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Samsung may no longer source smartphone batteries from China

Samsung may no longer source smartphone batteries from China

The South Korean conglomerate will instead look to local and Japanese manufacturers for all of its upcoming Galaxy S8 battery demands.
Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) Android handset gets Samsung Pay support in India

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) gets Samsung Pay support in India

The latest minor update for this handset in India does not even carry the latest security patches but comes with support for Samsung's mobile payments service.
Apple iPhone 7 smartphone

Apple to start making iPhones in Bangalore

As the Indian market grows, Apple seeks to take advantage of this trend and plans to start manufacturing smartphones locally as soon as this April. The location chosen for the plant is Bangalore, India's technology hub.
Intel: No future for Iris Pro?

Intel: CPUs with integrated AMD-GPUs planned?

According to rumors, Intel plans a turnaround in the GPU-space: For years, Intel tried to compete with Nvidia and AMD for the mid-range Gaming market, with its Iris-Pro-GPUs. Now it seems that Intel might want to work with AMD to put an AMD GPU into an Intel processor.
Lenovo's new ThinkPad P51, P51s, and P70 are outfitted with the latest NVIDIA Quadro GPUs. (Source: Lenovo)

Lenovo updates ThinkPad workstation line with P71, P51, and P51s

Lenovo has refreshed their ThinkPad Workstations. The P51s is a thin-and-light workstation class notebook, the P51 now has a 4K screen with 100% color gamut coverage, and the P71 is a VR-ready workhorse.
Perch home monitoring software company joins Samsung

Samsung acquires Perch

Perch is a small company behind a DiY home monitoring solution that turns old smartphones into security cameras. After joining Samsung, the entire Perch team will help them develop next-gen IoT products.
Could Andrasta be the new Cyanogen Inc.? (Source:

Cyanogen, Inc. might be renamed to Andrasta

Cyanogen Inc. may be rebranding itself as Andrasta in order to separate future operations from the Cyanogen name.
Dell Vostro 15 5568 (Core i5, Full-HD) Notebook Review

81% Dell Vostro 15 5568 (Core i5, Full-HD) Notebook Review

Elegant business beginner. The Dell Vostro is an inexpensive 15-inch laptop for smaller companies and covers all the essentials. It is also wrapped up in a nicely designed chassis. You will have to make some compromises, but we cannot find any serious issues.
Intel Core i5-7200U | Intel HD Graphics 620 | 15.6" | 1.9 kg
Jawbone has been fairly quiet since the release of the UP3 in September 2015. (Source: Jawbone)

Jawbone seeks exit from retail market to pursue medical businesses

The maker of the UP3 and other fitness wearables has been silent for a long time. Reports are now flying that Jawbone may be exiting the consumer market to focus on more lucrative clinics and medical businesses.
The Radeon GPU would not be on-die as Intel's current HD and Iris integrated graphics are, but instead on a module. (Source: AMD)

Intel will release a CPU featuring AMD Radeon graphics: Bennett

Hard OCP Editor Kyle Bennett earlier claimed that Intel had signed a licensing agreement with AMD for graphics technology patents back in December. Now Bennett is reporting that we may actually see Intel chips with Radeon GPUs before the end of 2017.
Nintendo NES Classic Edition retro game console sales

Nintendo has sold over 1.5 million NES Classic Edition consoles

The affordable mini console with 30 classic titles pre-installed that ships with a controller similar to the original NES controller managed to record over than 1.5 million units sold.
AMD revenue up 7 percent YoY with significantly reduced operating losses

AMD revenue up 7 percent YoY with significantly reduced operating losses

Things are looking up for AMD on the eve of the its performance-oriented Ryzen and Vega platforms.
The graph doesn't tell the whole story; Sony's smartphones are finally making the company money now. (Source: Xperia blog)

Sony revises forecasts downwards after Xperia sales disappoint

Sony's smartphone business has contracted sharply over the past two years as the company restructures to focus on profits. While the company might appear to be struggling, at least they are no longer bleeding cash.
It may have taken years, but the deal to cut down roaming costs is finally paying off. (Source: Pocket Now)

EU is on the verge of removing roaming charges for good

After June 15, travelers will be able to go anywhere within EU borders without having to pay any extra fees. Everyone will pay the same price, and there will be no exceptions to this rule. Everybody wins.
Despite a difficult Q3, the Apple Watch proved to be a popular gift during the holiday season. (Source: Pocketnow)

Smartwatch year-on-year sales barely increased in 2016

While growth was ultimately positive, the increase was insignificant. The total number of smartwatches shipped in 2016 numbered 21.1 million, an increase of 1.4% over the previous year. The Apple Watch is dominating the market by a significant margin.
With over 125 million active users, Valve's Steam digital distribution platform is the largest digital storefront for PC games. (Source: Unknown)

Valve and other publishers under EU investigation for region-locking games

Valve, Bandai Namco, Zenimax, Capcom, Focus Home, and Koch Media are under investigation by the European Commission for anti-competitive practices due to region-locking games within the EU.
Firefox OS and the team behind it are officially gone. (Source: Mozilla)

Mozilla eliminates Firefox OS development team

After discontinuing Firefox OS in September, Mozilla has now disbanded the development team and will be laying off 50 employees.
Take-Two Interactive acquires Social Point, creators of Monster Legends and Dragon City

Take-Two Interactive buys Social Point

One year after its rival Activision acquired Candy Crush Saga publisher King, Take-Two Interactive enters the free-to-play mobile game industry by taking over Spanish mobile game developer Social Point.
Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 is already outselling its predecessor in South Korea

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 is already outselling its predecessor in South Korea

The Galaxy A5 is not coming to the U.S. and is only available for pre-order in parts of Europe, but it is already selling like hotcakes in its home region.
Jason Mackenzie, HTC vice president, leaving the company after 12 years

HTC vice president quits the company

After more than a decade with the company, HTC's global executive vice president Jason Mackenzie announces its decision to quit. While the company did not announce a successor yet, Mackenzie did not unveil his plans for the future either.
Apple iPhone 6S smartphone, Apple leading the global smartphone market

Apple dominates the smartphone market

Global smartphone shipments reached a record 1.49 billion units back in 2016, while Apple managed to beat Samsung and to grab the leading position in the fourth quarter, thanks to the Note 7 disaster.
Apple was able to avoid paying taxes for by diverting profit from two regional subsidiaries to an untaxed "head office" in Ireland. (Source: PCWorld)

Apple misses deadline to pay back taxes

Last year, the EU ruled that Apple had been illegally avoiding paying taxes by splitting profit from subsidiary companies and re-routing them to a "head office" in Ireland which was not subject to tax. The Commissioner gave Ireland four months to collect the roughly US $14.5 billion in taxes, but nothing has been recovered as of yet.
Nintendo made a $569 million profit over the holidays. (Source: Nintendo)

Nintendo financial highlights: Pokemon pays big, hardware sales slow

Nintendo hit it big this holiday season with Pokemon Sun and Moon, while Wii U sales continued to falter. Smartphone app sales were mixed.
After February, Coin services will no longer be available. (Source: Coin)

Coin to shut down mobile payment services in February

While their wallet devices will still operate, all app and support services will shut down at the end of next month.
Plex has acquired Watchup to bring news streaming services to the company. (Source: Plex)

Plex acquires news streaming service Watchup

The media streaming service Plex will bring reliable news streaming into the mix with the acquisition of Watchup.
Pac-Man, one of the most popular video game characters of all time, came into development under the leadership of Masaya Nakamura. (Source:

Farewell to a legend: NAMCO founder Masaya Nakamura has passed away

The Founder and CEO of NAMCO brought joy to millions with arcade hits like Pac-Man, Galaxian, and Pole Position.
Nintendo Switch hybrid console might sell 12 million units in Japan

Nintendo expected to sell 12 million Switch consoles in Japan

A study that appears overly optimistic at this stage shows that almost 11 percent of Japan's population will buy the Nintendo Switch console, which means over 12 million units.
The X62 updates one of the most beloved ThinkPads with a Broadwell i7, IPS screen, and modern ports. (Source: Joni Niinikoski/LCDfans)

Enthusiasts bring classic ThinkPad designs to the modern era

Classic ThinkPads are alive and well thanks to some dedicated enthusiasts in China. With a completely custom-made motherboard, 1400 x 1050 IPS panel, Broadwell CPU, and updated ports, the X62 is a modern laptop in retro clothing.
Intel 2016 revenue up while sales continue to dwindle

Intel yearly revenue up while sales continue to dwindle

Profits are down 10 percent YoY to 10.3 billion USD despite a revenue jump of 7 percent.
The Nextbit Robin sought to give users nearly unlimited storage by removing unused local programs and data and uploading them to the cloud. (Source: Nextbit)

Nextbit Robin team acquired by Razer

The Nextbit team, developers of the Robin cloud-based smartphone project, have been acquired by Singaporean gaming hardware company Razer.
The Blackphone 2 from Silent Circle is designed around security. (Source: Blackphone)

Silent killer: Update to Blackphone's Silent OS intentionally breaks unauthorized devices

The makers of the ultra-secure Blackphone have released an update to Silent OS that prevents the operating system from running on phones "identified as unlicensed."
Fitbit, maker of popular fitness wearables, missed revenue targets for 2016. (Source: Fitbit)

Fitbit releases Q4 financial results, misses target revenue

Despite recent acquisitions, the fitness company and missed Q4 and FY 2016 growth expectations by about 22% and 10%, respectively. This will result in the termination of 6% of their global workforce.
Starbucks' new virtual assistant takes coffee orders via voice

Starbucks' new virtual assistant takes coffee orders via voice

Starbucks has updated their app to include a virtual assistant. Users can now use the app to place orders using either voice commands or a chat interface. The app will also integrate with Alexa.

Comcast's wireless phone service coming later this year

The rumors about the launch of Comcast's wireless phone service were confirmed back in September 2016, and now more details surface. The service would use both Comcast WiFi hotspots and Verizon's LTE network, being expected to launch in stages, starting this summer.
Windows market share graph by Microsoft, November 2016

Windows 10 leading the market according to Microsoft

A graph revealed by the Redmond giant showing the install base of the Windows operating systems still supported by Microsoft reveals that Windows 10 has been leading the market since last November.
Oppo and Vivo are now the 4th and 5th largest smartphone manufacturers worldwide

Oppo and Vivo are now the 4th and 5th largest smartphone manufacturers worldwide

Both Lenovo and LG are no longer two of the top five largest smartphone manufacturers while Samsung and Apple continue to dominate the market with over 38 percent of worldwide shipments.
Microsoft released its statements for Q4 2016 on Thursday. (Source: Microsoft)

Microsoft releases Q4 2016 financials, cloud services are key

Office 365 continues to pay off for the Redmond tech giant as cloud services were the greatest contributor to revenue.
Toshiba BG1 SSD with 3D NAND, Toshiba to sell part of its memory business

Toshiba to sell part of its memory business

Due to the cost overruns expected to reach several billion dollars incurred by its US nuclear business, the Japanese company is spinning off part of its flash memory division and selling a stake in the resulting business.
Google Maps parking difficulty feature now available for 25 US metro areas

Google Maps now shows parking difficulty icon for 25 US metro areas

In addition to the tools for drivers, commuters, and pedestrians available until now, Google Maps now shows parking difficulty icons based on previous and historical parking data.
Hinge online dating service testing Audrey personal assistant

Audrey personal assistant being tested by Hinge

Not long after switching from swiping to "stories," dating app Hinge aims to add a personal assistant who automatically sends messages to matches and schedules dates. Rumors mention a $99 USD/month price for the upcoming service.
Kyocera rafre KYV40 washable smartphone with Android Nougat

Kyocera announces Japan-exclusive washable smartphone

The rafre KYV40 smartphone will be available via KDDI Corporation and is the successor of the world's first "hand-soap-washable smartphone," namely DIGNO rafre. It comes with Nougat on board, as well as a hand gesture-operated cooking app.
One of Intel's semiconductor fabrication plants. (Source: Oregon Live)

Intel establishing pilot plant to test 7nm manufacturing process

Intel has revealed its plans to pilot 7-nm semiconductor fabrication technologies. The pilot plant will work on perfecting the process over the next few years, and then replicate the process at its plants worldwide.
Leaked images of what may be Surface Phones. They have yet to be confirmed, however. (Source: 1redDrop)

Microsoft's Lumia smartphone sales numbers disappoint

Windows Phone may be on its last legs, but Microsoft isn't giving up on smartphones just yet. The upcoming Surface Phone represents all of the company's hopes and dreams when it comes to the mobile market.
LG Q4 2016 financial results show a weakening smartphone business

LG Q4 2016 financial results show a weakening smartphone business

LG smartphone revenue increased by 15 percent QoQ due to strong sales of the V20, but YoY results have fallen dramatically. Sales of OLED and UHD TVs, however, have been keeping the company afloat.
Apple CEO Tim Cook previously met with Indian PM Narendra Modi in 2016 to discussion manufacturing. (Source: India Express)

Apple mulls expansion of manufacturing to India

Apple has been in talk with the Indian government regarding moving manufacturing to the populous South-Asian country. Apple is reported asking for a number of tax exceptions and concessions from the government to seal the deal, but it's not clear how far the government is willing to bend.
Acer's gaming products sold exceptionally well in 2016 among a growing enthusiast market. (Source: CNET)

Acer has an array of niche laptops planned for 2017

From the monstrous Predator 21 X gaming notebook to the Chromebook 11 N7, Acer has a wide range of laptops coming this year looking to capitalize on a few specific markets that have become the primary drivers of the PC market as consumer demand slows.
Japan Display flexible LCD display now available in 5.5-inch size

Japan Display unveils 5.5-inch flexible LCD display

A cheaper flexible touchscreen display has just been introduced by Japan Display, who decided to use the older (and cheaper) LCD panel instead of the more expensive OLED technology.
Huawei P8 Lite (2017) Android smartphone now available in the UK

Huawei P8 Lite (2017) hits the UK

The successor of the first P8 Lite handset, simply known as P8 Lite (2017), is expected to debut in the UK next Wednesday. Priced at almost $235 USD without a contract, this smartphone will also be available with a contract.
High-end laptops, like this Aorus X3, have seen high growth in Western Europe and North America. (Source: Gigabyte/Aorus)

A growing Asia Pacific market helps drive PC gaming high-water mark

A growing Asia-Pacific market and strong sales of high-end notebooks in North America and Western Europe together have driven the PC market's stellar performance.
A purported leaked rendering of the S8's final design. (Source: Business Insider)

Samsung gets first dibs on Snapdragon 835 production, others wait until April

Industry sources that Samsung is hording the majority of the Snapdragon 835 SoCs to itself, causing other companies to have to use older, less desirable chipsets. The 835 is Qualcomm's design, but is being made using Samsung's 10nm manufacturing technology.

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