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New S5 from Viliv – connecting link between PDA and netbook

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By: Pallab Jyotee Hazarika

Viliv’s new MID blurs the line between PDA and netbook.

Small and beautiful

Small and beautiful

Viliv’s new creation is a tablet PC, or a PDA – I’ll leave that to you, but it sure aims to satisfy the most mobile traveler. This baby has a 5-inch display panel and powered by an Atom processor.

I’ve stumbled upon a Gizmodo review and if it is to be believed - the S5 is almost as big as the OQO, but without the sliding keyboard, and also has smoother edge. It comes with a WSVGA display and 60 GB hard drive. The main problem is the size of the icons and keys, which are pretty small for the fingers, but as Gizmodo says – this machine is quite accurate.

The keyboard is somewhat more comfortable than otherwise expected. The GPS feature is available although you need to put your own software. The company claims a battery life of 6 hrs, although the reviewers at Gizmodo got only 4 hrs with nonstop WMV playback, Wi-Fi on with the screen at medium brightness. There’s a 3G option possible (depending on territory).

It retails at $599, which is about half the price of the Sony OQO.

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