Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch


Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inchNotebook: Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch (Kindle Fire Series)
Processor: OMAP 4470
Graphics Adapter: PowerVR SGX544
Display: 8.9 inch, 16:10, 1920x1200 pixels, glossy: yes
Weight: 0.567kg
Average Score: 81.83% - good
Average of 12 scores (from 14 reviews)
price: 72%, performance: 63%, features: 59%, display: 92% mobility: 88%, workmanship: 78%, ergonomy: 81%, emissions: 95%

Reviews for the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch

84% Review Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Tablet | Notebookcheck
A bigger Fire. Amazon's aggressive pricing has positioned the Kindle Fire series as some of the best tablets for the buck. The larger 8.9-inch versions, however, are reaching upwards of $300 and even $500. Does the Full HD display justify the price increase?
Kindle Fire HDX preview
Source: Stuff TV English
"Twice the memory, three times the performance, four times the gaming power". Not a bad place to start, but how has Amazon earned the right to that impressive marketing sound bite? Well, both Kindle Fire HDX models sport Qualcomm's mighty quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor (the same silicon powering the beastly LG G2, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Sony Xperia Z Ultra), which is clocked in at 2.2GHz: the fastest of any tablet on the market.
Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: 10/16/2013
75% Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Review
Source: English
Presently, this is the only premium, dual-core 9-inch tablet available in the market at this price. For almost the same price, you can opt for an iPad 2 or the iPad mini, but you will have sacrifice on the display resolution. Or you can opt for an iPad 3 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 at a higher price. For enthusiasts, here is a bit of news—the tablet can be rooted and custom Android ROMs installed, but you could void the warranty while doing that. If your budget is around Rs 22,000 and you are looking for a premium tablet with a large display, we would recommend the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 any day.
Single Review, online available, Long, Date: 06/25/2013
Rating: Total score: 75%
80% Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 review
Source: English
The Kindle Fire HD has improved on its smaller sibling with a larger and higher-quality display, and the carousel has certainly grown on us since first use with the 7in model, but the issues around performance and usability remain. The tablet is a good buy for anyone already tied into the Amazon eco-system, and has some business-friendly features, but it's not as slick a user experience as other models out there, even in its low-cost price bracket.
Single Review, online available, Long, Date: 04/18/2013
Rating: Total score: 80%
Amazon Kindle Fire HD vs Kindle Fire HD 8.9 tablet comparison review
Source: PC Advisor English
Should you choose the Kindle Fire HD or the Kindle Fire HD 8.9? There are three key factors: price, screen size and weight. The 7in Kindle Fire HD costs £159 for a 16GB device, and £199 for 32GB. Move up to 8.9in and the prices are £229 and £259. For that extra cash you get a bigger screen that has better resolution - so if watching HD movies is your thing it may be worth the outlay. But if you are a bookworm, the 7in device will offer a better, lighter reading experience. And save you some pennies.
Comparison, online available, Short, Date: 04/08/2013
67% Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9in review
Source: PC Pro English
However, since no-one else is offering a full-size Android tablet at this price, the Kindle Fire HD 8.9in’s foibles could be worth putting up with. Although it has limitations, there’s no denying that £229 – or even £239 without the sponsored messages – is a tempting price for a device with such a distinctive form factor and superb screen.
Single Review, online available, Short, Date: 04/05/2013
Rating: Total score: 67% price: 83% performance: 50% features: 67% workmanship: 67%
80% Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9" review - good-value tablet locked into Amazon's world
Source: PC Advisor English
The Kindle Fire HD 8.9" is a good-value tablet for those who are happy to be locked into Amazon's system. For a lot of people, that won't matter at all as it's certainly not a bad system, particularly if you want to use it mainly as an e-reader. The hardware is hard to fault – excepting the hard-to-find buttons – and the screen is great for the money. The app store is lacking compared to Google Play, but undemanding users will find almost everything they need.
Single Review, online available, Short, Date: 04/01/2013
Rating: Total score: 80% price: 60% performance: 80% features: 70% workmanship: 80%
80% Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Review
Source: Stuff TV English
It would be easy to criticise the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 for lacking numerous features available on rival tablets, but that would be missing the point. While the likes of Samsung and Sony offer similar digital media services with their tablets, Amazon is the only rival that comes close to matching the sense of calm, security and family-friendliness that's been such a major selling point of the iPad. For some, the Wild West nature of Android is its greatest asset, but for others, quite the opposite. If you're in the latter camp and don't like the taste of Apple, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 should be top of your shopping list.
Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: 03/01/2013
Rating: Total score: 80%
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Review
Source: Slashgear English
If you’re deeply invested in the Amazon universe for content, this device is the best content delivery system you’re going to be able to buy today. It’s the biggest tablet Amazon makes at the moment and gives you access to all of your Amazon-held content in high definition, top to bottom. It’s not an Android tablet (as far as the Google Play store is concerned), it’s not an iPad, and it’s not a Windows device. It’s a unique tablet that’s deeply engrained in the Android environment.
Single Review, online available, Short, Date: 11/23/2012
80% Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9" (AT&T)
Source: PC Mag English
Ultimately that's where the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 triumphs. If you're counting your dollars, the Kindle Fire offers the most bang per buck so far. Watch this space soon to see how the Nook HD+ compares.
Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: 11/21/2012
Rating: Total score: 80%

Foreign Reviews

86% Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 WLAN (16 GB)
Source: SFT - Heft 10/2013 German DE→EN
Single Review, , Length Unknown, Date: 09/01/2013
Rating: Total score: 86%
90% Einsteigerfreundlich und geeignet für Familien
Source: Notebookinfo German DE→EN
Single Review, online available, Short, Date: 05/23/2013
Rating: Total score: 90% performance: 85% display: 95% mobility: 80% ergonomy: 100% emissions: 95%
80% Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8,9
Source: MuyComputer Spanish ES→EN
Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: 06/25/2013
Rating: Total score: 80%
100% La tablette Kindle Fire HDX 8,9 d'Amazon excelle dans presque tous les domaines
Source: 01Net French FR→EN
Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: 11/20/2013
Rating: Total score: 100%
80% Prise en main Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8,9 Pouces
Source: 01Net French FR→EN
Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: 03/14/2013
Rating: Total score: 80%


PowerVR SGX544: OpenGL ES 2.0 compatible with 4 pixel and 2 vertex shaders

These graphics cards are not suited for Windows 3D games. Office and Internet surfing however is possible.

» Further information can be found in our Comparison of Mobile Graphics Cards and the corresponding Benchmark List.

OMAP 4470: Two Cortex-A9 cores with NEON SIMD extensions» Further information can be found in our Comparison of Mobile Processsors.

8.9": This is a very small format, which is used for UMPC, Netbooks or Subotebooks. There hardly exist any models with this display format. Working for a long time is uncomfortable. This tiny display is intended for outdoor usage.
The advantage is, that the mini-notebook can be small dimensioned and can be carried easily. Further the tiny display has the advantage, that it needs few energy, which improves the battery runtime and in consequence the mobility. The disadvantage is that the reading of texts is very exhausting for the eyes. High resolutions can hardly be used.» To find out how fine a display is, see our DPI List.

0.567 kg: This subnotebook is one of the most lightweight of all notebooks and can be carried very easily. There exist hardly any models in this extreme class of weight. 7-9 inch displays are normal for this class of weight.

Amazon: The US online shop markets its own tablet computers

81.83%: This rating should be considered to be average. This is because the proportion of notebooks which have a higher rating is approximately equal to the proportion which have a lower rating.

» Further information can be found in our Notebook Purchase Guide.

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hotsaleuk Kindle Fire HD 8.9" Black Leather Case Cover Multi-Function Flip Stand with Magnetic Auto Sleep Wake, Bonus: Screen Protector + Touch Stylus Pen (for New Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9" INCH Wi-Fi 16GB + 32 GB) (PURPLE)
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