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The 13 inch MacBOok Pro with four USB-C-Ports: The two ports on the right have reduced PCI Express bandwith.

Apple 13 inch MacBook Pro: Ports on the right have reduced PCI-bandwith

Apple uploaded a new support document detailing information about connectivity and charging options for the MacBook Pro models. According to this document, the 13 inch MacBook Pro model with Touch Bar has reduced PCI Express bandwith on the two USB-C ports on the right side of the device.
Apple's lineup of iPhone 7 Plus devices. (Source: Apple)

Lower capacity iPhone 7 units have significantly slower storage speed

Recent tests confirm's findings that iPhone 7 units with 32 GB of storage have significantly slower read/write performance than their 128GB and 256 GB variants. This could result in slower speeds when transferring large files to and from the phone.
Apple's YTD stock price, highlighting 10/25 closing price of 115.59. (Source: Yahoo! Finance)

Apple releases Q4 2016 earnings, sales continue to decline

Apple released their earnings report for the fourth quarter of their fiscal year 2016. While some units, particularly Services, saw increases in sales, overall revenue is down about 9% from last year. This continues the trend of declining sales for Apple, although this decline is starting to slow.
Emporio Armani Connected hybrid connected watch starts at $245 USD

Emporio Armani Connected now available for purchase

This first connected luxury watch by Emporio Armani is the result of a partnership with Fossil and comes with basic features, but promises to offer an impressive battery life of no less than six months, all for a price tag starting below $250 USD.
Apple announced new Macbook Pro Lineup

Apple announced new Macbook Pro Lineup

Apple announced its new MacBook Pro lineup today. The new MacBooks are not only thinner and lighter, but are also equipped with the so called Touch Bar, which was already rumored ahead of the launch.
Apple Watch Nike+ smartwatch with Nike+ Run Club app

Apple Watch Nike+ arriving tomorrow

This special edition wearable brings together the unique features of Apple Watch Series 2 and the new Nike+ Run Club app. It will be hit the US tomorrow, starting at $369 USD (38 mm) and $399 USD (42 mm).
One of the many concept renders of next year's iPhone 8. (Bild:

Apple iPhone 8: Three models in development, all with glass backs?

Apple may have three iPhone-models in development according to Nikkei Asian Review. All of them will have glass backs and differ in size between 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch.
Apple MacBook Pro with Touch ID, OLED toolbar leaks online

Apple MacBook Pro with Touch ID and OLED toolbar leaks online

Images of the upcoming notebook were accidentally leaked by Apple, showing the OLED touch panel that replaces the function keys which was already mentioned by more rumors so far.
iOS App Store: China hit an industry record in revenue quarter Q3 2016

iOS App Store: China hit an industry record in revenue quarter Q3 2016

Past quarter Q3 2016 was full of game-changing apps and unprecedented growth in revenue for iOS. China hit an industry record with the highest revenue quarter the iOS App Store has ever seen.
The Apple event on the 27th of October will most likely focus on laptops, Ming-Chi Kuo says.

"Hello Again" Apple event on October 27th to focus on laptops, KGI says

KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo unveiled his expectations for next week's Apple "Hello Again" event, which will take place on October 27th. He said, that Apple will focus on a redesigned MacBook Pro series and a 13 inch MacBook (Air). New iMacs and a MacBooknew external display will not be available until next year.
A new MacBook Pro is said to arrive on October 27th, sources at Apple claim.

New Apple MacBook Pro said to be unveiled October 27th

Internal sources at Apple told Recode, that the Cupertino company will hold another hardware event on October 27th. We expect Apple to introduce a redesigned MacBook Pro, possibly a new MacBook Air and maybe even a new external display.
A user saw this message after a reset when the home button stopped working on the iPhone 7.

Apple iPhone 7: Virtual Home Button as workaround

In case the new home button on the iPhone 7 fails, Apple has you covered with a virtual home button that will be enabled automatically, a user discovered.
The grey bar at the top of the screen is one way to tell if your iPhone 6 suffers from

Apple iPhone 6 "Touch Disease": More law firms join class action lawsuit

Three lawfirms have joined the class action lawsuit against Apple regarding the "Touch Disease" issues on many iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus-models from 2014.
Windows Hello for Windows 10 might soon hit Android as well

Windows Hello might hit Android

Windows fans also using Android devices might soon be able to use the fingerprint and face recognition authentication technologies currently available on Windows 10.
Comparison Review: B&O Play A2, Bose SoundLink III and Teufel Boomster

Comparison Review: B&O Play A2, Bose SoundLink III and Teufel Boomster

An earful. The speakers most manufacturers integrate into their smartphones, tablets and even notebooks often leave something to be desired. One option is to hook up external speakers which can easily be connected via Bluetooth technology. We check three different speaker systems and evaluate their sound quality.
| 3.4 kg
Apple & Deloitte team up to bring iOS to the workplace

Apple & Deloitte team up to bring iOS to the workplace

Apple and Deloitte are joining forces to help businesses design and implement solutions for iPhone and iPad. Key to this partnership is Deloitte's dedicated team of iOS specialists that will help customers.
Apple may be returning to Nvidia graphics for future Macs

Apple may be returning to Nvidia graphics for future Mac products

Nvidia is looking for new applicants who can "help produce the next revolutionary Apple products."
Will Apple release the MacBook Pro 2016 with Skylake CPU? (Image: Martin Hayek)

Apple: New MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with Skylake processors?

According to an analyst at IHS Markit, Apple will release new MacBook Pro models and a new MacBook Air with Intel Skylake processors instead of Kaby Lake silkon because production started too early for Kaby Lake.
FitBit Charge 2 fitness tracker now available in the US and other markets

Fitbit Charge 2 hits the US market

This fitness tracker hits now multiple new markets, with more to be added next month, and a Special Edition Series to launch in December.
Apple is offering a fix for those who suffer from playback control issues with Lightning earpods.

Apple: iOS 10.0.2 fixes Lightning earpods control issues

Even if Apple is already beta testing iOS 10.1, it is still busy fixing bugs in iOS 10. Version 10.0.2 fixes a few usability issues with Lightning headphones and the Photos app.
Do you really want to strap a $1000 smartphone on your surfboard? He did it!

Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: A surfer is testing their water resistance in the ocean

We all know that Apple's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are water resistant. But does that make them perfect surf companions? Surfer Kai Lenny took them out to the ocean and compared them with Apple's previous generation.
Apple retail store in Beijing to be followed by the first retail location in South Korea

Apple to open its first South Korean store

Unconfirmed reports from sources familiar with the matter claim that Apple signed three long-term lease contracts, planning to build a two- to three-story store in Seoul.
Apple iPhone 7 has the best display according to DisplayMate

Apple's iPhone 7 has the best LCD display according to DisplayMate

After a long stream of Samsung handsets to hold the crown, the Cupertino-based giant is finally being recognized as the maker of the handset with the best LCD display, but not the best overall...
macOS Sierra free update now available for download

macOS Sierra now available for download

This major update brings Siri to Macs, also delivering improved sharing and optimization in iCloud, enhanced messages, Apple Watch unlocking for Macs, and more.
Is your new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus making weird noises under heavy load?

Apple iPhone 7: Does yours also make hissing sounds under heavy load?

Early buyers report, that their new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are making weird hissing sounds when the phone is under heavy load. The sound apparently originates from the back of the phone but not every iPhone 7 seems to suffer from that problem.
The haptic engine simulates a key press but only if the home button had skin contact.

Apple iPhone 7: The new Home button needs skin contact

The all new and improved Home button on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus might be less than perfect on a cold day. It seems like it may need skin contact in order to work, according to a bunch of Twitter posts by early users.
Going for an early morning swim? No problem with an Apple Watch series 2.

Apple's new iPhone 7 & Apple Watch promo videos focus on sports, water and low light

Apple released three new videos this weekend, promoting how an active lifestyle can be supported using iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and the new Apple Watch Series 2.
Apple iPhone 7 Plus Smartphone Review

89% Apple iPhone 7 Plus Smartphone Review

The second one features better zooming. The Apple iPhone 7 Plus is showing off with two main cameras and a powerful processor. All of this is sitting inside a water and dust resistant case with two new colors. You also get stereo speakers, but the analog headphone jack has been removed.
Apple A10 Fusion | Apple A10 Fusion GPU / PowerVR | 5.5" | 188 g
Apple iPhone 7 Smartphone Review

90% Apple iPhone 7 Smartphone Review

Now, it is also waterproof. The case of the new iPhone is now also protected against water and dust. There are also improvements in respect to the camera as well as the display, combined with a lot of performance. A headphone jack is, however, not available anymore. Sound output is now handled by the Lightning port instead.
Apple A10 Fusion | Apple A10 Fusion GPU / PowerVR | 4.7" | 138 g
Prototype iPhone 7 case adds a 3.5 mm audio jack

Prototype iPhone 7 case adds a 3.5 mm audio jack

The user-made case is a heavily modified iPhone 6s case that connects to the Lightning port of the iPhone 7 for added functionality.
Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus availability very limited, jet black units already sold out

Apple's iPhone 7 Plus and all jet black models, already sold out

Although Apple admitted that jet black iPhone 7 units are easier to scratch, and customers should use protective cases, these handsets are already out of stock. Even more, the silver, gold, rose gold, and black iPhone 7 handsets are only available in limited quantities for Apple retail stores' walk-in customers.
Might be alone out there for some time: Asus ZenWatch 3. (Picture: Asus)

Smartwatches: Manufacturers will take a break

Many manufacturers will take a break from making smartwatches, meaning there will be no new models this year. Some are waiting for the latest version of Android Wear, some want to wait and see what people expect from a smartwatch.
From now on, it will also be easier to pick a date and time for your event. (Picture: Microsoft)

Microsoft Outlook: New features for the calendar

Microsoft's app "Outlook" for iOS and Android will get new calendar features: Automatically created icons, maps in the event details and publicly available calendars that you can subscribe to. And there's even more...
Stay tuned! A major update to the MacBook Pro is coming.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook saying "Stay tuned!" to Mac user asking for newer Macs.

Now, that the iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch Series 2 are out, Apple fans turn towards their Macs and are asking for an update. At least one user did, who wished to remain anonymous but wrote to Tim Cook asking him, if he is pulling away from the Mac line.
Final rollout of iOS 10 and watchOS 3 has started.

Apple iOS 10: Final version started to rollout to users

Apple has started rollout of their newest iOS version to users all over the world. iOS 10 brings a lot of improvements to iPhones and iPads and is being touted by Apple as the biggest iOS upgrade of all times. Apple Watch users can also upgrade to watchOS 3 starting today.
Moment does have an interesting concept: Haptic feedback is used to make information

Wearable Moment: 24-hour pre-order for 99 USD

The wearable Moment is worn around the wrist, has no screen and works with haptic feedback. It is now possible to pre-order the device for 99 USD, deliveries will follow in March 2017.
Tim Cook presenting the iPhone 7: Are they testing how far they can go?

Apple iPhone 7: Are they testing how far they can go?

The iPhone 7 and its missing headphone jack could be testing grounds for next years major new iPhone revision, says Business Insider.
Apple lowered the service fee for iPhone screen damage to $29 if you are under Apple Care+ protection.

Apple lowers Apple Care+ service fee for iPhone screen damage to $29

Apple is reducing the service fee for damaged screens to $29 if you sign up for a new Apple Care+ plan for your iPhone.
Using Apple Plugs, you can upgrade your old iPhone to an iPhone 7.

This is how the internet is making fun of Apple's iPhone 7 and their AirPods

The courage that Apple showed stripping the iPhone from its headphone jack is being put to a test every day now, with artists and comedians all over the world making fun of Apple, the iPhone 7 and their newest wireless earpods, the AirdPods.
Thanks to a pairing button on the AirPods case, they might work with Android as well.

Apple AirPods: Seems like they might also work with Android

Apple does not want you to know about it obviously, but their recently announced AirPods seem to work with Android as well.

Apple A10 Fusion GPU


Apple A10 Fusion SoC

Cyclone 4? ARM 4 cores @ 2340 MHz
Thanks to the missing audio jack on the iPhone 7 Belkin can sell you an adapter.

Apple iPhone 7: You need this to charge your iPhone 7 while having your headphones plugged in

Belkin wants to sell you a $40 adapter to split your Lightning port in two so you can listen to music while charging your iPhone 7 at the same time.
Apple suggests to buy a case for the new glossy iPhone 7

Glossy jet black Apple iPhone 7: Apple warns it may show abrasions over time, suggests case

If you think about pre-ordering the glossy jet black iPhone 7 for $1000 or more, you may want to shell out another few bucks for a case, Apple suggests.
Apple AirPods wireless headphones for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Apple unveils the AirPods wireless headphones

These new accessories will hit the market next month and work with devices running iOS 10, watchOS 3, or macOS Sierra.
The iPad Pro now got a 256 GB version, the 16 GB iPads are all but gone.

Apple iPad series: Apple bumps up minimum storage capacity to 32 GB, intros 256 Pro-models

Even if Apple did not officially announce the change at yesterday's September event, they completely eliminated the 16 GB iPad versions from the Apple store. The entry level models all start with 32 GB of storage now, the iPad Pro's top out at 256 GB.
Apple gives older iPhone models double the storage at no extra cost.

Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus: Apple bumps storage to 32 GB and 128 GB

Apple did announce a small change to the existing iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus-lineup before dropping the mic on yesterday's event. The company will give you twice the storage on the two lower storage versions.
Apple Watch Series 2 with faster processor, water resistance, GPS, and brighter display

Apple intros the Watch 2 smartwatch

This new smart wearable features a brighter display, a dual-core processor, is water resistant to 164 feet and features a GPS.
Don't blink and check out the Apple September event in 107 seconds.

Don't blink: The Apple September iPhone 7 event in a 107 second video

If you didn't have time to watch the Apple September event yesterday, you might want to check out this 107 second video to get an idea of what you missed.
Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus water resistant smartphones with A10 Fusion processor and dual camera

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus now official

The new Apple flagships use a new processor, 2 GB RAM, offering resistance from water and dropping the traditional 3.5 mm audio jack.

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