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Now the Asus UL20A and Eee PC 1201N batteries can be interchanged

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By: Vishal rana

The Eee PC1201N giving a good battery life is available in stores now

The Asus UL20A and Asus Eee PC 1201N both are 12.1 inch notebooks but both differ in their processors and graphics. The Asus UL20A comes with an Intel CULV processor, integrated graphics and with a 47Whr, 4400mAh battery while the Asus Eee PC 1201N has an Intel Atom 330 dual core processor, NVIDIA ION graphics and a 63Whr, 5600mAh battery.

Now something useful has been discovered i.e. the batteries from both the netbooks are interchangeable which means if you can get your hands on Eee PC 1201N battery, you can use it in the Asus UL20A. The UL20A users see an advantage in using 1201N’s battery which gives more battery life.

Reviews of UL20A say that it doesn’t give a good battery life in comparison with its next model UL30A. Asus UL30A is a big and an expensive netbook with a minimum battery life of 10 hours. Now you can overcome this problem and get much better battery life by using Eee PC 1201N’s battery in UL20A.  The UL30A has an 84Whr, 5600mAh battery and a 63Whr battery in an Asus UL20A won’t give you 10 hours of run time but it can help you get more than 6 hours.

There are stores selling the 63Whr version of the Eee PC 1201N/UL20A battery, including some US and UK sites. Both 63Whr and 47Whr versions of batteries have the same model number: Asus A32-UL20 and they also look identical from the bottom, so order on your own risk. Well we’ll give you a better way to spot the difference i.e. its price seems to ranging from about $72 to 78 Euros in the UK right now.

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