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Tuesday 23. February 2010 HP's Slate to undercut iPad, and with other competitors emerging soon, is Apple panicking?‏

HP's mysterious 'Slate'

Rumors suggest that Apple is preparing to make improvements to the iPad and is planning to reduce its price prior to the tablet PC's impending release[more]

Category: rumors

Monday 22. February 2010 Pioneer Computers launched two new netbooks

The two mini-laptops are very different in terms of specs[more]

Category: new notebook models

Monday 22. February 2010 Apple planning major improvements to the Mac Pro line

These should include improved dual graphic operations, among others[more]

Category: notebook components, new notebook models

Sunday 21. February 2010 Samsung's R430 and R530 notebooks have appeared on for $654.00


The 14” R430 and 15.6” R530 feature a 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 processor and 4GB of DDR3 RAM[more]

Category: new notebook models

Saturday 20. February 2010 European debut for the MSI GX640 and GX740

The Core i5-sporting laptops deliver high performance and style[more]

Category: notebook components, new notebook models

Saturday 20. February 2010 Marvell shows off an ARM-powered notebook

The laptop will reportedly sell for US $250 or less[more]

Category: new notebook models

Saturday 20. February 2010 Acer launches the world's 'first netbook' with a dedicated GPU for HD content

The first netbook to feature the ION 2 GPU

The Acer Aspire One 532G is equipped with an ION 2 GPU and NVIDIA Optimus, and supports 720p HD video playback[more]

Category: new notebook models

Thursday 18. February 2010 Toshiba Satellite T130 notebook with integrated LTE 4G

The 4G CULV laptop was introduced at the MWC[more]

Category: new notebook models

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