LG Z430


LG Z430Notebook: LG Z430
Processor: Intel Core i7 2637M
Graphics Adapter: Intel HD Graphics 3000
Display: 14.0 inch, 16:9, 1366x768 pixels, glossy: yes
Weight: 1.2kg
Price: euro

Reviews for the LG Z430

LG Z430 first look
Source: Trusted Reviews English
The overall look and feel of the laptop may leave us feeling a little cold, but the combination of HDD and SSD, together with better-than-average connectivity and excellent build quality means the LG Z430 is an intriguing prospect. Add in up to 8GB of RAM and the latest Sandy Bridge processors and if the pricing is right we could be looking at the Ultrabook to beat.
Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: 01/20/2012
LG Z430 pictures and hands-on
Source: Pocket Lint English
LG announced two new Ultrabook models at CES in Las Vegas and Pocket-lint was on hand to have a quick play with the new models. The LG Z430 is a 14-inch Ultrabook that is just 19.9mm thick and weighs just 1.5kg. Clad in metal, it certainly looks the part.
Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: 01/16/2012
LG Z330 first look
Source: Trusted Reviews English
In a bid to stand out from the crowd, LG decided to launch the Z330 Ultrabook ahead of CES last week so we knew what to expect when we visited the LG booth in Las Vegas. Calling it a 'Super Ultrabook', LG said it went above and beyond the standards laid out by Intel for the Ultrabook platform, but does it live up to this claim? Let's see.
Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: 01/16/2012
LG Z430 review: Hands-on
Source: T3 English
The Z430 looks like an interesting Ultrabook for those in search for a machine that’s able to offer more storage space, more memory, and a larger screen while still retaining a slim design and low weight. You get a fast SSD for Windows and programs and a comfortably large HDD for all your personal files, and eight gigs of memory will help keep everything running smoothly even when joggling many apps at the same time. Oh, and the design, materials, and build quality really are spot on.
Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: 01/11/2012


Intel HD Graphics 3000: Integrated graphics card in the Intel Sandy Bridge processors (Core ix-2xxx). The HD 3000 is the faster (internally GT2 called) version with 12 Execution Units (EUs).

Non demanding games should be playable with these graphics cards.

» Further information can be found in our Comparison of Mobile Graphics Cards and the corresponding Benchmark List.

Intel Core i7: The Intel Core i7 for laptops is based on the LG1156 Core i5/i7 CPU for desktops. The base clock speed of the CPUs is relatively low, but because of a huge Turbo mode, the cores can dynamically overclock to up to 3.2 GHz (920XM). Therefore, the CPU can be as fast as high clocked dual-core CPUs (using single threaded applications) but still offer the advantage of 4 cores. Because of the large TDP of 45 W / 55 W, the CPU is only intended for large laptops.  

2637M: Power saving ULV processor clocked at 1.7-2.8 GHz due to Turbo Boost. Offers an integrated HD 3000 clocked at slow 350 / 1200 MHz and a DDR3-1333 memory controller.» Further information can be found in our Comparison of Mobile Processsors.

14.0": 14 inch display size is a mixture between the small formats of subnotebooks and the 15 inch standard display. The reason why so many people like displays with medium size is, that this size is not exhausting for the eyes, does not need too much energy and the laptops can be kept quite compact.» To find out how fine a display is, see our DPI List.

1.2 kg: This subnotebook is one of the most lightweight of all notebooks and can be carried very easily. There exist hardly any models in this extreme class of weight. 7-9 inch displays are normal for this class of weight.

LG: LG Electronics is the world's second-biggest maker of televisions and third-biggest maker of mobile phones. With its headquarters in South Korea, the company has 75 subsidiaries worldwide that design and manufacture televisions, home appliances, and telecommunications devices. LG is an international laptop manufacturer of medium size with few reviews.

LG reviews

» Further information can be found in our Notebook Purchase Guide.

Devices with the same GPU and/or Screen Size

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» HP Envy 14 Spectre
Core i5 2467M, 1.7 kg
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