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JooJoo is getting very cold response – only 90 orders on the first day of release

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By: Deepika gwalani

The launce date of March 29th has not gone down too well with the maker

JooJoo aka Crunchpad has been cooking for long, far too long actually, to have dampened the curiosities and excitements of people. The release of this touch-screen internet device has been through many rough patches. Although finally the device got released on 29th March, there was reportedly a very cold response. Gizmodo mentions a lawsuit sent by TechCrunch that mentions only 90 orders for JooJoo placed till 11th February, 15 of which were canceled even before the release date. Fusion Garage tells Gizmodo that this number is too low and inaccurate, as the court document does not reflect the actual number, because relationship with PayPal is terminating now in favor of a more traditional payment option.

TechCrunch was part of the idea to invent the JooJoo which was called Crunchpad to start with. The other party Fusion Garage is the owner of the JooJoo right now – or as they claim. In fact this long-running battle of ownership has crippled the prospect of this otherwise nice concept.

Another reason for this cold reason could be the abundance of Tablets in the market now, including the high-profile expected devices from Apple and HP, unlike the time when this JooJoo concept first sprang up.

JooJoo units are actually in Los Angeles as reported by Engadget, where they have just been released from a paperwork-related customs delay, and are expected to reach the respective customers by 2nd April.

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