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Bridge, the first Mixed Reality Headset for iPhones will be available for sale in March 2017.

Occipital Bridge: Mixed Reality Headset for iPhones

Occipital will start selling the Bridge, a Mixed Reality Headset for iPhone 6 or higher in march of next year for $399. A limited explorer edition for developers is available now.
Odin2 mini tablet projector coming in June 2017

Odin2 mini tablet/projector coming in June 2017

This mini tablet/projector hybrid surfaced on Indiegogo, where its campaign already reached the goal. Now, the 5-inch Android Marshmallow-driven device is almost ready to hit the market, but shipments are expected to start in June.
Wearables market up 3.1 percent while Apple Watch slips

Wearables market up 3.1 percent while Apple Watch slips

Fitbit, Xiaomi, and Garmin collectively command 45 percent of the current market in terms of worldwide shipments.
Technical problems may have led to the long delay of the Apple AirPods.

Apple AirPods: Delays seem to be caused by technical problems

In an article, that was released today, the Wall Street Journal revealed information explaining why Apple's wireless ear buds missed the holiday shopping season.
Cortana, Microsoft's Personal assistant for Windows 10 devices, has just gotten a little cooler. (Source: Microsoft)

Latest Windows 10 Insider build lets you turn off your PC with your voice

Windows 10 Insider Build 14986 has introduced a number of additional voice commands for Cortana, including sleeping, restarting, shutting down, and changing volume.
Apple AirPods finally coming in the next few weeks

Apple AirPods finally coming in the next few weeks

Impatient iPhone 7 owners will be able to purchase a pair of AirPods hopefully before the end of this month according to an email from Apple CEO Tim Cook.
Bluetooth 5 promises to bring faster transfer rates over longer distances. (Source: Bluetooth SIG)

Bluetooth 5 officially adopted

The wireless connectivity standard has been upgraded with faster speeds and longer range. The organization behind Bluetooth hopes this update will revolutionize the Internet of Things.
One third of wearable devices abandoned by their owners

Consumers abandon one third of their wearables

According to a study by research firm Gartner, over 30 percent of the customers who buy smartwatches, fitness trackers, and virtual reality glasses get bored or simply do not find them useful, so they stop using them after a while.
Pebble, one of the pioneers of smartwatches, will immediately halt all hardware production. (Source: Pebble)

Pebble officially closes its doors, confirms purchase by Fitbit

Pebble announced today that they will stop production of hardware and sell all remaining assets to Fitbit.
Google Wifi wireless router now available for purchase

Google Wifi goes on sale

This mesh-capable wireless router that provides WiFi coverage while handling multiple active devices was announced back in early October and now can be acquired as a single unit for $129 USD or as a trio, for $299 USD.
Meizu Band fitness tracker IP67-rated launches for around $33 USD

Meizu unveils its first fitness tracker

This new wearable comes with a sleek, basic design that includes a concealed OLED screen. Sporting a built-in AMS heart rate monitor, the Meizu Band is also capable of showing notifications for calls and texts. Pre-orders are already live in China while full availability is expected for next week.
VR and AR products are seeing weaker sales than analysts predicted. (Source: HTCVIVE)

VR and AR: the sales disappointments of 2016

VR/AR sales were expected to pick up strongly in late 2016, yet the opposite has happened. Experts blame an immature ecosystem.
Leap Motion is developing a new input sensor that will track users hand motion in a VR experience. (Source: Leap Motion)

Leap Motion to develop hand tracking sensor for smartphone VR sets

Leap Motion hopes the sensor will allow VR users to interact with and control mobile VR with their hands and fingers, further pushing VR development.
Soon you will be able to playback UHD blu-rays on regular PCs.

Cyberlink: PowerDVD is now certified for UHD-Blu-ray playback

Cyberlink's popular DVD and Blu-ray disc player PowerDVD is the first software player that received UHD- Blu-ray playback certification from the Blu-ray Disc Association. An update enabling this feature is expected to be released next year.
The Surface Dial is a tough piece of equipment, but might be difficult to repair. (Source: iFixit)

Surface Dial scores a 4/10 in iFixit teardown

The Microsoft device received praise for its durability, but was criticized for some difficult or impossible to replace components.
Newer routers may be more than 10 times faster than 802.11ac with similar range. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

802.11ax "Terahertz" Wi-Fi will offer 10x speed

Japanese researchers successfully test 34Gbps Wi-Fi; target range of 32 feet.
It might not be a good idea to save a few bucks on a cheaper charger. (Source: International Configurations, INC)

Study shows over 99% of counterfeit Apple chargers dangerous: watchdog group

UK watchdog Trading Standards tested 400 counterfeit "Apple" chargers for basic safety violations. Only 3 passed.
Incipio Moto Mod smart car dock accessory for Lenovo Moto Z

Incipio announces Moto Mod smart car dock

This $64.99 USD accessory for the modular Lenovo Moto Z handset provides a way to mount the smartphone in a car, charge its battery, and also connect it to the car’s audio system.
Lenovo Moto Z modular Android handset might get a Tango 3D camera module

Lenovo Moto Z expected to get a Tango 3D camera

Since Lenovo already has a Tango 3D-capable handset on the market, seeing a Moto Mod capable of offering augmented reality to the Moto Z would not be a surprise. However, remains to see when will it happen.
Fitbit Charge 2 fitness tracker, Pebble might soon join Fitbit

Fitbit might buy Pebble

Insiders familiar with the matter claim that Fitbit is close to signing a deal to acquire the troubled wearable maker and, unfortunately, it looks like the Pebble brand will disappear.
Samsung Gear S3 BALR. special edition smartwatch launching in Netherlands December 2016

Netherlands-exclusive Gear S3 BALR. edition coming this Friday

More than a year after the Gear S2 BALR. special edition smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S3 gets the BALR. treatment as well. The new BALR.-customized Gear smartwatch has a price tag of €499 EUR.
AOC launches Agon AG251FZ monitor with 1 ms response time and 240 Hz refresh rate

AOC launches Agon AG251FZ monitor with 1 ms response time and 240 Hz refresh rate

The new 24.5-inch monitor will be one of the fastest 1080p gaming monitors available in terms of response times when it launches in early 2017.
Samsung Pay mobile payment service in use, not working on Gear S3 with Google Pixel smartphones

Samsung Pay on Gear S3 not working with Google Pixel handsets

Although the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch comes with Samsung Pay support out of the box, it seems the Google Pixel devices are the only major Android handsets not compatible yet.
Samsung cancels the Magneti Marelli acquisition

Samsung reportedly dropping the Magneti Marelli deal

As a side effect of the Galaxy Note 7 failure and its impact on the company's finances, Samsung decided to drop its plans to purchase both Harman and Magneti Marelli, picking only the first one.
Is life with the new MacBook and an iPhone 7 better despite the need for adapters?

Dongle life with Apple MacBook (Pro) and iPhone 7: The Video

How is life with the new MacBook (Pro) and the iPhone 7, The Verge wondered and made a video about it. Is it better now than with previous generations? Or are you stuck in dongle hell? Watch and find out for yourself!
Japan Display announces 3.42-inch screen with pixel density of 651 PPI

Japan Display announces 3.42-inch screen with pixel density of 651 PPI

JDI is claiming a a resolution of 1700 x 1440 pixels, 3 to 6 ms latency, 90 Hz refresh rate, and a 700:1 contrast designed specifically for VR applications.
Star Wars mobile phones by Sharp to debut in Japan in December

Two Star Wars Mobile handsets coming next month

The handsets are made by Sharp and will hit the Japanese market packed with Star Wars-related content. The specs are quite strong, including a Snapdragon 820 processor, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB internal storage, a 22.6 MP main camera, and more.
Sprint-exclusive HTC Bolt Android smartphone gets free headphone adapter

HTC Bolt buyers can get a free headphone adapter

Owners of this Sprint-exclusive handsets can get a free headphone adapter, since it was not included in the retail box so far. Even more, future HTC Bolt batches will come with the USB Type-C to 3.5 mm jack adapter in the box.
Pebble 2 Collection White, Pebble firmware 4.3 now available

Pebble firmware 4.3 now available

This update brings Kickstart as a new watch face for the Pebble 2 and Pebble Time, as well as the usual set of performance improvements and bug fixes. Last firmware released by Pebble was 4.0, which arrived back in August.
Samsung Gear S3 Classic smartwatch gets new software November 2016

Samsung Gear Fit 2 and Gear S3 get minor software updates

The new software for Samsung's smart wearables only brings minor changes but succeeds in improving the user's experience. The list of new features includes auto pause and indoor set exercises support (Gear Fit 2), as well as speedometer support for the Gear S3 (not confirmed yet).
The Android 7.0 update (coming this week) will make the Moto Z and Moto Z Force Daydream-ready. (Source: Motorola)

Moto Z will get Nougat update this week

The Lenovo made phone will get the promised update to Android 7.0 before the end of November. The upgrade to Nougat also brings along a new feature: Daydream.
Windows Holographic, Microsoft's own VR software, should run on fairly low-end system. (Source: The Verge)

Minimum requirements for Windows Holographic unveiled

Microsoft's foray into virtual reality should be much more accessible than other available options.
The Airport Extreme has been one of Apple's most popular routers. (Source: Apple)

Apple rumored to stop producing wireless routers

Users of Apple's WiFi routers hoping for a refresh may be out of luck.
There might be a smartphone with this kind of foldable display next summer, Nikkei says.

Japan Display (JDI): Smartphone with foldable display next summer?

Nikkei Asian Review reported about a newly developed foldable display by Japan Display (JDI), that might arrive on a smartphone as early as next summer.
Android 7.0 Beta for Samsung Galaxy phones breaks Gear VR

Android 7.0 Beta for Samsung Galaxy phones breaks Gear VR

Volunteers that downloaded the Android 7.0 Beta are unable to user their Samsung Gear VRs, as the headset only works on Samsung phones.
iPhone 6S units having battery problems get them replaced by Apple

Apple replacing faulty iPhone 6S batteries

Not long after taking care of the "touch disease" problem that affected particular iPhone 6 Plus handsets, Apple has to face another issue with the iPhone 6 lineup. The Cupertino-based company begins a battery replacement program for iPhone 6S owners affected by unexpected shutdowns.
TAG Heuer Connected luxury smartwatch, Intel does not leave the wearables market

Intel lays off most staff, but keeps the wearables business

Not long after insiders familiar with the matter unveiled that Intel is laying off a large number of its New Devices Group employees, the IT giant issued a statement that highlights the company "is in no way stepping back from the wearables business."
Sony Xperia Ear wireless earbuds coming to the US December 13 2016

Sony Xperia Ear coming to the US next month

Although the waterproof Xperia Ear wireless earbuds are already available in European stores, those interested in this accessory who are located in the US should wait a few weeks. The US market is scheduled to get this product on December 13.
Adata announces waterproof SD700 external SSD for 120 Euros

Adata announces waterproof SD700 external SSD for 120 Euros

The small and extra-durable external SSD utilizes USB Type-C for transfer rates of up to 440 MB/s with compatibility across PCs, Macs, and Android devices.
Sony Xperia Ear wireless earbuds with personal assistant features now available

Sony Xperia Ear hits the stores

The waterproof Xperia Ear wireless earbuds are finally available in stores. This accessory can recognize voice commands and head movements, also acting as a useful personal assistant.
Mophoe Moto Mod battery pack for Moto Z available via Verizon Wireless

Mophie Moto Mod battery pack for Moto Z hits Verizon

This battery mod for the Moto Z, Moto Z Force, and Moto Z Play handsets appears to be a Verizon Wireless-exclusive product and carries a $79.99 USD price tag. Fortunately, this accessory should work fine with unlocked Moto Z phones as well, but also with those on other networks.
Roccat unveils lightweight Cross gaming headset for 70 Euros

Roccat unveils lightweight Cross gaming headset for 70 Euros

The all-in-one headset weighs in at just 185 grams with a detachable microphone for easier use on smartphones up to desktop PCs.
Samsung desktop PC with Harman/Kardon audio, Samsung buys Harman

Samsung acquires Harman

The deal is valued at $8 billion ($112 USD per share in cash) and, once it closes, it enables Samsung to have a significant presence in the automotive electronics market, also giving the South Korean giant access to various audio technologies.
The Matrix PowerWatch relies on the wearer's body heat to power it. (Source: Matrix Industries)

Crowdfunded smartwatch is powered by body heat

What if you didn't have to worry about your smartwatch's battery? The PowerWatch may be the answer to that problem.
Casio WSD-F10 smart outdoor watch gets Casio Moment Link app

Casio launches communication app for the WSD-F10 smart outdoor watch

Dubbed Casio Moment Link, this location-based communication app is freely downloadable and enhances outdoor experiences when part of a group. The app allows its users to form/disband groups, share location data, and send messages.
The new Snapchat Spectacles are a new way to share short video recordings with others. (Source: Snapchat)

Snapchat Spectacles sell out in a snap

Snap's new Spectacles, a wearable recording device, remains in high demand as a second inventory sold out within hours of being made available.
USB-C is quickly becoming a standard but fast charging technologies are far from being compatible with each other.

Snapdragon 830 will come with Quick Charge 4.0, Google recommends PD

Qualcomm is said to introduce Quick Charge 4.0 with next years flagship processor, the Snapdragon 830. It will allegedly offer 28 Watt fast charging but Google recommends Android phone manufacturers to use USB Power Delivery instead.
HP Collaborating with Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, and others for luxury wristwatches

HP Collaborating with Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, and others for luxury wristwatches

The hybrid wristwatches have OLED screens and Bluetooth connectivity for displaying incoming calls, messages, and other notifications from the wearer's smartphone.
Acer introduces BE240U, BE270U, and BE270UA business monitors

Acer introduces BE240U, BE270U, and BE270UA business monitors

The new monitors will carry blue light reduction, picture-in-picture, multi-stream technology, and USB Type-C starting at 300 Euros for the 23.8-inch model.
TPCAST's new Vive accessory allows the device to be used wirelessly, cutting down clutter and improving immersion. (Source: HTC)

New add-on enables HTC Vive to cut the cord

A new add-on, available for preorder, adds wireless capability to HTC's Vive. This accessory will let Vive users roam their VR worlds without the burden of cables.

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