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Samsung: Last minute leaks show Samsung’s Galaxy Tab’s Verizon connection, accessories and even more details

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By: Pallab Jyotee Hazarika

The G Tab might be on CDMA after all, with iPad-like accessories and 3G+Wi-Fi in all the models

Well, we can’t get enough of these leaks, can we? The first Tablet of Samsung and the one hailed as the first to carry all armors and weapons to challenge the iPad is expected to officially launch on 2nd next month – but rumors just cannot stop coming for the new Galaxy Tab. Some leaks reported by Electronista reveal Verizon as the possible carrier and a lot of Apple/iPad like accessory details.

Possible Carrier

Part of the latest rumors is a few leaked photographs obtained from Gadgety showing CDMA on top of the G Tab, which means a probable partnership with Verizon as been speculated before.


There are also reports from OLED-display that mention iPad-like accessories for the Samsung Tablet. These include the similar cover-cum-tablet stand and a keyboard dock. There are the white ear buds but they with a different bud design than the ones we use in the Apple products. The keyboard looks surprisingly similar to one on an iMac, with the similar curves and island-style silver colored keys. One accessory that Apple could not manage till now is the HDMI video dock that lets you enjoy 720p video with the G Tab.

There may be some uncertainties around the eventual release of these accessories – at all, or in different forms, as the tablet shown with some of these accessories is the old G Tab with three short cut buttons, whereas the latest one has four of them.

Additional specs details

The 7-inch Tab will have a resolution of 1024 x 600 which should be enough for those high-res games and videos. Additionally, rumors are flowing in with good news about those who cannot compromise when it comes to 3G – the G Tab might ship with all models having 3G and Wi-Fi both. The 16GB internal memory should be same across the models, and there is no confirmation about an expansion slot.

Pricing and availability

Pricing and availability are not confirmed yet, but I expect it to compete with the iPad in terms of price as well. If Samsung keeps the price somewhere between iPad’s 16GB Wi-Fi only model and the one with both 3G and Wi-Fi, and comes with the cover mentioned above – well, I certainly would not mind stopping by.

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