SIS Mirage 2 M760 vs SIS Mirage M661FX

SIS Mirage 2 M760

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The SIS Mirage 2 (also called SISM760 or similar) is an onboard (shared memory) graphics card, housed in the SIS M760 chipset. The graphics card takes a part of the main memory (although it can technically also feature some dedicated memory, but this was never used in a laptop). The 3D performance of the card is very bad and not even sufficient for very old games like Half Life 1 (1998).

Because of the missing pixel shaders (no DirectX 9 support), the SIS Mirage 2 760 is not able to display Aero effects in Windows Vista or Windows 7.

For Linux drivers and information, take a look at the detailled SIS page by Thomas Winischofer. He describes for example, that the memory bandwith of the shared memory only cards is only sufficient for a single monitor and often can lead to flashing lines.

All in all the SIS Mirage M760 is only suited for 2D tasks in older operating systems like Windows XP.


SIS Mirage M661FX

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The SIS Mirage / SIS 661FX is an onboard graphics card in the SIS M661FX chipset. Because of bad drivers and a slow performance, the Mirage is not suited for 3D games. Even the very old Doom 3 and UT 2004 did not run fluently on a test sample (or even had severe graphical errors). Only Quake 3 Arena and the Aquamark (Aquanox 2 benchmark) ran with the lowest detail settings with acceptable framerates.

Due to missing pixel shaders (DirectX 9), the M661FX is not capable of displaying Aero effects in Windows Vista and Windows 7.


SIS Mirage 2 M760SIS Mirage M661FX
Mirage Series
Mirage 3+ 672MX compare 2/1 cores @ 250 MHz
Mirage 3 671MX compare 2/1 cores @ 250 MHz
Mirage 2 M760 4/1 cores @ 200 MHz
Mirage M661FX @ 133 MHz
Mirage 3+ 672MX compare 2/1 cores @ 250 MHz
Mirage 3 671MX compare 2/1 cores @ 250 MHz
Mirage 2 M760 4/1 cores @ 200 MHz
Mirage M661FX @ 133 MHz
Cores4 / 1
Core200 MHz133 MHz
Shared Memoryyesyes
DirectXDirectX 8.1, 1.3DirectX 7
Introduced23.09.2003 01.07.2003

3DMark 2001SE - Standard 1024x768
min: 1488     avg: 1514     median: 1514 (2%)     max: 1540 Points
1300 Points (1%)
3DMark 03 - Standard 1024x768
min: 170     avg: 175     median: 175 (0%)     max: 180 Points
102 Points (0%)

Average Benchmarks SIS Mirage 2 M760 → 100%

Average Benchmarks SIS Mirage M661FX → 72%

* Smaller numbers mean a higher performance
1 This benchmark is not used for the average calculation

Doom 3

Doom 3

low 640x480
Mirage M661FX :
4  fps

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