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Nvidia presents 9800M and 9700M

Category: notebook components
By: Matthias Bauer

The manufacturer Nvidia introduces its new mobile graphic chips 9800M and 9700M.

Nvidia GeForce 9800M

Nvidia GeForce 9800M

The new mobile Nvidia graphic chips 9800M and 9700M are made for notebooks. They provide the Nvidia-PhysX technology, and it enables more realistic gaming.

The new graphic chips provide more performance that its predecessors and this is positive for gaming notebooks. This performance upgrade is boosts the working speed when solving complex algorithms as well.

PhysX makes gaming more realistic, because the increased physic calculating power enables better 3D- and physic computation. Currenty, the PhysX software is included in approximately 140 games, but this number gets enhanced in the future.

Actually, there are five different versions of the graphic chip: 9800M GTX, 9800M GTS, 9800M GT, 9700M GTS and 9700M GT. Worldwide more than 20 manufacturers include the chip into their notebooks. Some of them are Toshiba, Sager, Pioneer Computers Australia, Zepto, rock, Novatech, XXODD, Chiligreen, Multirama, Plaisio, Ergo, Cioce, Insys, Infinity, Cybersystem and Cizmo.

The new chips are already listed in our comprehensive comparison of mobilegraphic cards (and the benchmark list).

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