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Speculators are still debating whether the anniversary iPhone will be called the iPhone 8 or the more dramatic iPhone X. (Source: Fast Company)

Upcoming anniversary iPhone could set buyers back upward of $1000

The new OLED screen that stretches across the entire front of the phone is the primary reason for the price hike, sources say, as it may be costing Apple twice as much as the LCD used in current iPhones.
Android Wear 2.0 brings better cellular calling to supported smartwatches. (Source: Google)

Google releases Android Wear 2.0

The update brings several new features to Android smartwatches including improved fitness tracking, better message response options, and Google Assistant.
Apple iOS 10 lockscreen, iOS 10.3 beta 2 rolls out

Apple iOS 10.3 beta 2 rolls out to developers

This second beta build arrives two weeks after the first one that included new App Store APIs, a Find My AirPods feature, and also enabled calls on iCloud-connected devices for Verizon Wireless customers.
The new sensor can create 64x slow motion video clips. (Source: Sony)

Super Slow: Sony develops smartphone camera capable of recording 1080p at almost 1,000 fps

The new sensor can capture 19.3 megapixel still images in 1/120 seconds and can record 1080p video at 960 fps, allowing for incredible slow-motion playback.
Apple MacBook Pro 15 (Late 2016 2.9 GHz, 460) Notebook Review

89% Apple MacBook Pro 15 (Late 2016 2.9 GHz, 460) Notebook Review

Top specification. We have already reviewed the entry-level of the new Apple MacBook Pro 15. Our test sample today is the high-end SKU, and the graphics card AMD Radeon Pro 460 is particularly interesting.
Intel Core i7-6920HQ | AMD Radeon Pro 460 | 15.4" | 1.8 kg
Apple iPhone 7 smartphone

Apple to start making iPhones in Bangalore

As the Indian market grows, Apple seeks to take advantage of this trend and plans to start manufacturing smartphones locally as soon as this April. The location chosen for the plant is Bangalore, India's technology hub.
LG fixes 5K UltraFine monitors to shield them from WiFi routers

LG fixes 5K UltraFine monitors to shield them from WiFi routers

LG's new UltraFine displays would fail when placed within 2 meters (~6 feet) of a WiFi router. LG has stated they will add additional shield to all future units to correct the problem.
Microsoft Outlook mobile improved calendar, now support for add-ons also available

Microsoft Outlook for iOS receives add-on support

Microsoft has just teamed up with Evernote, Giphy, Nimble, Trello, and Smartsheet to deliver the first third-party extensions to Outlook on iOS, but the road is now open to other developers as well.
It may have taken years, but the deal to cut down roaming costs is finally paying off. (Source: Pocket Now)

EU is on the verge of removing roaming charges for good

After June 15, travelers will be able to go anywhere within EU borders without having to pay any extra fees. Everyone will pay the same price, and there will be no exceptions to this rule. Everybody wins.
Firefox OS and the team behind it are officially gone. (Source: Mozilla)

Mozilla eliminates Firefox OS development team

After discontinuing Firefox OS in September, Mozilla has now disbanded the development team and will be laying off 50 employees.
The 2016 MacBook Pros saw the introduction of Apple's T1 chip, which handled Touch Bar and Touch ID operation. (Source: Apple)

Apple's ARM chips may play a greater role in future Macs

Inside sources claim that Apple is working on a new ARM SoC for their future laptops, dubbed the T310. The T310 would be able to handle an expanded array of operations during low-power mode instead of the Intel CPU.
Apple iPhone 6S smartphone, Apple leading the global smartphone market

Apple dominates the smartphone market

Global smartphone shipments reached a record 1.49 billion units back in 2016, while Apple managed to beat Samsung and to grab the leading position in the fourth quarter, thanks to the Note 7 disaster.
Apple was able to avoid paying taxes for by diverting profit from two regional subsidiaries to an untaxed "head office" in Ireland. (Source: PCWorld)

Apple misses deadline to pay back taxes

Last year, the EU ruled that Apple had been illegally avoiding paying taxes by splitting profit from subsidiary companies and re-routing them to a "head office" in Ireland which was not subject to tax. The Commissioner gave Ireland four months to collect the roughly US $14.5 billion in taxes, but nothing has been recovered as of yet.
Nintendo made a $569 million profit over the holidays. (Source: Nintendo)

Nintendo financial highlights: Pokemon pays big, hardware sales slow

Nintendo hit it big this holiday season with Pokemon Sun and Moon, while Wii U sales continued to falter. Smartphone app sales were mixed.
Plex has acquired Watchup to bring news streaming services to the company. (Source: Plex)

Plex acquires news streaming service Watchup

The media streaming service Plex will bring reliable news streaming into the mix with the acquisition of Watchup.
Apple Watch smartwatch gets watchOS 3.2 firmware update

Apple releases watchOS 3.2 to developers

The update comes with a new Theatre Mode, as well as access to SiriKit, thus allowing third parties to interact with the virtual assistant on the Apple Watch, but also limiting the app types that can use it.
Fitbit, maker of popular fitness wearables, missed revenue targets for 2016. (Source: Fitbit)

Fitbit releases Q4 financial results, misses target revenue

Despite recent acquisitions, the fitness company and missed Q4 and FY 2016 growth expectations by about 22% and 10%, respectively. This will result in the termination of 6% of their global workforce.
Starbucks' new virtual assistant takes coffee orders via voice

Starbucks' new virtual assistant takes coffee orders via voice

Starbucks has updated their app to include a virtual assistant. Users can now use the app to place orders using either voice commands or a chat interface. The app will also integrate with Alexa.
Hinge online dating service testing Audrey personal assistant

Audrey personal assistant being tested by Hinge

Not long after switching from swiping to "stories," dating app Hinge aims to add a personal assistant who automatically sends messages to matches and schedules dates. Rumors mention a $99 USD/month price for the upcoming service.
The classic PC game Myst is now available on Android. (Source: Google Play Store - realMyst)

Classic adventure game Myst now available on Android

The venerable PC adventure game finally comes to Android devices for an immersive gaming experience on the go.
Apple CEO Tim Cook previously met with Indian PM Narendra Modi in 2016 to discussion manufacturing. (Source: India Express)

Apple mulls expansion of manufacturing to India

Apple has been in talk with the Indian government regarding moving manufacturing to the populous South-Asian country. Apple is reported asking for a number of tax exceptions and concessions from the government to seal the deal, but it's not clear how far the government is willing to bend.
Wine 2.0 stable is now available for download. (Source: Wine)

Wine 2.0 open-source compatibility layer now available

Wine 2.0 is the first in a line of annual releases. The compatibility layer includes support for Microsoft Office 2013 and 64-bit Windows apps to be run in Mac OS X, among other features.
The Google Pixel was the first smartphone that featured Google's aptly-named personal assistant, Google Assistant. (Source: Bloomberg)

Smartphone vendors are focusing on artificial intelligence in 2017

Industry leaders across the board seem to be in agreement that the war for dominance of the smartphone market this year will be in large part decided by the smartphone with the best AI assistant. Who will win the clash between Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and the upcoming Bixby?
iOS 10 lock screen vulnerability now fixed with update 10.2.1

Apple releases iOS 10.2.1

While this new update does not come with any new features, iOS 10.2.1 is not a minor refresh, either. Apple's latest update of its mobile operating system protects against a few severe vulnerabilities, and it is highly recommended to install it as soon as possible.
A long overdue update to Google Voice will be rolling out to Android, iOS, and web platforms over the coming weeks. (Source: Google)

Introducing the new Google Voice, 5 years in the making

Google Voice, a VoIP calling service that aggregates multiple phone numbers into one, has received its first update in 5 years. While the service was rumored to be killed off soon, Google has stated this is the first of many updates to come.
A new year brings new lawsuits for the chipset company. (Source: Qualcomm)

Apple sues Qualcomm for nearly $1 billion

Qualcomm is embroiled once again in allegations of excessive licensing fees that allegedly discourage innovation and make consumers pay higher prices for their phones and tablets.
Apple is rumored to be working with wireless charging tech startup Energous. (Source: Apple Insider)

iPhone 8 will support wireless charging, reports say

"Industry sources" have provided further confirmation that Apple's next flagship will allow for wireless charging, though it remains to be seen how the company will implement the feature.
Fire Emblem Heroes will be Nintendo's second release on smartphone platforms. (Source: Nintendo)

Nintendo continues mobile march with Fire Emblem Heroes

Nintendo will carry on its foray into smartphone apps by launching a new game, Fire Emblem Heroes, on both Android and iOS February 2nd. In addition, Super Mario Run will also be coming to Android sometime in March.
Sources say that the 9.7-inch model will represent up to 60% of total iPad shipments this year. (Source: Phone Arena)

Apple has three new tablets coming in latter half of 2017

The new tablets are still in the planning phase and aren't expected to release until the latter half of 2017. Still no word on the fate of the iPad Mini, however.
Kuo expects Apple to rectify the majority of complaints against the 2016 MacBooks this year. (Source: Apple)

Apple will update MacBooks with more RAM, Kaby Lake CPUs: Ming-Chi Kuo

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports that Apple is planning to upgrade their existing 13 and 15-inch notebooks with Kaby Lake as well as add two new laptops: a 12-inch MacBook and a higher-end 15-inch MacBook with 32 GB of RAM.
Notebookcheck's Top 10 Windows Tablets

Notebookcheck's Top 10 Windows Tablets

January 2017 update. Here is the current list of Notebookcheck's top-ranked Windows tablets. This list is reviewed on a regular basis, checked by our editors and updated if needed. It is designed to help our readers with their purchase decisions.
Stroll, the first TV ad for the Apple AirPods shows how easy it is to pair them to your iPhone 7.

Apple Stroll: First AirPods TV-ads promise easy pairing

Three 15 second TV-ads and a one-minute video put the spot on Apple's wireless AirPods, that are supposed to make music life easier for Apple users, thanks to an improved pairing technique and Siri integration.
Opera Neon experimental web browser now available for download

Opera Neon experimental web browser now available for download

This new piece of code does not aim to replace the user's main web browser, instead delivering a few interesting ideas in a visually appealing manner that Opera advertises as a preview of "the way it could be."
Owners of 2016 Macbook Pros should expect more consistent battery life after the update. (Source: Consumer Reports)

Consumer Reports reverses opinion on Macbook Pros after retests

Following Apple's fixes, the consumer watchdog conducted retests on Macbook Pro laptops and concluded that the battery life consistency was much improved. They now recommend the notebook.
Google Mapsgets update with full Uber integration and new UI for ride options

Google Maps gets Uber integration

The new update received by this service brings full Uber integration, as well as a new user interface for the section showing the ride options available at current location.
Sharp to invest over $800 million USD in OLED production

Sharp to invest over $800 million USD in OLED production

The trend towards OLED is ramping up with Sharp, JDI, LG, Foxconn, and SDP all devoting more resources to large-scale OLED manufacturing.
Google Chrome web browser leading the market as of January 2017

Chrome is the most popular web browser

Less than a decade since its arrival, Google Chrome leads the market with an impressive 44 percent share, followed by Safari with around 25 percent. Internet Explorer only gets third place, with less than 16 percent.
The 2016 MacBook Pros have both faced criticism over sub-par battery life compared to previous models. (Source: Apple)

Safari bug allegedly responsible for poor Consumer Reports MacBook test results

Apple claims that Consumer Reports' tests of the Apple MacBook Pros were spoiled by a bug in Safari. The bug should be fixed in the latest macOS beta, and the publication has agreed to re-run their tests and adjust their verdict if needed.
8 GB SDRAM could soon become the standard for high-end handsets. (Source: SK Hynix)

SK Hynix announces 8GB LPDDR4X DRAM for phones

Semiconductor company SK Hynix has announced the release of 8 GB LPDDR4X DRAM, made possible through high-density 16Gb chips. The DRAM is 30% smaller and 20% more power efficient than current LPDDR4.
"Take mine"! The new Apple spot puts the focus on the Portrait Mode in the iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple "Take mine!": New iPhone 7 Plus commercial puts focus on Portrait Mode

Apple shows off how powerful Portrait Mode in the iPhone 7 Plus really is. The new commercial aptly named "Take mine!" follows a young woman around a small village in Italy where everyone wants to have their pictures taken.
The iPad mini 4 will not get an update any time soon, says Ming-Chi Kuo.

Ming-Chi Kuo: Three new iPads to come in 2nd quarter, no iPad mini

Another report coming from KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo affirmed, that Apple will release three new iPad models in quarter 2 of this year. The iPad mini 4 will not get an update, but a new 10 inch version with slim bezels will be released instead.
Gartner predicts that a rebound of iPhone sales will primarily drive Apple to overtake Microsoft. (Source: Apple)

User-share of Macs may have hit a five-year-low, but Gartner predicts future Apple domination

Despite missed sales expectations and a five-year-low user share, research firm Gartner is predicting that iOS and macOS devices will overtake Windows in terms of devices shipped per-annum.
IGZO transistors have been around for over a decade, but have not yet seen widespread adoption. (Source: Version Daily)

Apple to switch to IGZO display for future MacBook Pros: DigiTimes

Apple is rumored to be acquiring IGZO panels for laptops as soon as Q2 2017. One reason for the move to IGZO-transistor panels could be improved battery life.
Samsung Gear Fit 2 fitness tracker gets iOS compatibility

Samsung extends iOS compatibility to the latest Gear devices

After a long wait, iPhone users interested to use a Gear device with their handset can finally bring the two worlds together. They need an iPhone 5 or later with iOS 9 or higher to use the new Gear S or Gear Fit app.
Fossil Q hybrid smartwatches available for purchase January 2017, three more announced at CES 2017

CES 2017 | Fossil unveils three Q smartwatches

The three upcoming hybrid smartwatches that join the large Q family are dubbed Accomplice, Modern Pursuit, and Grant. With prices between $175 USD and $215 USD, they are expected to hit the market this spring.
Apple App Store loaded on iPhone and iPad tablet

Apple's App Store generated $20 billion for developers in 2016

In addition to the massive income generated in 2016, Apple's digital distribution platform also achieved sales of $240 million on January 1st, 2017, a performance that made it this digital distribution platform's busiest day ever.
Apple retail store in Beijing, soon similar location to open in Seoul

Apple confirms plans for its first South Korean store

A few months after the reports claiming that Apple signed three long-term lease contracts and had plans to build a two- to three-story store in Seoul, the Cupertino-based company finally confirms these rumors in an official statement.
Casio WSD-F20 smart outdoor watch with Android Wear and GPS support coming in April 2017

Casio unveils WSD-F20 smart outdoor watch

This new smart outdoor watch is MIL-STD-810-compliant as its predecessor, but the WSD-F20 comes with GLONASS and Michibiki GPS support. Its launch is scheduled for April, but the price is not known yet.
Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 835 is expected to power top flagship smartphones and tablets. (Source: Qualcomm)

CES 2017 | Qualcomm officially announces Snapdragon 835 SoC

The flagship SoC from mobile giant Qualcomm is the first mobile platform to be manufactured using a 10 nm FinFET process. Specifically tailored for VR experiences and UHD media, the SoC promises improved power in a smaller, more efficient package.
Apple may be the most affected by the low yields of 10nm chips, as TSMC is producing chips for both the next iPhone and iPad. (Source: Apple)

Major chip foundries having trouble with 10nm chip production

Sources say that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), responsible for producing chips based on Samsung's 10nm design, is having issues with a lower-than-expected yield from the manufacturing process.

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