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BlackBerry Priv Android smartphone gets September security patch

Samsung Galaxy S7 and BlackBerry Android handsets get a new security patch

The patch is dated September 6 and, as usual, fixes various Android vulnerabilities that have been discovered recently.
HP TouchPad running webOS, now with unofficial Android Nougat firmware available

HP TouchPad gets unofficial Nougat firmware

As incredible as it may seem, this five-year-old slate with 1 GB RAM can run Android Nougat, although it will never get an official update.
Apple Pay headed for the web, Japan, New Zealand, and Russia

Apple Pay hits the web next week

In addition to gaining support for Safari users on any Mac introduced starting in 2012, the service will become available in Japan this month as well, with New Zealand and Russia also scheduled to gain access later this fall.
Apple Watch smartwatch sales dropping, Fitbit leads the wearable market

Apple Watch sales decline while Fitbit remains the market leader

While shipments of basic wearables grew considerably compared to last year, smartwatch sales continue to struggle, with Apple taking the most powerful blow.
Asus ZenPower Max external power pack with 28,600 mAh battery capacity

Asus intros the ZenPower Max power pack

This external battery pack has a capacity of 28,600 mAh and can easily charge any notebook on the market, as well as various other smaller devices.
Nice things coming to Apple fans from Zhengzhou, China.

Foxconn: More than 370.000 Apple iPhone 7 units already on their way to the US and Europe

Foxconn apparently started shipping next generation iPhones to the USA and Europe. Chinese reports state that more than 370.000 units already left China in the last few days.
Samsung Galaxy Note5 phablet gets new firmware from Verizon Wireless

Verizon updates the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note5

This update offers compatibility for the Barcode Beaming Service, as well as adding OnCircle and Amazon Widget.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Android tablet to get a secure variant for governmental use

BlackBerry and Samsung team up to release a secure tablet

Dubbed SecuTablet, this slate is a Galaxy Tab S2 with BlackBerry security technology added, and its price is expected to exceed $2,000 USD.
OnePlus joining OxygenOS and HydrogenOS into a single mobile operating system

OnePlus merging HydrogenOS and OxygenOS

OnePlus has finally decided to drop the Chinese-only variant of its Android system and to continue developing only OxygenOS.
No modular smartphone by Google after all: work on Project Ara has been suspended.

Google confirmation: Modular Smartphone Project Ara is dead

Google confirmed last week's Reuters report that suggested, the company might have suspended work on the modular smartphone concept "Project Ara".
Asus ZenPad 3S 10 Android tablet with MediaTek processor, 4 GB RAM, up to 64 GB storage is present at IFA

IFA 2016 | Asus ZenPad 3S 10 coming soon

Although announced more than a month ago, this slate still has no official pricing and a global launch date, but can be seen in action at IFA.
Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge flagships

Verizon updates the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge

The two flagships now receive FM radio and voice improvements, as well as the usual bug fixes.
Samsung recalling all Galaxy Note 7 phablets sold due to battery-related problems

Samsung recalling all Galaxy Note 7 units sold so far

Shortly after the first report of a Galaxy Note 7 battery blowing up surfaced online, Samsung decided to recall all units sold worldwide and to replace them.
Google Nexus 6P Android smartphone to get a Pixel handset as successor

Google might replace Nexus with Pixel

After some rumors that mentioned Google's intentions to discontinue the Nexus lineup in the past, now we hear that the search giant's next-gen handsets will launch as Pixel and Pixel XL.
CTL NL61TX Chromebook with 10-point touchscreen and 14 hours battery life

CTL launches NL61T rugged Chromebooks

The new CTL NL61T and CTL NL61TX both feature a rugged design and will hit the market in mid-September, starting at $269 USD and $299 USD.
ZTE Nubia Z11 Android smartphone launches globally

ZTE Nubia Z11 coming to Europe and the US

This flagship is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, next to up to 6 GB of memory and 64 GB internal storage, all for a starting price of around $550 USD on the European market.
HP Pavilion Wave is the first desktop PC built around a 360-degree speaker

HP Pavilion Wave is the first desktop PC built around a 360-degree speaker

The small Pavilion Wave will be shipping this September 16th for $529 with a Core i5-6400T CPU, up to 8 GB RAM, and dedicated AMD R9 M470 graphics options.
Asus Zenfone 2 lineup gets new firmware update to Marshmallow

Asus Zenfone 2 finally gets Android Marshmallow

After multiple delays, this handset that launched last year as the first sub-$300 smartphone to feature 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage gets Android 6.0.
The grey bar at the top and failing touch screens could lead to a class-action lawsuit against Apple.

Apple: iPhone 6 owners sue company because of "Touch Disease"

Apple might need to face a nationwide class-action lawsuit due to its lack of proper response to the "Touch Disease" problem on some of its iPhone 6 models from 2014.
Samsung Exynos 7570 chip enters mass production

Samsung begins production of the low-end Exynos 7570 SoC

The 7570 is the first Exynos processor to fully integrate a Cat.4 LTE 2CA modem and connectivity solutions, as well as global navigation satellite system (GNSS) in one chip.
Meizu m3e Star Trek edition Android smartphone to launch in China

Meizu m3e Star Trek edition shows up online

This special edition Android mid-ranger will have the same specs as the regular one and is expected to hit China at the same time as Star Trek Beyond.
Notebookcheck's Top 10 Phablets (>5.5-inch)

Notebookcheck's Top 10 Phablets (>5.5-inch)

September 2016 update. Here's a list of the best XL-sized smartphones - with screen sizes of 5.5 inches and greater - we've reviewed in the last few months. Our list of top models is regularly updated, maintained and commented on and should assist in purchase decisions.
Lenovo: Moves production reportedly back to Taiwan

Lenovo: Moves production reportedly back to Taiwan

The chinese PC-OEM Lenovo allegedly is planning to move its production back to Taiwan, according to the Taiwanese industry media-site DigiTimes.
Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in pink gold finish finally coming to the US market

Pink gold Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge coming to the US

More than four months after its arrival in South Korea and not before Europe, either, the US market finally receives this color option for the Galaxy S7 flagships.
HP FQ3 2016 financial results show dropping profits and revenue

HP FQ3 2016 financial results show dropping profits and revenue

Revenue from the manufacturer's Printing business is down 18 percent YoY while sales of notebooks are up 8 percent.
Garmin Fenix Chronos luxury smartwatch now available starting at $899.99 USD

Garmin launches Fenix Chronos, its first luxury smartwatch

A luxury smartwatch that can also be worn in the gym, the Chronos comes in three variants, priced between $899.99 USD and $1.499,99 USD.
LG Nexus 5 gets unofficial Android 7.0 Nougat firmware update

Google Nexus 5 gets unofficial Android 7.0 firmware

Although Google decided not to offer Nougat for most existing Nexus devices, Nexus 5 users can already load an early build of Android 7.0 released by an independent developer.
Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch now offers iOS compatibility in beta stage

Gear S2 iOS beta program begins

After a long delay, it looks like both the Gear S2 and the Gear Fit 2 are now compatible with iOS devices, at least as part of a beta program.
HP Sure View privacy screens coming to the EliteBook 840 and 1040

HP Sure View privacy screens coming to the EliteBook 840 and 1040

The company will be the world's first to incorporate privacy screens with adjustable levels of privacy to thwart passers-by and "visual hackers".
Samsung and Apple continue to dominate the smartphone market (Source: Canaccord Genuity)

Samsung and Apple continue to dominate the smartphone market

Both manufacturers almost exclusively collect all profits made in the smartphone market with larger profit margins than the rest of the competition.
Samsung Pay turns one-year old and nears 100 million transactions

Samsung Pay nearing 100 million transactions

Samsung's digital wallet platform is now one-year old and has about five million users each month.
Samsung Cloud Together Android app now available for download

Samsung Cloud Together now available for download

This app helps its users to manage popular cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox.
Samsung Z2 Tizen smartphone with 4G connectivity

Samsung Z2 launches in India

This 4-inch handset is the first Tizen-powered smartphone to feature 4G connectivity and its price in India is less than $70 USD.
Xiaomi MIUI 8 Android UI now available for Xiaomi Mi 4i, Redmi Note, and more

Xiaomi launches MIUI 8 Android UI

Although it was introduced back in May with the Mi Max phablet, the new iteration of Xiaomi's Android UI now rolls out to older handsets, including the Redmi Note and the Mi 4i.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S Android tablet to get Marshmallow firmware

Samsung Galaxy Tab S will get Android Marshmallow

The two-year-old Galaxy Tab S launched with Android KitKat, then its firmware was updated to Lollipop, and now Samsung has decided to provide a Marshmallow update to its users as well.
Is Samsung working on a second hand-smartphone program?

Samsung: Refurbished phones program next year?

Samsung could start selling refurbished high-end-smartphones next year, a Reuters-report suggests. It is unclear whether this program will launch in western markets or be limited to developing countries.
Google launches Android 7.0 Nougat with multi-window support and more

Google releases Android 7.0 Nougat

The new Android version packs multi-window capabilities, VR mode, an improved Doze mode, the Vulkan3D graphics API, and more.
Apple iPhone upcoming 5.8-inch high-end AMOLED model to launch in 2017 or 2018

Apple to launch three iPhone models next year

The upcoming iPhone trio is expected to include two LCD-based 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models, as well as a high-end OLED-based 5.8-inch model.
Genee corporate logo, Microsoft buys Genee

Microsoft acquires Genee

The two-year-old company behind an artificial-intelligence-powered scheduling service joins the Redmond giant to help improve Office 365.
Lenovo ThinkPad 13 Chromebook Notebook Review

85% Lenovo ThinkPad 13 Chromebook Notebook Review

Practical and affordable? A couple of months ago, we evaluated Lenovo’s entry-level ThinkPad 13, which we found to be a good value overall. Today, we turn our sights to the Chromebook counterpart. Is it a viable alternative to the world of Windows?
Intel Core i5-6300U | Intel HD Graphics 520 | 13.3" | 1.4 kg
Samsung now controls 22.3 percent of the worldwide smartphone market

Samsung now controls 22.3 percent of the worldwide smartphone market

Smartphone shipments from the Korean manufacturer has totaled 76.7 million units as of Q2 2016 with Apple, Huawei, Oppo, and Xiaomi far behind.
HP EliteBook 1030 G1 Subnotebook Review

88% HP EliteBook 1030 G1 Subnotebook Review

Happy without a fan. Despite its passively cooled Core-m processor, the EliteBook 1030 G1 can convince with excellent application performance, great input devices and a bright IPS display. Did HP create the new reference in the subnotebook segment?
Intel Core m7-6Y75 | Intel HD Graphics 515 | 13.3" | 1.2 kg
Notebooks: Asus is the biggest supplier of Gaming Notebooks

Notebooks: Asus is the biggest supplier of Gaming Notebooks

Not MSI is the biggest supplier for gaming notebooks, but Asus. At least Asus now claims the title for themselves. The advantage is particularly big for laptops with Nvidia GeForce GTX GPUs.
HP ProBook 650 G2 Notebook Review

84% HP ProBook 650 G2 Notebook Review

Pushing its luck? With the ProBook 650 G2, HP debuts a 15.6-inch laptop that aims to achieve decent runtimes thanks to its frugal ULV processor. Our report reveals what customers should consider when buying this device and where the ProBook is situated in terms of performance.
Intel Core i5-6200U | Intel HD Graphics 520 | 15.6" | 2.3 kg
HP EliteBook 725 G3 Subnotebook Review

82% HP EliteBook 725 G3 Subnotebook Review

More Middle-Class, Less Elite. HP shows their loyalty to AMD by using an AMD APU in their new subnotebook, the EliteBook 725 G3. Sadly, the price tag of roughly 1,000 Euros (~$1133) does not match the performance of this device. Our test model offered short battery life, a noisy fan and a dark screen with low contrast and poor viewing angles.
AMD Pro A10-8700B | AMD Radeon R6 (Carrizo) | 12.5" | 1.3 kg
Apple could unveil three new iPad models come 2017 with potential for OLED in 2018

Apple could unveil three new iPad models come 2017 with potential for OLED by 2018

Analysts are expecting lower iPad sales this year with a comeback in 2018 should Apple incorporate flexible OLED panels onto its iPad series.
Xiaomi Mi Max launch & Hugo Barra, Xiaomi smartphone shipments drop in China

Xiaomi handset shipments dropping in China

Xiaomi lost no less than 38 percent in the quarter that has ended on the Chinese market compared to the same period of last year.
Chromebooks long-term sales forecast predicts over 17 million units sold by 2023

Chromebook sales to exceed 17 million units by 2023

With over 5.4 million units sold in 2014 and driven by the strong demand in the education sector, the Chromebook market is expected to continue its growth in the years to come.
Samsung Galaxy Note7 Android phablet already shipping via T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless

Verizon and T-Mobile already shipping the Galaxy Note7

Although the official launch date is August 19th, both carriers have started shipping Samsung's latest Android phablet.
Sharp Aquos Crystal Android smartphone, Sharp joins Foxconn

​Foxconn acquires Sharp

After completing this $3.5 billion deal, Foxconn appointed Tai Jeng-wu as Sharp's new president and chief executive.

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