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By: Pallab Jyotee Hazarika

AMD: AMD not to venture into ultraportable segment

AMD emphasises that if not now, they are surely working at venturing the ultraportable market in the near future

Even as we speak, the market that’s growing and expanding at lightening pace is that of ultraportable CPUs, a segment which companies, large and small, are desperately grappling for to own a slice in the highly lucrative revenue pie, but ironically AMD having all the ammunition to set the market ablaze is choosing to kick away the opportunity according to AMD CEO Dirk Meyer who speaking on behalf of the company was quoted as saying in an interview that AMD in spite of its technical stronghold in the processor segment is not looking to enter that segment in the near future.

According to Meyer, the biggest opportunity that the company sees as of now is that of PCs and Servers. As per him, the strategy that AMD adopts while zeroing in on the best venture is that they look for an overlap between factors that are internal like that which pertains to technological superiority, and an overview of the external environmental factors owing to the market to support retail sale of that technology that would translate into a money spinner for the company. Well, that pertaining to Mr. Meyer is where silicon processing as an industry scores greater than anything else as it’s growing way faster than the Smartphone market. This could be owing to the near saturation that the cellphone arena is undergoing and the cramped selling spacing because of too many players. This is what AMD is seeking to avoid as per a rather candid confession from CEO Meyer which can be seen from the fact that AMD is quite comfortable in its core market which lacks numerous players, thus saving them the agony of competitors breathing down their neck, something that’s part and parcel of the tablet and cellphone industry. The only competition that AMD faces as of now is that from Intel and Nvidia, both of which as opposed to AMD have already ventured into the Smartphone market, Intel with its adaptation of Atom to support Smartphones and Nvidia aggressively marketing its Tegra technology.

All said and done Mr. Meyer did add in his statements that the company has not yet closed all its doors to the tablet and Smartphones market owing to the fact that consumer spending is increasing by the day on the above applications and assured that the company is working towards developing technologies to suit that segment. However folks, there may be quite some time before that sees the light of the day. 

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