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The Apple vs. Samsung patent fight has been ongoing since 2011. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Samsung catches a break as Supreme Court reverses Apple's patent victory

The US Supreme Court has ruled 8-0 in favor of Samsung's appeal to reverse up to US$399 million of the US$548 million in damages already paid to Apple.
Apple MacBook Pro 13 (Late 2016, 2.9 GHz i5, Touch Bar) Notebook Review

90% Apple MacBook Pro 13 (Late 2016, 2.9 GHz i5, Touch Bar) Notebook Review

The better 13-inch Pro? The MacBook Pro 13 Touch Bar is Apple's new 13-inch flagship model. Besides the obvious OLED display above the keyboard, however, there are more differences compared to the entry-level model with function keys. Is it worth the $300 premium?
Intel Core i5-6267U | Intel Iris Graphics 550 | 13.3" | 1.4 kg
Experts believe there will be a component shortage for flexible OLED panels in 2017 and beyond. (Source: LG)

Afraid of Apple hogging all the OLED screens, top China vendors cooperate to establish new supply chain

Chinese smartphone vendors Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, and BBK are working together with Royole, specialist in thin, flexible panels, to secure a new OLED supply chain.
Workers at a Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, China. (Source: AFP/AFP/Getty Images)

Senior Foxconn manager indicted for allegedly stealing 5700 iPhones

A former Foxconn manager has been indicted by Taiwanese prosecutors for the alleged theft of 5700 iPhone 5 and 5s from 2013-2014. The phones were sold in China for a haul of over US$1.5 million.
It might not be a good idea to save a few bucks on a cheaper charger. (Source: International Configurations, INC)

Study shows over 99% of counterfeit Apple chargers dangerous: watchdog group

UK watchdog Trading Standards tested 400 counterfeit "Apple" chargers for basic safety violations. Only 3 passed.
Apple's iPhone 7 series may not have sold as well as expected (Source: Wikipedia Commons)

Apple working on "more than 10" designs prototypes for next iPhone

Distinct new features include curved and OLED displays.
The speakers in the MacBook Pro can be damaged by loud pops from a faulty Boot Camp audio driver.

Apple MacBook Pro: Boot Camp Windows audio driver can damage speakers

Boot Camp Windows users on the new MacBook Pro are complaining about loud pops that can damage the speakers. It may be a faulty Boot Camp audio driver that is causing these problems, apparently.
Is life with the new MacBook and an iPhone 7 better despite the need for adapters?

Dongle life with Apple MacBook (Pro) and iPhone 7: The Video

How is life with the new MacBook (Pro) and the iPhone 7, The Verge wondered and made a video about it. Is it better now than with previous generations? Or are you stuck in dongle hell? Watch and find out for yourself!
Just one of many problems how GPU glitches on the MacBook Pro can look like.

Apple MacBook Pro: Users are reporting massive GPU glitches

First users of the new MacBook Pro 2016 are reporting massive GPU glitches in both the 13 and 15 inch models. So far it is unclear whether these problems are caused by faults in the hardware or driver issues.
The video in question will cause iPhones to crash soon after viewing. (Source: Apple)

Five second video can crash iPhones

A short five second video that's able to cause iPhones and iPads to lock and freeze can be easily shared via a link.
The Airport Extreme has been one of Apple's most popular routers. (Source: Apple)

Apple rumored to stop producing wireless routers

Users of Apple's WiFi routers hoping for a refresh may be out of luck.
Apple puts the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro in line with a lot of other human inventions.

Apple Bulbs: MacBook Pro promo video puts Touch Bar in line with major innovations

Apple has released a new promo video for the MacBook Pro called Bulbs that follows a series of innovations from the invention of fire up to the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro to highlight, that it's new ideas that push the world forward.
iPhone 6S units having battery problems get them replaced by Apple

Apple replacing faulty iPhone 6S batteries

Not long after taking care of the "touch disease" problem that affected particular iPhone 6 Plus handsets, Apple has to face another issue with the iPhone 6 lineup. The Cupertino-based company begins a battery replacement program for iPhone 6S owners affected by unexpected shutdowns.
The grey bar at the top of an iPhone 6 (Plus) indicates a problem with the touch controllers.

iFixit criticizes Apple's iPhone 6 Plus multi-touch repair program

Apple started their worldwide repair program for iPhone 6 Plus users who suffer from the dreaded Touch disease but iFixit calls it too little, too late and states that Apple is not acknowledging issues with the structural stability of the case.
An early concept render of a possible iPhone 8. This is how the iPhone 8 with OLED display may look like next year.

Apple iPhone 8: Wrap-around OLED display and two regular models?

A new report from KGI suggests that Apple may add a third iPhone to the lineup in 2017. This third model will be the most interesting one containing an OLED-display that apparently wraps around the edges of the iPhone.
$299 for the Apple Book, a catalog of past and present Apple designs inspired comedy and ironic tweets.

The $299 Apple Book: The #AppleBook-Community makes fun of it

Apple released a catalog of past and present Apple product designs, called it Apple Book and sells it for $299. Inspiration for ironic or sarcastic comments on Twitter and for Stephen Colbert to do a short parody for the Late Show.
Mozilla Firefox Focus browser for iOS

Mozilla launches Firefox Focus browser

This new mobile web browser only targets iOS users for the time being and focuses on speed, privacy, and ease of use. This is a free, basic browser that Mozilla claims of being able to load pages faster than its competitors.
iPhone assembly lines may soon become a rarity in Asia. (Photo Source: Cult Of Mac)

iPhone manufacturing might be moved to USA

"iPhone: Made in the USA?" Apple may ask iPhone manufacturers to move production to the United States in the future.
Notebookcheck's Top 10 Tablets

Notebookcheck's Top 10 Tablets

December 2016 update. Here you will find the current best tablets reviewed by Notebookcheck in the last few months. Our list of top models is regularly updated, maintained and commented on and should assist in purchasing decisions.
Notebookcheck's Top 10 Smartphones under 120 Euros

Notebookcheck's Top 10 Smartphones under 120 Euros

December 2016 update. Here you will find the best smartphones under 120 Euros (~$130) reviewed by Notebookcheck over the last few months. Our list of top models is regularly updated, maintained and commented on and should assist in purchasing decisions.
Notebookcheck's Top 10 Smartphones under 300 Euros

Notebookcheck's Top 10 Smartphones under 300 Euros

December 2016 update. Here you will find the best smartphones under 300 Euros (~$340) reviewed by Notebookcheck over the last few months. Our list of top models is regularly updated, maintained and commented on and should assist in purchasing decisions. October 2016 update.
Apple could get into Augmented Reality using smart glasses (Image: Forbes)

Apple: Augmented Reality iPhone extension using smart glasses?

Apple could get into Augmented Reality extensions for their iPhone as early as 2018, reports suggest. Apparently the Cupertino company has ordered near-eye-displays for early experiments with smart glasses.
Google Translate offers better translations starting today thanks to Neural Machine Translation.

Google Translate: Now using Neural Machine Translation in 8 languages

Google started making translations more human and accurate today by using Neural Machine Translation in eight languages for instance English, Spanish und German. You can take advantage of the better translations starting today.
iFixit's teardown shows that repairs will be very difficult. (Source: iFixit)

iFixit's teardown of Macbook Pro 13" with Touch Bar reveals differences, difficulties

The new Macbook Pro 13" with Touch Bar has markedly different internals from its non-Touch Bar brother, including changes that make it horribly difficult to repair.
Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to get two 5.5-inch successors

Two 5.5-inch iPhone models coming in 2017

According to a KGI Securities analyst, Apple is planning to add three new iPhone models in 2017 - one with a 4.7-inch display, the other two being 5.5-inch variants. One of the larger models will feature an LCD touchscreen, while the premium variant will become the first iPhone to use the OLED display technology.
Google Play Music relaunch November 2016 with

Google Play Music relaunches

The music streaming service by Google now relies on machine learning to create and curate playlists, also adding offline playing capabilities. Google Play Music also gets an overhauled home screen.
The Matrix PowerWatch relies on the wearer's body heat to power it. (Source: Matrix Industries)

Crowdfunded smartwatch is powered by body heat

What if you didn't have to worry about your smartwatch's battery? The PowerWatch may be the answer to that problem.
Earlier concept renders already predicted a largely bezel-less design for the next iPhone.

Apple iPhone 8: Barclays thinks, there will be a bezel-less 5 and 5.8 inch design

Another group of analysts at Barclays Research believe, that the iPhone 8 will be a largely bezel-less phone with increased displays areas. However, there is disagreement over the way the Home Button will be implemented in the next iPhone.
The Apple iPad Mini 4 might not get a successor next year.

Apple may release three new iPads in 2017, one of them bezel-less

Barclays analysts recently reported, that Apple will introduce three new iPads in March of 2017. The iPad Mini 4 will not get a replacement, however. Instead, a new 9.7 inch iPad will be introduced as an entry level device. A new 10.9 inch tablet may turn out to be bezel-less.
Chinese manufacturers keeping smartphone market competitive

Chinese manufacturers keeping smartphone market competitive

While Apple and Samsung collectively control almost one-third of the worldwide smartphone market, competing manufacturers like Huawei, Vivo, and Oppo are still on the rise and inching closer to grabbing a larger share of the pie.
Affinity Photo, a powerful photo editing tool and alternative to Photoshop, is now available for Windows. (Source: Affinity Photo)

Serif's Affinity Photo app now available for Windows as a beta

Serif's Affinity Photo, named by Apple as the best app for Macs in 2015, was recently made available as a beta for Windows. Could this move encourage creatives to leave Photoshop behind for a cheaper alternative?
Individual chargers for Apple's new Macbook Pro notebooks don't include the cable required to charge the device. (Source: Apple)

Individual Macbook Pro chargers don't come with a USB-C cable

Macbook Pro users hoping to buy additional chargers for their new device will have to provide their own USB Type-C cables.
Apple MacBook Pro 13 (Late 2016, 2 GHz i5, without Touch Bar) Laptop Review

89% Apple MacBook Pro 13 (Late 2016, 2 GHz i5, without Touch Bar) Laptop Review

Brilliant, even without Touch? The new MacBook Pro laptops have arrived. The most striking new feature: a Touch Bar instead of function keys. Apple still offers a model without this novelty, and wants to target the "entry-level sector" – price: 1699 Euros ($1499). We already have a device in our editorial office and will share our results in this live review.
Intel Core i5-6360U | Intel Iris Graphics 540 | 13.3" | 1.4 kg
Apple has recently started selling refurbished iPhones. (Source: Apple)

Apple starts selling refurbished iPhones

For consumers hoping to enjoy iOS without spending a lot of money, Apple has started selling iPhones on its refurbished store. The refurbished units will be sold at a discount, but still come with the standard warranty and accessories.
Will there be a jet white version of the iPhone 7?

Jet white: Will Apple release a glossy white version of the iPhone 7?

The big success of the jet black color option might have convinced Apple to prepare a jet white version as well, according to a rumor out of Japan. However, it may not be likely to happen after all.
OWC's new Thunderbolt 3 Dock looks to greatly expand the connectivity of Apple's Macbook Pro line. (Source: OWC)

OWC unveils Thunderbolt 3 Dock targeted at new Macbook Pro

With frustration growing around Apple's decision to replace all I/O ports on the new Macbook Pro line with USB Type-C, several companies are pushing new dongles, hubs, and docks on the market. OWC, a company known for making Apple-specific products, is taking pre-orders for an impressively equipped, if not expensive, dock.
Apple is now fifth place in global laptop shipments

Apple is now fifth place in global laptop shipments

HP, Lenovo, and Dell collectively command over 50 percent of the worldwide notebook market with Asus, Apple, and Acer well behind.
The iPhone 7 is capable of creating waves with its powerful stereo audio output.

New Apple iPhone 7 "Dive" spot lays focus on water and sound

Once again, Apple is enlightening us with a short promo video for its successful iPhone 7. It is all about the sun, music, some water and a slightly unusual target group: older men.
AMD announces Radeon Pro graphics for Ultrabooks

AMD announces Radeon Pro graphics for Ultrabooks

The Radeon Pro 460, 455, and 450 will debut on the new MacBook Pro 15 with the high-end option carrying more shader cores than the desktop RX 460.
Samsung presentation reveals a trend towards higher display areas

Samsung presentation reveals an ongoing trend towards higher display areas

True border-less smartphones may be coming as early as 2017 according to predictions by the South Korean manufacturer.
Apple: 13

Apple: 13" Macbook Pro without Touchbar suprises in teardown

Component upgrading service OWC has opened up the new Macbook Pro 13 (the model without the Touchbar). They have been hit by a surprise during the teardown: Different from what Apple said, one crucial component is not soldered on.
Tablet market continues to decline as of Q3 2016

Tablet market continues to decline as of Q3 2016

Apple, Lenovo, and Samsung tablet sales are down while Huawei and Amazon are up significantly from the previous year.
Sharp's president Tau Jeng-wu affirmed Apple's switch to OLED (Image: Debby Wu, Nikkei)

Apple iPhone 8: Sharp's president confirmed switch to OLED panels

Sharp's president Tau Jeng-wu recently affirmed Apple's switch to OLED panels for their next generation iPhone in a speech held before students at Tatung university in Tapei. Apple is said to release at least one iPhone 8 model with curved OLED screen next year.
The new MacBook Pro could be cheaper and more attractive next year, says Ming-Chi Kuo.

Apple MacBook Pro: Should you wait another year?

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects price cuts on Apple's new MacBook Pro and MacBook lineup in 2017. He also mentions a new MacBook Pro refresh bringing Intel's Cannonlake CPUs and up to 32 GB of RAM to the MacBook Pro in the second half of 2017.
Foxconn is developing Wireless Charging moduls for next years iPhone. (Image:

Apple iPhone 8: Foxconn is developing wireless charging modules

According to Nikkei Asian Review, Foxconn is currently in the process of developing and testing wireless charging modules for next year's Apple iPhone. However, yield rates are not satisfactory so far, the source says.
The Arc Hub is a new 7 in 1 USB-C Hub that is also compatible with Thunderbolt 3.

Arc Hub: The best mobile 7 in 1 USB-C-Thunderbolt Dock for your MacBook?

Bourge Design has recently unveiled their Arc Hub, a 7 in 1 USB-C Dock, that may be the ultimate universal docking station for your new MacBook or any other laptop with USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 ports.
USB-C: A universal connector for the future but currently only usable with expensive adapters.

Apple's MacBook Pro is being criticized for its lack of standard ports

The new MacBook Pro has arrived, what is missing are all of the standard ports like HDMI, USB 3.0 or SD-Card reader. While Apple is saying that USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 are the future you will need a lot of expensive adapters for the time being.
Apple will not release any more standalone displays on their own but instead work with partners like LG.

Apple: No more standalone displays!

Apple apparently decided to quit its standalone display business. This information was tweeted by the editor in chief at The Verge recently who claimed, that Apple told him about this change in direction. Instead of creating new displays on their own, Apple will work with partners like LG to deliver display solutions for the Mac.
The 13 inch MacBOok Pro with four USB-C-Ports: The two ports on the right have reduced PCI Express bandwith.

Apple 13 inch MacBook Pro: Ports on the right have reduced PCI-bandwith

Apple uploaded a new support document detailing information about connectivity and charging options for the MacBook Pro models. According to this document, the 13 inch MacBook Pro model with Touch Bar has reduced PCI Express bandwith on the two USB-C ports on the right side of the device.
Apple's lineup of iPhone 7 Plus devices. (Source: Apple)

Lower capacity iPhone 7 units have significantly slower storage speed

Recent tests confirm's findings that iPhone 7 units with 32 GB of storage have significantly slower read/write performance than their 128GB and 256 GB variants. This could result in slower speeds when transferring large files to and from the phone.

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