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Most Android phones in the US are running old security software. (Source: Skycure)

Most Android devices are running old security patches and could be vulnerable

A whopping 71% of Android devices in the United States run security patches that are 2 months old or older. This could leave them vulnerable to exploits made known in the latest security update logs.
Wikileaks says the CIA specifically targeted Apple products

Wikileaks says the CIA specifically targeted Apple products

The notorious activist group says that the CIA developed specialized tools to specifically target and infiltrate Apple products, namely Macbooks and iPhones. The tools have been in use since at least 2008.
T-Mobile's Scam ID service will identify possible scam phone calls. (Source: T-Mobile)

T-Mobile fights scammers with call warnings

Two new programs, Scam ID and Scam Block, will help T-Mobile customers avoid scam phone calls by identifying known scam numbers and warning users. Clients can also opt in to Scam Block, which outright blocks known scammers.
Android Pay in action, Etsy gets Android Pay support

Etsy adds Android Pay support

Now one of the most popular online stores for handmade and vintage items, Etsy has just added Android Pay support for its customers in the UK and the US. However, some users might have to wait for this feature for a while, since Android Pay support for Etsy seems to be rolling out in stages.
Nextbit Robin Android smartphone finally gets Android Nougat update

Nextbit Robin gets Android Nougat

Razer-owned Nextbit started a closed beta test for the Android 7.0 update back in November, and now the official Nougat firmware is finally ready for everyone. The handset should continue to receive updates until February 2018.
LG Pay unveil event, service launching in South Korea this June

LG Pay to finally launch in June

Apple Pay and Samsung Pay will get a competitor made by LG after all since it is now official that LG Pay would launch this June in South Korea, although there is no information about its availability in other areas yet.
Misfit Vapor touchscreen smartwatch confirmed to run Android Wear 2.0

Misfit Vapor confirmed to run Android Wear 2.0

Back at CES 2017, Misfit unveiled the Vapor touchscreen smartwatch without saying anything about the operating system chosen for it. Now, they finally confirmed that the Vapor would launch with Android Wear 2.0 on board.
OnePlus 2 Android smartphone gets another Marshmallow-based update

OnePlus 2 gets OxygenOS 3.5.8

Although its younger siblings received Android Nougat already, OnePlus 2 gets another Marshmallow-based software update. The new firmware comes with the latest Android security patch, also fixing various issues.
People's Republic of China flag, custom Windows 10 by Microsoft now ready

Chinese-customized Windows 10 edition ready for launch

Around a year after hearing about its development from Microsoft officials, it looks like the custom Windows 10 version for Chinese enterprise clients is ready to hit the market.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Android flagship on Telus and Rogers get Nougat update

Telus and Rogers release Nougat for the Galaxy S7/Edge

These two Canadian carriers have finally begun to roll out the new firmware to the Galaxy S7 family, thus joining Bell, Virgin Mobile, EastLink, SaskTel, Wind Mobile, and Freedom Mobile.
Apple Clips video editing app on iPad, launch scheduled for April 2017

Apple Clips video editing app coming next month

This simple video editing app is Apple's answer to Snapchat and Instagram Stories and will launch in early April to fill the gap between iMovie and Camera's slideshow feature Memories.
The new tappable shortcuts provide convenient access to information and tools. (Source: Google)

Google app and mobile site now display shortcuts to popular topics and tools

The Google app and mobile site now feature shortcuts to popular topics and services, grouped into cards by function. Android users get exclusive access to Google-specific tools as well as fun mini-games.
The program uses a simple interface that asks users to select their files and folders to be transferred. (Source: Slashgear)

Microsoft introduces "Mac to Surface" data migration utility

Microsoft has quietly released a data migration utility to assist Mac users to switch to a PC.
OnePlus One flagship killer most popular handset with LineageOS on board

LineageOS hits the one million users mark

Just a few months after rising from CyanogenMod's ashes, LineageOS has more than one million users, OnePlus One being the handset with the most installs. The second spot belongs to OnePlus 3 and 3T.
You can now swipe your fingerprint to access your notifications on the Nexus 6P. (Source: Android Central)

New Android 7.1.2 beta fixes bugs, adds much-awaited fingerprint feature

This second Android 7.1.2 beta build brings the much-awaited fingerprint swipe notification gesture to the Nexus 6P. It also fixes miscellaneous bugs introduced in the previous beta build.
Bixby is Samsung's take on the digital voice assistant. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung officially announces Bixby virtual assistant

Samsung's new digital assistant, Bixby, is "fundamentally different" from the competition's digital assistants. With advanced artificial intelligence at its core, Bixby will debut on the Galaxy S8. Samsung hopes to eventually bring the assistant to all of its appliances.
The CI549 Nano is a passively cooled mini PC made for businesses. (Source: ZOTAC)

Zotac set to release business-centric mini PCs at CeBIT 2017

The small form factor PCs are meant for business professionals and sport features like Intel AMT and Intel UNITE.
Some aspects of Android O may appear later in the year to coincide with the release of the Pixel 3 in the third quarter. (Source: Google)

Android O rumored to have improved notifications, picture-in-picture mode and other features

Android O is rumored to feature a whole host of new features, including updated app icons and increased Google Assistant integration. More details will be revealed during Google's I/O Developer Conference in May.
Microsoft Arrow Launcher 3.1 Android app with tablet support

Microsoft Arrow Launcher gets support for tablets

This Android app that came out of Microsoft's Garage division receives its second update this month, finally offering support for tablets, as well as various minor fixes and enhancements.
Alexa is now available to help in the Amazon iOS app. (Source: Amazon)

Amazon's Alexa comes to iOS

The digital assistant is currently only available in Amazon's own app and is somewhat limited in what it can do. However, it can still query information, order products, and control other connected devices in a smart home.
Opera's ad-blocker usage map. (Source: Opera)

Opera considers making ad-blocking a default browser feature

Adoption of Opera's native ad-blocking solution is growing but not fast enough. Opera is evaluating whether to make ad-blocking standard on its browser.
ZTE Axon 7 Android flagship gets 7.1.1 Nougat firmware

ZTE Axon 7 gets Android 7.1.1

While more than just a few other popular handsets are waiting for the first Android Nougat update, the Axon 7 receives Android 7.1.1, about a month after being updated to Nougat.
Fossil smartwatches will get Android 2.0 Wear March 2017

Android Wear 2.0 coming to Fossil smartwatches later this month

The new firmware begins to roll out today, and all compatible devices are expected to get it by the end of the month, reveals Fossil on Twitter. In addition to the original Q Founder, the newer Q Wander, Q Marshal, and Q Founder 2.0 are scheduled to receive the update as well.
Family Link offers parents a new way to manage Android devices. (Source: Google)

Google offers a solution to content management through Family Link

The service (currently invite-only) allows parents to restrict their children's use of Android devices. Parents can control what apps are downloaded, limit screentime, and lock a device at certain intervals during the day.
Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger Android app now available for download

Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger now available for download

This app comes from the Google Area 120 startup incubator and, in addition to transcribing the words you speak, it also recognizes words that have a corresponding emoji and adds the symbols to the ongoing conversation.
Benchmarking VR games is more straightforward with Nvidia's new tool. (Source: Nvidia)

Nvidia releases FCAT VR tool to test virtual reality performance

First announced at this year's GDC, the tool analyzes various aspects of VR game performance. This makes it useful for gamers as well as developers, hardware manufacturers, and reviewers.
Asus ZenFone 3 Deluxe Android phablet gets Nougat update

Asus ZenFone 3 Deluxe (ZS570KL) receives Android Nougat

Soon after doing the same for its 5.5-inc, Snapdragon 625-powered sibling, Asus updates the firmware of the 5.7-inch ZenFone 3 Deluxe, a handset that uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor and features up to 6 GB of memory.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 spotted on Best Buy for $599 USD

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 spotted on Best Buy for $599 USD

The Tab 3 is the latest (and most expensive) tablet from Samsung. Sporting high-end specs expected of a flagship, it will be available soon for about $600.
Source: G.SKILL

Overclockers, start your engines! G.SKILL announces OC World Cup 2017

Overclockers can compete for a grand prize of $10,000. The first qualifying round opens from March 17 to April 18 on
Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Android phablet and siblings to get monthly updates in the US

Unlocked Samsung Galaxy devices in the US to get monthly updates from now on

After releasing quarterly security updates for unlocked Galaxy devices in the US for a while "due to various circumstances," Samsung is now ready to release monthly security updates for them.
HTC Sense Companion AI assistant app now available on Google Play

HTC Sense Companion hits Google Play

The digital assistant that arrived back in January with the high-end U Ultra and U Play handsets by HTC is now freely available for other Android devices via the Google Play store.
The PlayStation Now streaming service currently includes PSX, PS2, and PS3 titles. (Source: Sony)

Sony to start streaming PlayStation 4 games to PC later this year

Sony's PlayStation Now service will expand to include current generation PS4 titles later this year. The service currently allows subscribers to stream games from the original PlayStation through the PS3 to their PS4 or Windows PC.
Pandora Premium music streaming service now live

Pandora Premium now live

This on-demand streaming service will be available for $9.99 USD a month, combining Pandora's personalized radio experience with a set of personalized playlist features. A limited number of free trial invites rolls out this week while the option to upgrade will arrive to everyone in the coming weeks.
BlackBerry Privacy Shade Android app now available for download

BlackBerry intros Privacy Shade app

This new free Android app by the company once known as RIM hides those parts of the screen not being viewed at a given time, thus allowing its user to enjoy personal content without exposing it.
The malware came pre-installed on various Android devices, including some Samsung phones

Severe malware infection discovered in 38 Android device models

What makes this infection noteworthy is not that it exists, but the circumstances surrounding it. The malware was found to come pre-installed on the devices, meaning there was no way for users to avoid it.
Microsoft doesn't want anyone to forget that yes, they have their own cloud storage service. (Source: The Verge)

Microsoft displays ads on Windows 10 File Explorer

In case you thought Windows 10 didn't have enough ads, Microsoft is continuing to expand its methods of offering its products to new places. The latest location is the File Explorer, prompting a new wave of grumbling from users.
Allo continues to be unpopular, even as Google advertised the product on their search homepage. (Source: Phone Arena)

Google updates Allo app to support Android Auto

Google's messaging app Allo is getting additional functionality with Android Auto as the company hopes to make the app more feature-rich. Upon release, Allo topped the Play Store's app rankings, but by November, user growth was falling fast.
As of March 2017, about 97.2% of Android devices may be vulnerable to exploits in WikiLeaks' latest documents. (Picture source: Android Developers)

Google says it has patched exploits used by the CIA

Google is confident that the latest versions of Android and Chrome are not vulnerable to the hacking tools detailed in the latest Wikileaks dump. Older versions of the software, however, may still be vulnerable.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Active on AT&T receives Android Nougat

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active gets Nougat on AT&T

In addition to the usual new features delivered by Android Nougat, this update also removes the AT&T address book and throws new Samsung services such as Samsung Pass and Samsung Cloud into the mix.
Google Android usage graph in early March 2017 shows Nougat nearing the 3 percent barrier

Android Nougat's market share continues to grow

Google's data collected in the first few days of this month show that Nougat's market share is nearing the 3 percent barrier, while Lollipop and Marshmallow continue to dominate.
Firefox v52 brings WebAssembly to the browser. (Source: Mozilla)

Firefox 52 released

The update brings WebAssembly, which brings near-native performance to web-based apps.
Ever since the first Pixel debuted, users have been asking for Google to implement this feature. (Source: NDTV)

Google Assistant can now read your text messages

It may have taken some time, but Google can now read and interact with your text messages in a substantial way, allowing users to sort through their messages and send responses even when they're too busy to pick up their smartphones.
Amazon acquires Thinkbox Software to make it a part of Amazon Web Services

Amazon acquires Thinkbox

This company that provides tools for media and design content creation has been founded back in 2010 and now is on its way to join Amazon Web Services, not long after AWS launched the Chime videoconference call service.
Samsung Internet Beta mobile browser now available for download

Samsung Internet Beta now available for download

This new mobile browser provides speed, security, and privacy, offering support for all Samsung Galaxy and Google (both Nexus and Pixel) handsets that run at least Android 5.0 Lollipop.
IBM has started programming an API for their quantum computers. (Source: IBM)

IBM creates IBM Q to sell quantum computers

Quantum computing may be years off, but IBM thinks the technology has come far enough to begin programming and applying quantum computers. Big Blue plans to start programming a new API for the machines.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Android flagship Nougat update gets delayed March 2017

Samsung delays the Nougat update for Galaxy S6

Although the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have not been around for that long and should get the long-awaited Nougat update, the release of the new firmware has been delayed due to quality concerns and is now expected to arrive "at the earliest opportunity."
LG V10 Android flagship to get Nougat, LG G4 to get Android Nougat update

LG V10 and G4 to get Nougat later this year

Not long after announcing that these handsets offer the best performance when running Marshmallow, LG has finally decided to offer Android Nougat to both the G4 and V10 flagships. The V10 should get the new firmware in the second quarter, while the G4 is scheduled to follow in the third quarter.
Nintendo's Joy-Con controllers can be held independently in each hand. (Source: Nintendo)

Nintendo's Joy-Con controllers for Switch can connect to PCs, Macs, and Android

The controllers are not exclusive to Nintendo's Switch. They can sync with Windows, OS X, and Android devices, offering a unique play experience and more controller options for gamers.
Cortana for Android 2.5 brings lock screen feature

Cortana for Android gets lock screen support

Just as previously announced, this new update to Microsoft's Cortana for Android comes packing the ability to use the digital assistant on the lock screen of the handset as well.
MWC 2017 | Alcatel Plus 12 2-in-1 Convertible

MWC 2017 | Alcatel Plus 12 2-in-1 detachable coming this June for 500 Euros

The 11.6-inch entry-level Windows detachable will ship with a Celeron N3350 CPU, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage, and LTE connectivity that can be shared wirelessly with other nearby devices.

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