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Tuesday 24. November 2009 Dell Vostro A90 gets a price cut

This mini-laptop is now available for only $184.[more]

Category: new notebook models

Tuesday 24. November 2009 Acer Aspire Timeline 1820PTZ will enter the German market

This convertible tablet notebook is expected to be available on 9th December[more]

Category: new notebook models

Monday 23. November 2009 Amazing - Sony Vaio UX490N UMPC gets a really powerful mod

Heavily modded Sony Vaio UX490N UMPC gets Quad Boot

World's fastest and smallest UMPC to run Mac OSX Leopard[more]

Category: other notebook news

Monday 23. November 2009 Amazon is selling the Lenovo S10-2 netbook with a floral finish

Customers can choose from five colour schemes, two of which are called 'floral sea' and 'nature'[more]

Category: new notebook models

Monday 23. November 2009 LG X120 comes to the US

This netbook will feature a new Linux-based SmartOn interface and will come with a two-year AT&T contract[more]

Monday 23. November 2009 Windows 8 slides leak, coming in 2012

It promises to add more values[more]

Category: notebook components

Monday 23. November 2009 Pegatron's 10-inch ARM based Smartbook makes an appearance

Pegatron Smartbook runs Ubuntu OS

It runs Ubuntu operating system[more]

Category: new notebook models

Monday 23. November 2009 Samsung's N510 netbook is now shipping in the US

A few American retailers have started selling the N510[more]

Category: new notebook models

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