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Thursday 05. February 2009 HP Makes Custom Ubuntu Distro for Netbooks

HP Mini 1000 Mi Edition Homescreen

HP has released quite possibly the most beautiful version of Ubuntu for netbooks. [more]

Category: notebook components

Thursday 05. February 2009 Lifebook will offer AT&T 3G broadband

Fujitsu adds AT&T 3G broadband to its Lifebooks.[more]

Category: other notebook news

Thursday 05. February 2009 Samsung NC20 now available for pre-order

The white Samsung NC20

The all new Samsung NC20, up gradation of the existing NC10 – is up for grab.[more]

Category: new notebook models

Thursday 05. February 2009 Indian $10 Laptop Update

The Sakshat Laptop

The Laptop Is Not A Laptop. [more]

Category: new notebook models, notebook components

Thursday 05. February 2009 8 GB of DDR3 on a Single Piece of Notebook Ram? Is That Possible?

Samsung Memory

Samsung's new DDR3 is built on a 50 nanometer process making them the first to create a 4 gigabit DDR3 SDRAM chip. [more]

Category: notebook components

Wednesday 04. February 2009 Ion Outperforms Intel's Integrated Graphics has built their own system utilizing Nvidia's new Ion platform. Their results show a very clear improvement over Intel's current integrated graphics solution. [more]

Category: notebook components, other notebook news

Tuesday 03. February 2009 Mini Optical Drives for the Netbook

Vmedia pushes for the use of optical drives in netbooks. [more]

Category: notebook components, accessories

Tuesday 03. February 2009 Transcend Releases New SSDs

Transcend SSD

New SSDs range from 32 GBs all the way up to 192 GBs[more]

Category: notebook components

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