | 3 kg
Blackview A9 Pro Smartphone Review

78% Blackview A9 Pro Smartphone Review

Petite. Classy. Slow. Timeless and clean design is one of Chinese manufacturer Blackview's trademarks. Next to Blackview's outdoor smartphones, the petite A9 Pro seems almost out of place. The smartphone's hardware cannot keep up with Blackview's other offerings. Still, the A9 had a few tricks up its sleeves.
Mediatek MT6737 | ARM Mali-T720 | 5" | 170 g
Jul 18
Source: Atari

More features of the Ataribox surface

The console will focus on both old and new titles, possibly positioning Atari to capitalize on the retro-fueled success of the NES Classic Edition. New press renders show off some connectivity, but very little is known about the console at this point.
Kaby Lake X: Intel Core i7-7740X Review

Kaby Lake X: Intel Core i7-7740X Review

Intel's new Core i7-7740X for the socket 2066 proves to be the fastest CPU for gaming in the test. However, it is just a weak upgrade to Intel's Core i7-7700K that lags behind the Ryzen CPUs in multitasking due to its low core count.
Intel Core i7-7740X | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (Desktop) |
Moto E4 Android smartphone hits MetroPCS

Moto E4 reaches MetroPCS later this month

Those who make the switch from another carrier to T-Mobile's prepaid brand can get the Moto E4 for free, but even those who do not qualify for this offer can buy this smartphone for as little as $50 USD.
HTC Desire 555 Androdi smartphone hits Cricket Wireless for $120 USD

HTC Desire 555 hits Cricket Wireless

This 5-inch low-end Android Nougat handset comes with a quad-core processor, 5 MP and 8 MP cameras, a 2,200 mAh battery, and can be acquired for just $119.99 USD when joining Cricket or upgrading an existing plan.
Source: Essential

Another key executive leaves Essential

Brian Wallace, former director of marketing for Essential, has left the startup. His departure follows that of Andy Fouché, former head of communications, last month. These departures will only add to Essential's recent problems.
Mi TV 4A

You can get a 32" Xiaomi Smart TV for $163

Xiaomi has announced the launch of their new 32" budget Smart TV, the Mi TV 4A. Quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of storage, $163.
Worldwide Smartphone OS Market Share. (Source: IDC, May 2017)

Android shipments touch 85% while Windows Phone relegates into the abyss

There's no stopping the Android juggernaut as the latest IDC numbers for Q1 2017 put it in a comfortable lead of 85% while the lack of new hardware or developer support has pushed Windows Phone into virtual extinction.
Samsung Galaxy S8 Active may launch by the end of July

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active may launch by the end of July

An Amazon listing of a screen protector for the S8 Active has touted an August 1 release date, so we have reason to believe that the device will be launched in that period, too.
Panasonic P55 Max Android smartphone with MediaTek MT6737 SoC launches in India

Panasonic P55 Max launches in India

This new budget handset has a 5.5-inch 720p display, uses the MediaTek MT6737 processor, runs Android Nougat, and is powered by a 5,000 mAh battery, all for a price of around $130 USD.
The OnePlus 5 has had a bug-filled launch. (Source: OnePlus)

Some users report OnePlus 5 crashes when dialing 911

There is new concern shown by OnePlus 5 owners as allegations appear on reddit of phones rebooting when dialing 911. The cause of the bug is currently unknown, however OnePlus is in contact with those experiencing the issue to try and solve the problem as soon as possible.
Qualcomm threatens to ban all Apple products in the US. (Source:

Qualcomm CEO thinks Apple will settle in latest lawsuit

Apple is expected to adhere to the contract and pay up the patent royalties it owes to Qualcomm, else the court expanses would be too high, says Qualcomm CEO.
Quantum computers are bulky and require extreme cooling temperatures. (Source: Google)

Google plans to make their quantum computers available through a cloud service

Scientific research will greatly benefit from quantum computers, which will process data millions of times faster than traditional supercomputers. Google now wants to help scientists everywhere access their quantum computers through a cloud service.
Huawei P10 Smartphone Review

89% Huawei P10 Smartphone Review

Next please! Ten is more than nine - and Huawei develops its P10 according to this strategy. A faster SoC, more storage, bigger battery, and a better camera. The design is rounder and the fingerprint scanner has been moved to the front. Not revolutionary, but the Chinese manufacturer does not show weaknesses with the Huawei P10.
Update: Updates regarding flash storage and WLAN performance.
HiSilicon Kirin 960 | ARM Mali-G71 MP8 | 5.1" | 144 g
Opinion: Nvidia's Max-Q — Maximum efficiency, minimum performance?

Opinion: Nvidia's Max-Q — Maximum efficiency, minimum performance?

With the launch of Max-Q, Nvidia has started selling mobile GPUs marketed on power-efficiency rather than parity with their desktop namesakes, but do the Max-Q GPUs deserve to share the same model numbers as the other Pascal chips?
Samsung DeX MG950TBEGUS Docking Station Review

Samsung DeX MG950TBEGUS Docking Station Review

Continuum with Android. Samsung DeX with an Android-based desktop environment aims to replace desktop PCs and takes a similar approach as Microsoft with Continuum in 2015. Thus, the idea is not new - but perhaps better?
Siri losing ground to competing voice assistance software

Siri losing ground to competing voice assistance software

New study shows voice control software gaining in net reach at the expense of Siri and S Voice. The average user is spending more and more time utilizing voice control across the board from Amazon Alexa to Cortana and Google Text-to-Speech.
The Acer Swift 3's standout features are Nvidia's new efficiency-focused MX150 GPU and the 15W quad-core 8th generation CPU. (Source: Rue Du Commerce)

First Coffee Lake notebook leaked: a 15W quad-core?

The first laptop to use Intel's upcoming Coffee Lake platform has appeared on a French e-commerce site. The Acer Swift 3 appears to use a 15W i5-8250U CPU billed as "Quad-Core". If the i7's will be hyper-threaded as Intel's HQ-series are, this will be a major step forward for ultraportable computing power.
HP 15-bw075ax (A12-9720P, Radeon R7) Laptop Review

71% HP 15-bw075ax (A12-9720P, Radeon R7) Laptop Review

Choppy waters. The HP 15-bw07ax brings AMD's newest high-end APU, the A12-9720P, to the market. However, the APU may be a bit too new - the system is remarkably unstable.
AMD A12-9720P | AMD Radeon R7 (Bristol Ridge) | 15.6" | 1.9 kg
Jul 17
Andy Rubin holds a white version of his Essential phone. (Source: Twitter)

Essential phone is going global, hitting Europe and Asia sometime soon

Andy Rubin's Essential phone is no longer a North American exclusive. His company has announced that the United Kingdom and several other European countries as well as Japan are next in line to receive the device.
PayPal support now available for Samsung Pay users

Samsung Pay gets PayPal support in the US

PayPal is now a payment method available in-app, online, and in-store, in all locations where Samsung Pay is accepted. This starts with the United States, but other countries will receive the feature "soon" as well.
LinkedIn fully integrated in Windows 10, app now available via Windows Store

LinkedIn app for Windows 10 rolls out

The app rolls out already and should reach all markets by the end of the month. It provides a fully integrated LinkedIn experience, with real-time notifications, trending industry news, and more.
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Stiftung Warentest: HP Envy 13-ab002ng, PC Go: HP EliteBook x360 1030 G2 (i7-7600U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD), c't: Fujitsu Lifebook E547 (i5-7200U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD), Com!: Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon (2017) (i7-7600U, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD), Computerbild: Duka HP Pro Tablet X2, Connect: HP ProBook 430 G4 (i7-7500U, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, 1 TB HDD), The Gioididong: Đánh giá chi tiết Xperia XA1 Ultra: Đúng nghĩa phiên bản phóng to của XA1, Stiftung Warentest: Dell Inspiron 15 5000 (i7-7500U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD), The Gioididong: Mở hộp Xperia XA1 Ultra: Dành cho người thích thiết kế đẹp, màn hình to, The Gioididong: Đánh giá Apple iPad Pro 10.5 inch: Chuẩn mực của sự hoàn hảo, Sohoa VN Express: Xperia XZ Premium - smartphone đầu tiên có màn hình 4K HDR, The Gioididong: Đánh giá nhanh iPad Pro 10.5: Màn hình và camera đều "đỉnh", The Gioididong: Trên tay Huawei Honor 9: Xám mòng biển đổi màu tuyệt đẹp, The Gioididong: Đánh giá Sony Xperia L1: Thiết kế giống XZ Premium, giá dưới 5 triệu, chuẩn bị bán tại VN, The Gioididong: Đánh giá Xiaomi Redmi 4: Nhỏ nhỏ nhưng có võ, The Gioididong: Mở hộp HTC 10 Evo chính hãng: Hoàn thiện cao cấp nhất trong các máy tầm trung, The Gioididong: Mở hộp Galaxy J7 Pro: Camera phone tầm trung với khẩu lớn f/1.7, thiết kế khác biệt, pin lớn, màn hình đẹp, The Gioididong: Cận cảnh Galaxy S8 tím khói và bạc bắc cực, The Gioididong: Đánh giá chi tiết HTC 10 Evo: Đóa hoa hồng gai giá 6 triệu, The Gioididong: Trên tay Huawei MediaPad M3 Lite: Đẹp như iPad Mini, loa Harman Kardon, The Gioididong: Đánh giá HUAWEI MediaPad T3 8 inch: Tablet 4G giá tầm 4 triệu, The Gioididong: Đánh giá chi tiết Nokia 3: Sự trở lại chưa thực sự hào nhoáng, The Gioididong: Một tuần với Zenfone 3: Khi siêu phẩm về đúng giá trị thật, The Gioididong: Trên tay OnePlus 5: Snapdragon 835, camera kép, RAM 6/8 GB, giá từ 11 triệu, The Gioididong: Trên tay Galaxy J5 2017: Cấu hình cao, pin trâu, giá hấp dẫn, The Gioididong: Mở hộp Nokia 3: Rất đẹp, cảm xúc ùa về, lần này là thật!, The Gioididong: Trên tay Galaxy J7 Pro phiên bản màu đen: "Soái ca" tầm trung, The Gioididong: Trên tay Galaxy A5 2017 màu Xanh Pastel: Đẹp, độc và lạ, The Gioididong: Đánh giá Galaxy Book: Sự lựa chọn thú vị cho người năng động, The Gioididong: Đánh giá Oppo R11: Khi "iPhone 7 Plus" chạy Android, Sohoa VN Express: LG V20 - 'siêu phẩm' không hợp thời, Sohoa VN Express: Mi Mix - smartphone độc, lạ từ Xiaomi, The Gioididong: Một tuần với HTC U11: Một chiếc flagship không còn hoang tưởng của HTC, VNReview: Đánh giá Asus ZenBook UX430: bản nâng cấp toàn diện, VNReview: Đánh giá chi tiết HTC 10 Evo: 6 triệu được gì, mất gì?, Sohoa VN Express: HTC U11 - smartphone mạnh nhất hiện nay, Tinh Te: Đánh giá ASUS Zenbook UX430UA: mặt ngoài kính, 14" viền mỏng, hiệu năng tốt, giá từ 19,9 triệu, VNReview: Đánh giá nhanh HTC U11: hoàn thiện rất tốt, chạy mượt, Tinh Te: Trải nghiệm nhanh Acer Predator 21X: siêu laptop màn hình cong 21", cấu hình khủng, giá 230 triệu, Tinh Te: Cảm nhận nhanh HTC U11: cái tốt xuất phát từ những thứ cơ bản nhất, Zing: Ảnh thực tế Samsung Galaxy S8+ màu tím khói tại VN, Zing: Mở hộp Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro giá 6,9 triệu vừa lên kệ, PC 全新 RAZER BLADE PRO 電競筆電, Notegear: 전천후 게이밍 노트북을 추구하다 - LG 15GD870-XX70K (성능편), PC 什么神器让你上手难忘?Surface Laptop笑了
Amazon Fire 7 (2017) Tablet Review

77% Amazon Fire 7 (2017) Tablet Review

Made for penny-pinchers. Amazon's latest Fire 7 Tablet generation is thinner, lighter, equipped with a better display, and supposed to offer an improved battery life. The price, however, remained largely unchanged, and the 2017 generation remains very affordable. Find out in our extensive review whether the entry-level tablet is worth it.
Mediatek MT8127 | ARM Mali-450 MP4 | 7" | 295 g
Moto E4 Plus Android smartphone sales hit 100,000 units in first day in India

Moto E4 Plus launch day sales in India hit 100,000 units

The new Lenovo handset became a Flipkart hit, with 580 units sold per minute during the first 60 minutes after going live, and a total of 100,000 units sold in the first 24 hours.
Xiaomi 5X may launch on July 26, same date as the Meizu Pro 7

Xiaomi 5X may launch on July 26, same date as the Meizu Pro 7

Xiaomi are apparently sending invites out for an event on that date. The Pro 7 will be Meizu's flagship for the year but we still can't confirm what the 5X is supposed to be.
Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) Android smartphone shows up with Nougat on board

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) with Nougat gets its WiFi certification

Unveiled back in January, this 5.5-inch handset launched last week in South Korea with Bixby Home on board, as well as Samsung Pay support. Now, it looks like the US might get it soon as well since the handset has just received its WiFi certification.
Amazon Anytime messaging service might launch soon

Amazon Anytime messaging service apparently in the works

This app is expected to handle virtually anything that consumers need when it comes to messaging - SMS, video and voice calling, games, photos, stickers, and more. Message encryption is expected to be in the list of features as well.
Samsung Galaxy C10 leaked image July 2017, dual camera setup clearly visible

Samsung Galaxy C10 spotted with dual cameras

Although many rumors claim that the Galaxy Note 8 would be the first Samsung handset to feature a dual camera setup, it looks like a few mid-rangers with this technology inside are also heading for the market, as shown by the latest Galaxy C10 leaked images that made it online.
Sony Xperia XZ Premium

88% Sony Xperia XZ Premium Smartphone Review

Provider of new technologies. Sony's high-end smartphone, the Xperia XZ Premium, offers many innovative technologies in terms of sound and display (HDR), but its case seems a little out-of-date. Find out whether you really should not judge a book by its cover in our detailed review.
Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 (8998) | Qualcomm Adreno 540 | 5.5" | 191 g
Wacom Cintiq Pro tablets coming in 2018 with 24-inch and 32-inch screens

Wacom announces two large Cintiq Pro tablets

The new slates will join the existing Cintiq Pro tablets with 13-inch and 16-inch sizes by taking the size of this family up to 32 inches. They should hit the market in early 2018 for prices starting at $1,999 USD.
HTC U11 Android flagship gets Alexa support via software update July 2017

HTC U11 gets Alexa support

This well-received flagship has been around for a while, and now HTC has decided to add Amazon's Alexa personal assistant, next to a visual feedback style. The new feature arrives as part of a software update that goes live today.
HP Pavilion Power 15t-cb2000 (i7-7700HQ, Radeon RX 550) Laptop Review

79% HP Pavilion Power 15t-cb2000 (i7-7700HQ, Radeon RX 550) Laptop Review

With great power… comes great affordability? The HP Pavilion Power 15t is back, this time with an AMD RX 550 GPU and an even lower price tag than before. Unfortunately, we ran into some unexpected challenges with our review unit.
Intel Core i7-7700HQ | AMD Radeon RX 550 (Laptop) | 15.6" | 2.3 kg
Laptop Mag crowns Alienware as the best gaming laptop brand (Source: Dell)

Laptop Mag crowns Alienware as the best gaming laptop brand

Alienware leads MSI by five points on a 100-point scale based on a report card system covering everything from the feel of the keyboard to end-user warranty options.
Jul 16
Cube Thinker Laptop (Core m3-7Y30, 8 GB, 256 GB) Review

80% Cube Thinker Laptop (Core m3-7Y30, 8 GB, 256 GB) Review

Surface Laptop on a tight budget. Laptops from the Far East are becoming better and better, at least in regard to their looks and features. One representative of the Chinese premium class is the Cube Thinker, which comes with an elegant-looking aluminum case and a Surface-Book screen. However, can the performance keep up with the shop-window presentation?
Intel Core m3-7Y30 | Intel HD Graphics 615 | 13.5" | 1.7 kg
More images of the Meizu Pro 7 surface as its launch date draws closer

More images of the Meizu Pro 7 surface as its launch date draws closer

The Meizu Pro 7 is set to be launched alongside the Pro 7 Plus on July 26. The standard Pro 7 is powered by MediaTek's Helio X30 flagship SoC, while the Pro 7 Plus houses Samsung's new Exynos 8895.
HP EliteBook 755 G4 (AMD PRO A12-9800B) Laptop Review

85% HP EliteBook 755 G4 (AMD PRO A12-9800B) Laptop Review

Appropriate performance? The EliteBook series from HP stands for business devices for the demanding customer. You will find out in this detailed review of the EliteBook 755 G4, whether this endeavor succeeds and the performance can do it justice.
AMD PRO A12-9800B | AMD Radeon R7 (Bristol Ridge) | 15.6" | 1.8 kg
(Source: Microsoft)

Opinion: It's time we talked about throttling in reviews

Due to the prevalence of thermal throttling and new passive-cooling technologies, it is no longer enough to run a few short benchmarks and declare a machine's performance is satisfactory.
Xiaomi's new device may actually be the 5X, not the X1 as previously thought

Xiaomi's new device may actually be the 5X, not the X1 as previously thought

It would seem that the previously reported Xiaomi X1 is actually the 5X. It retains the $295 price tag, while having a spontaneous downgrade to a Snapdragon 625 in a move that fans of the OEM won't take kindly to.
Gigabyte P56XT (7700HQ, GTX 1070, Full HD) Laptop

78% Gigabyte P56XT (7700HQ, GTX 1070, Full HD) Laptop

A wild ride. After the successful Aero 15, Gigabyte has now provided us with another 15-inch notebook aimed at the gaming and multimedia sector. The P56XT is equipped with a Core i7-7700HQ and a GeForce GTX 1070. Will this configuration be enough for pole position? We shall find out in our detailed review.
Intel Core i7-7700HQ | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (Laptop) | 15.6" | 2.7 kg
HP Pavilion 15z-bw000 (A10-9620P, HD) Laptop Review

72% HP Pavilion 15z-bw000 (A10-9620P, HD) Laptop Review

Nothing new under the sun. HP's Pavilion 15z is a rather basic 15.6-inch notebook powered by an AMD APU and integrated Radeon graphics. Given its budget status, it doesn't come as a surprise that the systems falls short in many categories.
AMD A10-9620P | AMD Radeon R5 (Carrizo) | 15.6" | 1.9 kg
Asus ROG Zephyrus GX501

85% Asus ROG Zephyrus GX501 Laptop Review

Slim with a powerful GPU. Asus has once again managed to have the slimmest device. For now. This time it is the ROG Zephyrus GX501 gaming laptop. Despite its height of just 17.9 millimeters (~0.7 in), the 15-inch notebook is shipped with an Intel Core i7 quad-core CPU and the Nvidia GTX 1080 with the brand-new "Max-Q" design. We have already had the chance to review the ultra-slim gamer. Update: Higher rating thanks to second test model.
Intel Core i7-7700HQ | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Max-Q | 15.6" | 2.3 kg
Jul 15
Nokia 8 with Snapdragon 835 to hit stores on July 31

Nokia 8 with Snapdragon 835 to hit stores on July 31

The Nokia 8 is billed to go on sale on July 31. It's also expected to have a price tag in the region of $675, which isn't a bad deal by any means.
Apple MacBook Pro 13 (Mid 2017, i5, without Touch Bar) Review

Apple MacBook Pro 13 (Mid 2017, i5, without Touch Bar) Review

Annoying fan. The MacBook Pro 13 without Touch Bar gets the Kaby Lake update as well. Thanks to the lower price, longer battery runtimes, and function keys, the entry-level model could potentially be the better choice for many users. However, you also get a slightly less powerful processor as well as an annoying fan.
Intel Core i5-7360U | Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 | 13.3" | 1.4 kg
A screenshot showing Game Live's streaming platform options. (Source: Sam Mobile)

Samsung's new app makes it more convenient to stream live gameplay

Showing off your sweet gaming skills on a Samsung smartphone has become a lot easier with Game Live. The app can share live video and audio across a trio of social media sites, and has options to control the quality of your streaming experience.
Motorola Z2 Play and its Moto Mods are coming to Germany next month (Source: Motorola)

Motorola Z2 Play and its Moto Mods are coming to Germany next month

Local buyers can purchase the Moto Z2 Play and JBL SoundBoost Moto Mod together for just 520 Euros. In comparison, the smartphone and JBL speaker will retail for 500 Euros and 100 Euros, respectively, if bought separately.
HP remains ahead of Lenovo in worldwide PC sales

HP remains ahead of Lenovo in worldwide PC sales

Global shipments of desktop and notebook PCs have shrunk from 62.607 million units in Q2 2016 to 60.543 million as of Q2 2017.

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